Yoga Burn Review- The full truth EXPOSED!

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Welcome to my yoga burn review where I will be doing one of the most thorough and unbiased review about this program which women have been talking about.

The yoga burn has been said to be the best weight loss program to exist mainly for women. But the Question remains:” does this program work and to what extent does it work?”

I will be looking into the science of whether the program works or not so that we can have a well-rounded truth of this program before making a purchase.

Since obesity in women is on the increase worldwide this program could be a great benefit if it really works.

Before we start you may be interested in checking my health and weight loss review page where I review programs like these on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review shall we?

Yoga burn review

Program name: Yoga burnYoga Burn Review

Website: Click to go to official site

Creator: Zoe Cotton

Price: $37

Author: Zoe Cotton rating: 4.5 out of 5

What is the Yoga Burn program?

Simply put yoga burn is basically a program which is tailored to women who are looking to lose weight over a long period without going to gym and wasting money with equipment.

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The program is made to fit the schedule and also the personality of everyone who is looking to lose weight.

This is done through the program  as it has flexibility for certain weight loss methods and strategies.

As the name suggests the program focusing on using yoga to help you as a woman lose weight

So who is the creator?

The creator of the program is Zoe Cotton who is certified yoga instructor who has many years of experience in teaching yoga helping women use it as a weight loss strategy.

Zoe is also a certified personal trainer especially helping women get into shape and also get their ideal body.

This should put your mind at peace that you are dealing with a legit person behind the program not those scam programs which you never know the owner.

In fact you can find Zoe in most social media platforms like Instagram.

Pros and Cons


  • Very affordable for what you get with the purchase
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Easy and simple to follow.
  • Natural methods used for weight loss
  • Scientifically backed
  • made by a real person


  • Made for women
  • Only in digital form
  • If you are not new in yoga the practices you will do here will not be challenging or interesting for you

How does it work?

Now let’s get into the stuff which you may be more interested in and that is how the program actually works in helping you lose weight.

The yoga burn is based on three phases which are designed to help you lose weight consistently and different times.

All these phases are basically incorporating the core theme of weight loss secret which is called dynamic sequencing yoga.

Dynamic yoga sequencing are sequence of yoga poses which need to be done in a specific order for a certain period to burn fat.

Zoe believes that doing yoga exercises which target fat are essential and need  to be done for 45 minutes daily.

Let me break down the phases you will go through when you purchase the program:

  • Phase 1: Foundational Flow Phase

This phase is where the program introduces your body to yoga practices so that your body will be able to handle the following phases.Yoga Burn Review

This phase is also intended for flexibility of your body and also for your body to be stable and strong.

If you have been doing yoga for very long you will find that this phases will not be interesting for you as you may have already have a stronger body core that is needed.

Nevertheless, you still need to do this phases as you need to do all the sequences well in order to measure and see results according to Zoe.

  • Phases 2: Transitional Flow Phase

This phase is just as it says “transition”. You will be doing more challenging yoga exercises which your body should be ready for if you did phase 1 correctly and earnestly.Yoga Burn Review

This phases mainly focuses on aggressiveness of exercises and thus your body will lose more fat here more than the first phase.

  • Phase 3: Mastery Flow Phase

This last phases is where you lose fat more than any other phases because you will be literally forcing your body to lose weight without it actually feeling it.Yoga Burn Review

This phases also teaches you many methods you may have never known when it comes to yoga burning secrets.

By this point your body should be super strong so it will be easy to lose weight without feeling it and you will be a lot flexible too.

What are the features?

Before buying something it is very vital to know what you will actually get if you buy something and this is the reason I will be telling you what you will get when you purchase this.

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This will help you know if this program is worth it or not.

Here is what you will get:

  • The 12-week body shaping course

In this courses you will learn how to use yoga to burn fat and the course is divided into 3 phases which you need progressively and religiously for 3 weeks to lose weight.

There are beginner yoga exercises as well as advanced ones.

  • Weight loss community

With this program you will be able to be part of a group of people who are in the same mission as you (losing weight).

This is a support group which will help immensely for your goals. I think this is one of the best parts in the program

Are there any bonuses?

Hell yeah. Zoe has included bonuses to help you get more from her knowledge and the following the bonuses you get:

  • Bonus audio clips

You will get audio clips which are in line with the program so that you can be able to use them at anytime when you are doing something else not related to the program.

For example, you can listen to them when you are driving your car to work or to the shop to reinforce some information for weight loss.

  • Yoga burn monthly

This is an optional bonus which just gives you DVD of more yoga exercise for fat burn.

  • Optional bonus

This is as what the name says: optional. You do not need these at all as it is a referral part of the course.

What does actual science really say?

Yoga Burn Review

Now let’s look at what the science says in conjunction with what the yoga burn provides.

