Hyperbolic stretching review- Is this another scam?

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Stretching is one of the hardest thing for most people who are looking to exercise or to get up and do an activity. According to Harvard Medical school most people do not know how to exercise.

This is because they are not told the importance of doing it and also how to actually do it. Stretching helps you with preventing from stiff muscles. This is the reason today I thought to do a hyperbolic stretching review which is what you will help you with this.

Just like with all my reviews I always make sure to give you the best knowledge due to my in depth research I always do.

I just wanted to let you know that I will not that I have not personally used the program but I looked a lot into it to see if it is a scam or not.

Hyperbolic stretching reviewhyperbolic strengthening review

Product name: Hyperbolic stretching


Creator: Alex Larson

Price: $27

Veganweight.com rating: 3 out of 5

What is hyperbolic stretching?

When it comes to stretching, most exercises that most fitness experts recommend do not really work the right muscles which is what makes you get stiff muscles even after a good warm up.

This is also because they do not know that men and women have different body structures and muscles so they have to be treated differently.


This is exactly what this program is designed for. To focus on the right muscles when it comes to warming and strengthening their muscles as a man or woman.

The hyperbolic stretching program helps you build flexibility, pelvic muscles and speed with the exercises you will be doing in the program

The programs requires 8 minutes per day for you to achieve your goals for a duration of 8 weeks to attain great flexibility and good coordination.

The crazy thing about this program is that it promises to make you do splits without even warming up but rather focusing on the right muscles.

Who is the author?

You already know that with my reviews I never leave any stone unturned especially the creator or author of a program in question.

This helps to check if what you are looking to invest in has a scammer behind or a legit person.

With the hyperbolic stretching program the creator is Alex Larson who has been a professional core stretch and flexibility coach for 2 years.

This happened after he left his programming career to focus on helping people as this was his passion after seeing the loads of people he had helped already develop flexibility in their sport.

What made him develop this program was because he had faced a stage in his life where his job made him work so hard and sitting for long hours caused back problems.

This then sparked him to come up with solutions to help himself after all doctors he went to couldn’t help.

This solution involved stretching muscles through a trick of which he has made into a program.

With this program he has helped over 16000 people from around the world through his claims.

Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Program enhances your flexibility
  • Suitable for any person (athletes and non-athletes)
  • Only needs 8 minutes per day


  • Requires real hard work for results
  • Only available online

How does the hyperbolic stretches work?

Are you tired of using machines from the gym or from your friend’s garage who has a gym to increase your endurance, strength and flexibility?

Well hyperbolic stretching is one of those programs which will help you in this regard.

Hyperbolic stretches is all about getting rid of equipment which you need for stretching and warming up.


The program works on your pelvic floor muscles by enhancing it to a point that it is strong and flexible and there is no need to exercise before any workout.

This is a beneficial factor for people who usually have problems when it comes to muscle problem generally and for people who usually need to have their body ready quickly before a workout or when just walking in general.

The program is detailed step by step so that you will be able to follow all the exercises for flexibility.

The exercises will be for static and also dynamic so that you benefit in all aspects.

What are the features of the program?

Before purchasing a program it is always a good idea to look at what you will get in the program to see if it is worth it or not.

This is the reason I am unloading this for you.

You will be mainly getting a pdf full of the guided exercises so you can fulfill them completely.

You will also be able to get an online video of this program which will guide until you are able to achieve the results you are looking for.

The online video works hand in hand with the pdf so you will be getting a double whammy (ha ha).

You also get bonuses when you purchase the program and there are 4 bonuses as follows:

  • The 8-minute strength fat loss HIIT
  • HIIT it hard cardio
  • Full Body Flexibility for static and dynamic
  • Mindpower unleashed

What does the science say about the program’s claims?

Now we look at one of the most important factors of the program which is the science validation.

To see if a program is real and works it is vital that we check if it is backed by science or not.

With this program we will do that check. I will look at a few claims and try to see if science validates it or not.

  • Claim 1: Improving your lower body muscles

According to science and research it is shown that the lower muscles are the ones which are used for splits and need to be developed adequately.

  • Claim 2: You need to exercise daily so you can activate your muscles

Most literature agrees that the main reason people have issues with stiff lower body muscles is because they sit for long hours in a day.

Just by looking a few claims we can already see that we do have something which correlates with science (something which shows it should work).

Who is the program for?

The program is adaptable for any person who is looking to better their body even if you are an athlete or not. This is because it is super easy for anyone to follow the program as it detailed very well.

Below is the list of people who can benefit:

  • Athletes( advanced or not advanced).
  • Busy professionals (eg Engineers, Doctors, etc).
  • People who are lazy to go to the gym to workout.
  • People who have stiff muscles (old age).
  • People who have chronic muscle pain.
  • People who are very discipline.
  • Athletes who want to increase their sports performance

Although I have given a list of people who will benefit I want to say that people who won’t benefit are those who are just lazy to be consistent over time.

This is because this program requires this.

How much does the program cost?

