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Welcome to my Vitajuwel bottle review where I will tell you the truths and facts about this product and let you decide if this is beneficial for you or not.

‘Water is life’ – I’m sure every one of you has not only read it but also felt it in certain points of your life. Drinking water is certainly important but have you ever thought about the bottle you are drinking from? Is it healthy enough?

Most of us are used to with drinking water from plastic bottles in our everyday life. But recently it has been seen that plastics are not beneficial for our health and also reduces the quality of the water you put inside it.

So, today I’m here to introduce you with ‘Vitajuwel’ bottle which will uplift the quality of your drinking water and keep you safe from the hazards of non-healthy bottles.

Let’s start!


Name of the product: VitaJewel bottle

Official website: >>Click here<<

Founder: Dr. Masaru Emoto rating: 3.5 out of 5


  • Made of glass
  • Unique design
  • Comes with various crystal blends
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Some complaints are seen in Amazon about it of being broken.
  • Heavy and difficult to carry.

What is VitaJuwel?


To respond to this inquiry, we need to initially clarify – What makes a VitaJuwel bottle so extraordinary?

VitaJuwel is produced using premium, toxin free glass, the Jewel water container has a base piece that is called the ‘GemPod’. This piece is exchangeable and may be loaded up with various hand-picked valuable crystal stones. The ‘Vitajuwel’ water container can be opened at the two ends for simple cleaning and has a capacity of holding 16 oz of fresh water.

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Probably the smartest characteristic of your ‘VitaJuwel’ bottles is that you are able to exchange between Vials or Gem Pods at whatever point you need, permitting you to completely appreciate the numerous advantages of drinking imbued by gems.

These uncommon crystal Water containers are a piece of a captivating antiquated convention of utilizing gemstone included water for its mending credits. The ‘VitaJuwel’ water goal is tied in with causing you reconnect with your intrinsic spiritual gifts and characteristic recuperating.


The container is produced using sans bpa plastic, borosilicate glass, hardened steel and silicon. It is also dishwasher safe, and the gempod ought to be dismantled prior to use.


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Maker of VitaJuwel

At some point, while testing in his ‘Hado Life lab’, Dr Emoto recollected the amazing properties of the quartz crystals and hence he chose to take a stab at something uncommon.

He just put some crystals in the water and the outcome of this test came out something which astounded a large number of his associates.

By re-establishing the hexagonal structure of the water, Dr Emoto brought back the vitality of the water and transformed it into living water. The ‘VitaJuwel’ water bottles made by him are presently being utilized by individuals from everywhere around the world, incorporating the VIPs like Kreesha Turner (6 times grammy winner) and Drew Barrymore, who gave review, either in video or on Twitter, regarding their great feeling in the wake of utilizing them.

Where is VitaJuwel made?

Right now, just ‘VitaJuwel’ manufactures the quartz precious stone containers that as indicated by Dr Emoto, upgrade water’s quality, making it as unadulterated and clear like the water you get from the spring.

‘VitaJuwel’ containers is made from a facility that is found near the German Alps, also they are carefully assembled by topmost expert Bohemia glass creators who utilize a protected technique while producing them, guarantees the official site of the ‘VitaJewel’ bottle.


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Types of VitaJewel water bottles

  1. The ultimate choice for conscious evolution – Vitajewel infinity crystal water bottle

For what reason do we think this container is a fantastic expansion to your assortment?

In case there is something the planet requires with the best criticalness is more individuals vibrating in adoration and empathy. The present occasions request, we give up our feelings of dread to grasp our full cherishing potential, our actual self.

In case you are on the way of independence and delight, the ‘VitaJuwel’ Infinity Water container is spot on for you. Each drop of water from this container will assist you with adjusting your body cells towards this objective.

“Drinking this enhanced water will support the growth process through the following stone properties: calming, cleansing, revitalizing, harmonizing, truth-telling, intuitive perceptivity, self-esteem, courage, balance, creativity, overcoming negativity and optimism, to name a few.”

– Hope Fitzgerald.

  1. Revive your peace and calmness – Vitajewel wellness crystal water bottle

The ‘VitaJuwel’ Wellness container utilizes an old jewel mix that was accustomed to carry equilibrium to your psychological, physical and emotional body. In the event that you feel down, discouraged, or restless, this jug is ideal for you.

Specialists guarantee that amethyst helps in relieving the psyche and feelings and that rose quartz encourages quietness.

