Why veganism is not sustainable- The real truth

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More and more people are now turning to the vegan diet as a way for them to sustain their healthy lifestyle. The main problem for most people is that they do not know how top actually follow a vegan diet adequately.

It is for this reason why veganism is not sustainable (or so it seems). I have been a vegan for 10 years so I do not the ways to make it sustainable through learning.Why veganism is not sustainable

However in this article I will be talking about why for most people this diet is very unsustainable. I will list the reasons why this is the case.

I hope you will learn a lot and also be able to enjoy this article. Be sure to leave a comment below after reading.

What is veganism?

First I will just describe what a vegan diet really is for those who may not know the actual definition.

A vegan diet is when you eliminate any animal food in your diet or any animals-by-product. This means you will exclude things like cheese.

A vegan diet is basically divided into many categories which you can check in my vegan diet article.

A vegan diet is also known as one of the most popular and yet stricter diet in the world according to the Independent magazine in UK.

1. The diet is super strict

Why veganism is not sustainable

let’s face the truth, The reason most people fail to follow the vegan diet is that it requires a lot of restrictions.

The restrictions are those which I mentioned above such as cheese and fish. Now some people try to convince themselves that some foods are eaten by vegans such as fish.

Well as I wrote on my other posts vegans do not eat fish at all.

2. There is less education about veganism

Why veganism is not sustainable

Well this point is rapidly becoming invalid as the world is changing.

This is because now, more than ever, more and more people are turning vegan which means there is more education about being vegan than previously.

Now almost every day there is a YouTube video about how to create a vegan meal and more.

There is also more education in university studies online or publications.

3. Being vegan is usually judgedWhy veganism is not sustainable

Here is another fact which people do not really consider when it comes to being vegan; The truth is no matter where you go you will be somewhat judged as a vegan.

I remember when I started I used to be looked as if I was crazy since I never ate meat.

People didn’t care what the reason for turning vegan I gave them (which was quite valid to me at least). If you have read my post you already know that I turned vegan due to a deteriorating health which was connected to my heart health.

4. It is hard to be catered for when you are out


You will soon realize how hard it will be when you decide to go out and eat as a vegan as most places hardly cater for vegans, although things are getting better now.

Even if you are in social gatherings it becomes hard to get the food you want unless your friends know you and cater for you.

One of the hardest things to do is traveling abroad since you are limited depending on a certain country. Luckily there are online resources like happycow which are helpful in showing you locations which have vegan food.

This resource has been very helpful since I travel a lot myself.

5. Many nutrients are hard to get from the vegan dietWhy veganism is not sustainable

If you are vegan you must be ready to know that you will not get enough nutrients which means that you will have supplement a lot.

If you know the right food combinations you will be able to get all the needed nutrients.

This aspect is what had a bad impact on many when I was starting the vegan diet and this was very hard as I didn’t know which nutrients I was not getting.

Below are the main nutrients which you usually are missed in a vegan diet:

  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D

Luckily for each there are foods you can focus on to get these nutrients and below are the article for checking them.

Final thoughts

If you are a vegan you will be happy to know that the vegan diet is one of the healthiest and rapidly growing diet in the world.

However you must also know that there are many negative connotations when it comes to a vegan diet.

Most people quit after joining the diet within a few months due to finding the vegan diet very unsustainable.

This is because there is less education for people so they end up doing the diet with trial and error, this was my case when I started.

There are other factors such as the vegan diet not being catered for in restaurants as they should like other meals.

The fact that vegans are usually frowned upon due to their eating habits makes it even harder for vegans.

Luckily if you are out and about there are resources like happycow which are quite helpful to help you locate the vegan places.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was very helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

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  1. Paulina

    As a vegan myself I know that the transformation at first is difficult, mostly because I wasn’t open to trying new types of fruits and vegetables. I know that today after almost 8 years it’s all about being open-minded to try new vegan dishes.

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