This part is crucial in helping us know what we are dealing with. If you look at what you are normally charged when it comes to fitness instructors mentoring you, you looking at ongoing gym payments of $20 monthly or more.

This is good but if we look at what you will end up pay per year for it it will go to $300 and more.

Now when you look at what you will be paying for this program it is less than 10%.

This is because you will be only paying a one time payment of $27 to use the program and even get mentorship guidance in the form of a online video if you get confused by the book.

I would say this is a good deal. Not only this they also have a money back guarantee which means that if you use the program and find it did not help you then your will be refunded within a 60 day period.

This means the program is basically risk free for you compared to other ways of getting help.

The verdict

Heart disease, high cholesterol and clogged arteries are the top world deadly diseases

Now here is the part that you have been probably waiting to see as you want to know about the program.

So is the hyperbolic stretching a scam?

The simple answer is NO.

This is because of many reasons such as the following:

  • The creator is a real person

Unlike programs which promise to give you promises and the creator is never know this program is transparent.

More than that the person when through a similar problem himself so he made this program to help others.

  • 60-day money back guarantee

The 60-day money back guarantee shows hos confident Alex is with this program. This means you can try it risk-free for 60 days.

  • Program talks about consistence

The program constantly says that you need 8 minutes a day to achieve your results. This shows that Alex is not a scam because he know that for anything to work you need to be consistent at it.

Although the program is great for flexibility and strength I do believe there is a better program which works to build your whole body to be strong and this is Unlock your hip flexors.

However, if you are just looking to be mainly flexible in your legs the hyperbolic is perfect for this.

Most people usually use the hyperbolic  stretching program along with some sort of supplement to enhance their muscle development.

One such supplement that they usually use is the CrazyBulk supplement which gives you the same muscle development as steroids except that it is not a steroid but a natural supplement.

Final thoughts

Most people are never thought the importance of stretching or even how do this act properly in their daily lives or sports.

This leads to many problems overtime like lower back pain or stiff muscles as the body gets to uncomfortable.

The hyperbolic program is one unique program which has been developed my Alex Larson after he had a traumatic event in his life.

The program focuses on strengthening the muscles and make you flexible as an athlete or normal person who is looking to have a healthy body.

The program is well detailed and only requires 8 minutes of your time a day for 4 weeks.

Even the program is simple it is hard when it comes to being discipline in following the system until the 4 weeks is finished.

I would recommend you try it to see if it would help you have you are a person with sore and stiff muscles and you are looking for flexibility since it is risk-free for 60 days.


You can then come back here and let our community know what results you got.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope it was beneficial to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Hyperbolic strengthening review

easy to follow but requires descipline

This program requires people to be discipline in order to see their results. It is well detailed enough for you to follow through well.

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Reader Comments

  1. Douglas

    I think you have given us a lot of info about hyperbolic stretching. I know that it really could benefit my as I tend to have very sore legs after a long day and think stretching would help with this issue. I was wondering I guess maybe I missed it but how much was this and would you know if they send you videos or if it’s just an online thing. There was a lot of great info and I will be looking at trying this out as who doesn’t want to be able to do the splits.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Douglas

      the program is only $27 which is very affordable when compared to what it can deliver for you.
      Once you have tried could you please share your experiences with it so that the community here can know how it treated you too.

  2. Jesse Lee

    Great review!
    This program could benefit a lot of people who do not know the power of stretching.
    I like how you broke down the information here and made it clear that there is value in this program.
    I use a detailed stretching routine and foam rolling routine every day. Doing this combination of stretching and rolling out really goes a long way for making me feel flexible and strong.
    I would be interested in using this program someday. Only needing to dedicate 8 minutes a day is not that big of a commitment and could be mixed into almost anyone’s busy life.
    It also seems to be reasonably priced at $27.
    Thanks for providing such a detailed review!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jesse

      Seems like you are on the right track for your stretching because what you are doing is a good approach although you may need more guidance with achieving this .
      That is where this program comes in. So you can check it out to see if it will work for you or not

      Best wishes

  3. Rob

    Enjoyed reading you article. Being a fitness buff for the last 40 years or so, I found this very interesting. What got my attention was the comment on unlocking your hip flexors. That’s an area I need help with. Thanks

  4. Padma

    I certainly like your Hyperbolic stretching program Thabo. My only concern is that I’m not sure if its only for men or if women can also benefit from it. Is there any feedback from women who have tried this program from Alex Larson? Thank you for your time.

  5. Thomas

    I will be checking that stretching program out. I often run without stretching but as I am getting older I need to stay on top of this. Thanks for the review.

  6. Ns

    ‘Most people are never thought the importance of stretching or even how do this act properly in their daily lives or sports’. Why would anyone believe this review when the review has not even been proofed for proper grammer?

    • Thabo Khoza

      As I say my reviews are my views and my hard sweat of research to find out the facts of the program. At the end of the day you have a choice to decided for yourself. This is just information.
      If you have more doubt you are more than welcome to do your own research.

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