Wake Up Lean Review- Bona Fide or Just another Flimflam?

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Step out with a vibrant smile!

I believe, every human being is beautiful in their own way.

But somehow, our physique matters! An obese body can be the reason of our insecurity and mental breakdown. It may even take us to a point when we want to curl up into a ball in order to escape from the outside world. But of course this does not necessarily mean that everybody will feel the same.

So, then what’s the need of maintaining a healthy physique?


A fit body is not only for your gorgeous outlook but is also important to keep you alive and kicking. Obesity is the root cause of many deadly diseases like coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, chronic kidney diseases and so on. But don’t panic! I’m here with a solution for you!

Hence, in this article I will provide you with an unbiased review about ‘wake up lean’ program which is, I suppose, a great remedy for every obese elderly struggling person out there.

Let’s dig into the topic quickly! Hope not to bore you to death!

Wake Up Lean ReviewWake Up Lean Review

Program name: Wake up lean

Website: wakeup-lean.com

Creator: Meredith Shirk

Veganweight.com rating: 3.5 out of 5

Pros and cons


  •  Understand your body physiology after 40: As you get old, adipokine gets secreted from your defense system which hampers fat burning. This program will help you to relate with this changing physiology and why obesity is harmful for you.


  •  Choose the right food: I’m sure getting the right diet plan isn’t easy from so many of them roaming in front of your eyes. Wake up lean can aid you solve this problem. It gives you the perfect diet so that you can give up eating the wrong food.


  •  Know the demerits of obesity: You will get inspired to lose weight when you will get to know the adverse effects of obesity in your body. Wake up lean does this exactly. It helps you to know how the body fats will cause certain abnormal conditions like hypertension, diabetes, premature aging and many more.


  • Get rid of your fat cells: If your hormones are not on the right track and is not cooperating with your goal of burning fat, don’t worry, you have got Wake up lean program. It will help you in releasing hormones which promotes youthful look and enhances proper metabolism.


  • Bid goodbye to calorie counting: This program not only mentions the food you can eat but also tells the quantity. So, you don’t need to face the hassle of calorie counting. Enjoy your food!


  • Get blessed with a perfect body metabolism: Low carb diet makes your body get used to with low carbohydrate levels which decreases it’s normal calorie burning abilities. Wake up lean certainly does not meddle with normal metabolism rather increases the rate.


  •  Combat your stress hormones and inflammation: It assists you in keeping a tight rein on your stress hormones so that you can stay away from depression anyhow. Moreover, the diet plan in here helps you in dealing with inflammation.


  • Get back your graceful body permanently: Of course following this program is baseless if you get back to old fat form after you stop following it. Sit relaxed! This won’t happen.

Thinking of side effects? There’s none!: Unlike many weight loss diet programs, this follows a complete natural process and thus has zero side effects.


  • Only available online: You will only find e-book of this program. This is good in a way because everyone can download it sitting at home.
  •  Need to cut-off some foods: I can already hear the loud sighs of all the foodies out there! But it’s okay. Just a matter of few days! You must get rid of foods causing inflammation if you want to get the desired results.
  • Requires a lot of forbearance: Every success is backed by a story of patience and commitment. This is nothing different. Just stick to the program and shape your obese body.
  • Step away from constant snacking: Have the habit of roaming around the house and nibbling at food in every hour or two? Unfortunately you need to give this up when you are following the Wake up lean program. This works as a hindrance to fat loss.

What is wake up lean?

Wake Up Lean Review

From my point of view, this portion of a review is the most important one. This is what helps us to understand the basis of a program and gives an initial impression which keeps following us through the entire review.

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So, what’s this wake up lean based on?

You may think it’s as ordinary as many other programs which pushes you towards continuous restless exercises or makes you starve to death. Nope! Absolutely wrong!

Minerals of the jungles of panama are the main base of this program. Yes, you heard it right! In this program Meredith Shirk recommends the magical “Metabolism Minerals” combination as a part of your diet.

Wait! Did you think you need to find the minerals from the jungle? Haha! That’s not the case. Meredith recommends a combination food family which is similar to those that she discovered in the jungles. After going through extensive research, she found out the secret combination of nutrients and minerals found in some magical foods which will not only flatten your belly but also make you look younger than ever.

How does the wake up lean program work?

As I said every program has a certain basis and works with some specific functions of your body. And so does Wake up lean. A simple flowchart will help you to understand better:

With the passing days, you get older and your physiology changes. Fat cells present in your body secrets adipokin hormone. They are responsible for inflammation throughout your body. Moreover, after you reach 40, inflammation enzymes starts turning on which is also responsible for obesity.

