The smoothie diet review-Is this a scam?

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Welcome to my smoothie diet review and I am here to help you thoroughly know if this program is worth your time for your health especially weight loss.

Given the fact that most diet programs out there focus on eating or exercise few actually even mention healthy drinks for losing weight.

This is the reason why the smoothie diet is a unique program as it focuses on this aspect. Many people have been talking about this new program.

But real question is whether the program actually will work or it is just a scam?

As always I have done a lot of digging to find out if it will actually work or not. Please note that these are my opinions through my research.

The smoothie diet review

Program name: The smoothie diet


Creator: Drew Sgoutas rating: 2.5 out of 5

The smoothie diet overview

In this smoothie diet review I will start by giving you an overview of this program so you see what it actually is and what you can get from it.

Looking at its name called “the smoothie diet” you may naturally assume that it is just a diet were you drink healthy smoothies to lose weight.

You can try the smoothie diet risk-free here for yourself

Although that is partly true, it is only 10% of what the smoothie diet is.

The smoothie diet is a holistic diet which was made to not only get lose weight but to have habits for helping you to lose weight.

It does not only focus on giving you tips and advice and healthy drinks but it also incorporates exercising like many other diets on the market.

The program has 26 smoothie recipes which are to be made for each day for 21 days until you reach your weight loss goal.

There are also other detox recipes which you will follow during the program to replace some meals for a few days.

Who is the founder?

As with all my reviews I never miss look for the creator as this helps to ensure you will not be scammed.

For the smoothie diet program the creator is Drew Sgoutas which you will see when you are purchasing the program.

the smoothies diet review

Drew is a certified health coach and nutrition expert who has been in this game for over a decade helping many people not only lose weight but also to be healthy.

The aim for the smoothie program is to help normal people lose weight easily(according to what he says).

Pros and Cons


  • 60 day money back guarantee (risk-free)
  • Simple to follow
  • Focuses on fruits and vegetable mainly
  • Unique and new approach to weight lose.
  • Program is very detailed and thorough
  • Creator is a real and certified healthy expert


  • Only available digitally
  • Too much read to do
  • Not for people with food allegies
  • Some irrelevant information which you may not apply.
  • High in sugar
  • Hard to sustain for an average person

How does the program work?

The smoothie diet program mainly focuses on helping you drink 2 smoothie drinks a day to replace your normal meals and the third meal can be anything other than the smoothie.

the smoothies diet review

The problem I found with the smoothies that he recommends you make and drink is that they have too much sugar which can actually be not good for your weight loss.

This is especially because the insulin (which is responsible for weight loss) will be effected and then will cause you not be able to lose weight properly.

Program also includes some protein and good fats you should focus on for the diet. The program even goes as far as even suggesting some whole food you should focus too alongside the smoothies.

The diet basically has two parts: 1. The 21-day diet plan and 2. The detox plan.

1. The 21-day plan

This is essentially the main part of the program and it makes about 80-90% of the whole program.

As the name say “21” the program is for 21 days for you following this.

So what does the 21-day program entail?

The program basically entails replacing two meals of the day (breakfast and Lunch) with smoothies which are given in the program.

This is of course assuming you eat 3 times a day.

2. The detox plan

The detox plan basically forms about 10% of the smoothie diet program as it is incorporated for only 2 days where you replace all three meals with smoothies.

What are the features of the program


Now when you are buying any program the main thing that one usually looks for is what they will get when they purchase the program.

This is what I will be going into here.

The program comes in a form of an ebook which gives you detailed steps and instructions for the food and smoothies you will have to eat for 21 days.

Below is the content of what you will get in the ebook:


The book will have recipes on what to put on your smoothies. You will be told that you have to have smoothies 6 times a week and one day is called a cheat day.

For your benefit I have included some recipes you will get when your purchase the program:

  • Banana oats
  • Chocolate cherry
  • Vanilla chai
  • Tropical blast
  • Caramel apple

Shopping list

You will have to get a shopping list for the 3 weeks of the diet and the shopping list is very simplified since there is a list for each week.

The verdict

Now for the big question: Is the smoothie diet legit or it is a scam?

The simple answer is that it is legit however I wouldn’t give it a high recommendation for what it is worth.

There are many other programs which work better than this program like the Eat the fat off, 15 minute diet and Cinderella diet.

Below are the reasons I wouldn’t recommend it:

  • Too restrictive

For an average person this diet is hard to sustain as you will have to keep doing smoothies which is time-consuming.

The other aspect is that not everyone can be discipline to follow the program as replacing meals will take discipline and also according to the USDA nutrition guideline we need a balanced diet for all our meals.

Since you are having smoothies for the majority of the time that is a bit unhealthy

  • Too much to read

Let’s face it most of us prefer quick steps which are straight forward. This diet makes it a bit hard for people to follow as it provides too much information.

Although the information is good but it can be too much for people to follow.

Final thoughts

Losing weight involves a lot of aspects to keep in mind such as exercise and healthy eating. Most people turn to diets which work the best for this.

One of the diets which people have been talking about lately is the smoothies diet program as it basically focuses on a person replacing some of their meals with smoothies.

The program is for 21 days and is given in the form of an ebook to help anyone easily use it.

However the creator has put too much information for the program which makes it overwhelming for most people.

The program has two parts: 1 the 21-day plan 2. The detox plan. These both work to fulfill the weight lose of a person.

Although the system is not a scam at all but it is not effective as it is too restrictive and can not accommodate people with food allergies.

The only good thing is that it is 60 day money back guarantee which means you can try it yourself to see if it will work for you.

Try the smoothies diet program risk-free here

I would like to congratulate you for taking time to find out about the program before committing to it as this will help prevent you from being scammed.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below. I will be happy to respond.

The smoothie diet review

Legit program but too restrictive

The diet is a bit too restrictive and leave you with less well rounded nutrition needed by the body

Reader Comments

  1. Strahinja

    When it comes to loosing weight I think the number thing is the decision behind it. I have no doubts that some proper diet can help you speed up the process, but all in all if you are not willing to stick by it and really change your diet habits + workout more, there is no diet that will help you.

    In other words no secret way to success in anything.

    • Thabo Khoza

      very well said man

      this is why in all the reviews I emphasis making sure one has good healthy habits and follows the diet for a very set amount of time.
      This is on relation to the 60 day money back guarantee that the diets give you. It is enough time to check a diet,

  2. mz04

    This is detailed and informative review. Every diet need dedication and proper mindset whatever diet methods. Different person has different needs, what work for others might not work for someone else.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Yes indeed

      It all depends on a persons mindset in most good diet. Other people give up without trying hard in any diet program.
      Of course there are scammy programs but in most cases commitment is needed

  3. Philip

    Hello Thabo,

    I love smoothies! I really do and sadly I have not had one in years. I always keep promising myself to get a smoothie maker and I never do. So sad LOL 🙁 .

    Certainly I do need to think about consuming more healthier content like smoothies and I am glad to see you do recommend this diet program in the smoothie diet review above.

    I also see you have others you recommend. So now I have more information after researching the smoothie diet plan and so thank you for that Thabo and I will continue in this site of yours about those programs as well.

    Thanks again Thabo.

    Regards, Philip.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Philip
      I am happy to hear that you got help from the article.
      I also have had one smoothie blender but I do get lazy to replace it, but maybe it is because I make smoothies once in a while and the blender is still working.

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