What experts from livescience say

Yoga exercise can help you lose weight depending on the type of yoga a person is involved and they say if a person only focuses on the mindful yoga than there will be no changes at all.

They also say that yoga is great to help you make better decision which one you decide to follow.

HealthLine also agrees that yoga is good for weight loss only if a person does the active type as this will be more aerobic.

The other aspect is that yoga can be a great influencer of weight loss anyway due to the fact that it helps your body have many benefits like relaxation.

This relaxation will help you sleep better at night which will lead to overall weight loss.

Who is Yoga Burn for?


Who is the yoga burn for? This is a good question to answer so it will help you not waste time in something which will not earn you any money.

The main thing is that the program is purely for women but I will segregate more as to which type of women.

  • Women who have the ability to stick to a program for at least 3 months.Yoga Burn Review
  • Women who are not too busy after work
  • Women who will be able to count their calories to see their progress
  • Women who are willing to be in group and help other women.

If you do not fit this category as a woman do not worry there are other fabulous weight loss programs for women which work super well.

Here are the best ones:

Also did a review for them and you can check them on Venus Factor 2.0 Review and Cinderala Solution Review.

Is Yoga Burn a scam?

Perhaps the most important pert you have been waiting for is to know if this program is really a scam or it is legit.

Well the simple answer is the program is very legit and here are the reasons (which I have already talked about before, but worth mentioning):

  • The creator is real and credible

We already know that Zoe is a real person who has been in this yoga and fitness industry for years helping women with weight loss and to have good bodies.

  • The program is risk-free

The program has no risk to you at all as Zoe has put all the risk to her at least for 60 days where you can return the program if you feel it didn’t help you.

This long guarantee shows how Zoe is more confident compared to other program creators for weight loss.

  • Science backs the program

What more could you want more than this to see if the program is actually legit than to see if it is scientifically backed.

All top health sites back it up well which helps your mind be at ease.

Does Yoga Burn work?

It is is vital to check if the program will work for you or not and there are two things to check with this and they are the following:

  • Your discipline
  • Your Body state

I will talk about each of these so that you will be able to see how it can effect the program working or not.

  • Your discipline

The program requires specific actions to be taken and if a person never takes them then it will be hard to even get the slightest results.

Yoga or meditation are one of the those actions which are so hard to crack if you are not focused and thus it is the case with this program as it also depends on it for fat burn.

To Yoga sources like sunriseyoga it is explained why most people fail with you and talks mainly about discipline and the willingness to succeed.

So you see that at the end of the day that it is up to an individual’s drive and the like to get the desired results.

  • Body state

The state of your body (too much fat or weight) or lack of fat can also have an effect on how you lose weight with yogaBurn.

For a person who is extremely obese it will take a bit longer to start seeing the results compared to a person who has average weight and wants to cut of some fat.

Final thoughts

Weight loss for women is constantly becoming a problem and more and more women are looking for natural ways to lose weight.

This is because not only do drugs act as short term solution but they are pretty harmful to the body as a whole.

That is why it is better to look at programs like the yoga burn which is natural and involves pure body movements.

Yoga burn is a program which uses yoga to help you lose weight using what is called dynamic sequence exercises.

The program is divided into 3 phases which are made to help you lose weight in a progressive way without harming your body.

The program’s claim to make you lose weight is backed by science too which is a good thing.

What makes the program worth it is the fact that it comes with a 60 money back guarantee which means you can return the program in 60 days should you feel it doesn’t work for you. (this is risk free for you).

>>Try the yoga burn program risk-free here<<

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave your comments below. I will be happy to engage with you.

Yoga burn review

Thoroughly researched and easy to follow

This program is researched well and the science is real and this shows you can trust it 100%

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  1. Annette Persinger

    Thank you for taking the time and doing the research for providing us a good review of the product. It was an intersting read as well as informative. I feel people can make a qualified decision based on the information you provided here.

  2. Tom


    Excellent review. My girlfriend and my sister in law love yoga, and do it as part of a class. However, my girlfriend would like to do more at home. I think if I buy her this Yoga burn, she would be very happy with me.

    I will let you now what she thinks of it, and if it helps her.

    Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Tom

      It is a pleasure to hear that you liked the review as I always try my best to reveal everything about a product or program.
      Great to hear your girlfriend is into Yoga too and this program may be the best for her since it will blend well with her daily life

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    I want to thank you personally for dedicating this article to one product of high-quality than adding a number of similar products in one article, I find when you recommend more than one product or service in an article it only confuses me and I end up overwhelmed and I leave the website not purchasing any of the products


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jeff

      I want to say I am grateful to hear that you enjoyed this review and as normal that is the reason I make sure I double in and review every aspect for the readers so you know every little detail about a program or product.

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