The fat burning system of your body gets disrupted due to the adipokin hormone and inflammation enzymes which results in accumulation of fat.

Start following the wake up lean program

This program deals with this root problem and removes unwanted inflammation enzymes, stress sensors and hunger hormones.

.Other than this Wake up lean program also helps in selecting the perfect diet which mainly contains fruits, vegetables and herbs rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Hence, this aids in boosting up your metabolism which in return increases the burning of fat week by week. This quickly converts your digestive system into fat burner from sugar burner. A bit hard to believe but true!

What’s in the Wake Up Lean program?

Wake up lean is a huge program and helps you to deal with every aspect of health and fitness. You may say it’s encyclopedic! It’s divided into some categories:

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1. Quick start guide: It’s a small booklet that provides you with all the initial information before you start.

2. 10 day flat belly blueprint: This part of the program is one of the most significant. This provides you with all the information regarding the right type of food along with other tips in order to attain a flat belly. Let’s see what’s there inside:

  •  Setting yourself up for success


  • Why do I need a detox?


  • What am I eating in this detox?


  •  Metabolism minerals – key players


  • Day 1-3 slimming detox


  •  How should I feel after the detox


  • The silent killer: Fight belly bloating inflammation


  • Recipes days: 4-10


  • Simple way to rapidly accelerate weight loss


  • Work the program into your life


  • Avoid restaurant disaster


  • 10-day blueprint


  • 10 days done…Now what?


  • Fat burning snacks


  • FAQ

3. 5 minute lean body bursts: Consists of short exercises videos which help you to remain stress free and lose weight effectively.

4. 24-hour fat flushing protocol: This part chalks out your Day 1 plan. Aids you to get off to a swift beginning and attaining better fat loss in certain body parts.

5. Shopping list: This will guide with the list of foods that you will need from day 4 to 10.

6. Vegan tips: It includes the dairy and protein alternatives for those who are vegetarian.


  • 90 weight loss smoothies recipe book
  • Paleo hacks cookbook
  • Anti-Aging workout DVD

I have already mentioned the contents of the program. But I have something more to surprise you:

1. You may have heard that having constant snacks will increase your metabolism. But this program says that this is a complete lie. More intake of food means more storage of fat.

2. “Exercise more and eat less” – this is a common advice when it comes to reducing weight. But according to this program vigorous exercise is just a way to hurt your ankles, knees and joints and eventually effects vital organs like heart and lung too.

3. I’m sure everyone of us used to believe that dieting is one of the best ways to lose weight. But wake up lean begs to differ. It says dieting harms our metabolism and increases stress. Stressing our vital organs by food deprivation might be the reason of weight gain.

What does science say about the claims in the program?

From my point of view I find it completely scientific because:

Claim 1
: The main basis of this program is the combination of minerals and nutrients. So far, it’s seen that minerals are truly related to our whole physiology and is known to have a great effect on the vital organs.

Claim 2: The combination meddles with the inflammation enzymes and adipokin hormones which are the root cause for the deposition of fat and reduced fat burning. So, if wake up lean is able to eliminate the cause of obesity, then it should definitely be able to help us.

So, I trust this program. Will you?

Who is the wake up lean program for?

Wake up lean program is suitable for all ages. But this is specially designed for those above 40 as stubborn fat deposition increases after this age. People of this age are also more vulnerable to diabetes, heart, lung diseases and many more. So, it is extremely helpful for them.

How much does the program cost?

Wake up lean is insanely affordable. You can enjoy the whole program only for $15. You just need to fill in your country, postal code, card number and desired payment option in order to get started. You can purchase the Wake up lean program from the actual website below.

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But this is not the end!

Wake up lean has got a 60 days money back guarantee! Isn’t that great?

In any case, if you are not happy with the program within 60 days of buying it, you can claim your money back.

Besides this offer, Meredith ensures that:

1. This program will provide results for anyone who will try it.

2. You will obtain desired results pretty fast.

3. It will keep you inspired and motivated throughout the whole program.

Wake up lean testimonies

Once you enter Google and search for ‘weight loss remedies’, thousands of them will be there for rescue. But who should you give a chance? A great confusion, right? In this case, I advise you to look at the testimonies and reviews of a program.

So far, Wake up lean has got great reviews with much appreciation. Let’s look into some of them:

1. Sarah said: “I have my flattest belly ever. Thanks to Meredith.”

2. “I’m down 5 pounds and counting in 7 days and canceled my entrapped nerve surgery” – says Tiffany

You must be wondering what does wake up lean has to do with nerve surgery. Yes, it also works with autoimmune disease. In case of Tiffany she had thyroid effecting auto-immune disease.


Inspite of many good testimonies, you will come across some controversies and negative reviews. Some says that the recipes you get here are not worth buying.

You can find all of these in internet for free. Even there are some claims which state that the weight reducing tips and tricks are very ordinary and you can just get them for free everywhere. Again, waking up a bit slimmer every morning seems impossible to few.

But, internet is a huge place. Do you get all effective information organized at one place? Spare some time to think!

Is wake up lean a scam? Does this really work?

As I mentioned in many previous reviews, I always choose to trust a program as long as the author is real. The author of this program did extensive research about this and also applied it for herself.

She also did not hesitate to tell the initial source of her great discovery. Moreover, it changed many lives for good around the world which are the living examples for all of us.

So, as a completely unbiased person, I don’t think this is hoax. It proffers real results!

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Final thoughts

“The clock is ticking. Are you becoming the person you want to be?”- Greg Plitt

This is my open question for you all.

There will be time when obesity might lead us to depression. But don’t be so harsh on yourself. Fitness is not only meant for the models. It’s for you too.

You must believe in yourself and expect great things of yourself. Only then you will be able to get up and face the world. But here, definitely you will be in need of a perfect guidance. And for this you have got the wake up lean program.

This program will hold your hand and lead the path of your destination. You just need to follow it with all your patience and calmness.

I hope this wake up lean review will provide you with all the necessary information you need and will also give you a ray of hope regarding weight reduction.

>>Try the Wake Up Lean Program risk free yourself here<<

Many people are doing it. So why not you?

Ready to step out with a vibrant smile?? Tell me your thoughts!

Reader Comments

  1. Rob

    I believe that this product is for me. I have made over 40 trips around the sun, and I am in need to tighten up around the waist. I do exercise a few times a week and I always told myself I need more.

    With the information that you have provided at “Wake up Lean”, I could get a handle on my weight.

    Reading thru, and finding that the main basis of this program is the combination of minerals and nutrients sold me.

    I do believe that minerals are truly related to our whole physiology and is known to have a great effect on the vital organs.

    Again, thanks for this information, I will head over and give it a try.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Rob

      I am glad to hear that you were able to get help when it comes to program and hopefully your weight in the long run.
      Yeah the nutrients are key for good health and weight loss in every sphere of our lives.

  2. Katrina Curry


    I have to admit, once you get over the age of 40, it is much more difficult to lose the weight. I was talking with my sister last night and she was mentioning that she’s starting to see belly fat accumulate more than it did just a few years ago.

    Even though she’s walking over 20K steps a day, nothing is working on her losing the weight. While there are so many programs out there that promote weight loss, it’s hard to find one that actually works.

    This one interests me, but I’m interested in the negative reviews as well. I’ll have to look more into this program and see what it’s about.

    Thanks for sharing your insights!


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Katrina

      Yes you are right it does get a bit harder as you age due to the metabolism decreasing drastically. The main thing is to have good habits while you are following programs.

      This will mean it will take longer to shred fat than usual. The program is good for people who are active already.

  3. Ivan

    Thanks for sharing your review of Wake Up Lean, Thabo. I like the fact that an owner is a real person and that the program is based on her experience and results with this regimen. And the low price with a risk-free guarantee is awesome as well.

    I feel like this could be a good solution for everyone looking to lose some weight. I’ve gathered some belly fat due to my work and would like to see what can I get from this program. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Ivan

      Great to hear your view on this and I am hoping it will be able to help you with your belly fat in the long run. I also love using programs which have real creators and have had experience in this regard so that they will be able to show more creditability.

  4. AJ

    That sounds very promising. I’ve come across a lot of weight loss programs and what I’ve come to realize is most people just need to follow the program outlined. I know from personal experience this program will work the question is will people follow it? Solid review

  5. Glenn

    This is very intriguing! For $15 it’s worth getting it just to learn about some of the author’s discoveries. I’m going to click one of your links and get it. I’m pretty fit and healthy but I always like learning new things. If it’s as good as it sounds like it is, I’ll be able to tell others about it.

  6. Albright

    Great Review.
    It’s good to know that the owner of the program was in the same mess before. That shows that program is valid but I’m not obese so I don’t need it.

    However, I have friends they will interested in giving this program a try so I will share your review with them.

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