We are surviving in a difficult time with the Covid-19 pandemic making a huge difference around us. Discovering balance and internal harmony may be extremely useful for exploring the passionate preliminaries we experience each day.

The ‘VitaJuwel’ Wellness precious stone water container is explicitly intended to add drops of serenity to your life, instructing the cells to grasp the ideal wellbeing you deserve.


  1. Good for love frequency alignment – VitaJuwel love crystal water bottle

While you include rose quartz, the quintessential stone of affection, delicacy, and exotic nature, the sky is the limit. Reasonable and stunning rose quartz is a charm for connections and is utilized in gem recuperating to deliver enthusiastic injuries and wounds and to bring harmony and quiet.

Red hot Garnet includes a brilliant part of arousing quality and enthusiasm to this mix. Consolidated, they make a novel enthusiastic dynamic – LOVE. All together for the heart to pulsate, it requires water.

In the event that you wish to adjust yourself to this amazing vibration that moves mountains as well as opens the heart for reviving and association with the Universal Source, this is the organized water bottle for you.


  1. Good for uplifting feminine energy – Vitajewel Luna crystal water bottle

Just as the name proposes, Luna is emphatically associated with the moon energy, making it above all else, a ladies’ stone. In conventional recuperating rehearses, it is utilized to help reinforce a lady’s instinctive sense, to get in offset with the regular patterns of life and open the heart.

Why is it imperative to interface, balance, and breath life into your ladylike energy?

Masculin energy is the one which gives you the thrust to move forward, the one that defines the objective and causes you arrive at it. Then again, feminine causes you stream with elegance, it’s your innovative force, the one that assists with your undertakings and objectives bloom.

In the event that you wish to drink the moon mixture with all its ladylike properties, this is your jug.


  1. Best choice for uplifting creativity – VitaJewel Inspiration crystal water bottle

Try changing the earth with your imagination and break new ground.

Get propelled by getting a glass of VitaJuwel crystal water from this charming mix of the spellbinding rutilated quartz and the profound, divine blue lapis lazuli – an image for otherworldliness in old Egypt around 6,000 years prior.

Your encephalon is comprised of around 75% fluid. Study has uncovered hydration may help inventive execution and increment in levels of energy.

Extinguish your intellectual competence consistently with this extremely exceptional inventiveness mix of ‘VitaJuwel’ Inspiration precious stone water and go past your creative mind.


  1. Best option for mental lucidity – Vitajuwel diamonds crystal water bottle

Why do you need to drink water with diamond structure?

Jewels are known for bringing consistent focus. With this immaculateness of vision, you will have the option to see things all the more impartially, yet in addition notice things you could not previously.

These valuable gems are additionally popular for associating with your higher self, lining up with your eternality, uplifting the sensations of self-esteem, and confidence. In the event that you need to pamper yourself and need assistance to you pick up an unmistakable viewpoint, this container is the sparkle you’re searching for.

  1. Best choice for relieving the stress – Vitajewel vitality crystal water bottle

Entertain yourself by drinking fluid congruity.

The emerald is being utilized for quite a long time to carry equilibrium to the heart chakra, joined with the enhancing intensity of the clear quartz you will be consuming right from the energy well-spring.

This green solution holds the way in to a more profound association with your heart, advancing harmony, internal strength, certainty, instinct and belief. As a result, the emerald is additionally famous for its reviving capacities and upgrading sentiment.

Plunge into the huge expanse of inward harmony with each drop of water you will be drinking from the ‘VitaJuwel’ Vitality precious gem water container and restore yourself with smoothness and quietness for the duration of the day.

  1. Good for Rejuvenation – Vitajuwel forever young crystal water bottle

Did you realize hydration forestalls maturing and aging?

Researches have demonstrated that dried out skin is inclined to wrinkles. Water is answerable for skin versatility and perfection.

On the off chance that you consolidate the all around enchanted intensity of water with the counter maturing capacities of the clear quartz, aquamarine, smoky quartz and aventurine, you will be getting the wellspring of young days.

Despite the fact that the actual capacities of the ‘VitaJuwel’ persistently Young precious stone water bottle are very extraordinary, the enthusiastic and mental prosperity you can attain from this jug is likewise restoring.

The crystals structure the water and engrave in each drop the clearness of heart and psyche, harmony and equilibrium for the numerous aspects of your life.

The mystery of youth is to take care of both your inside and outside, that is the reason drinking water from this jug is the ideal blend to assist you feeling perpetually youthful.

  1. Best for balancing the doshas – Vitajewel 5 elements crystal water bottle

Ancient medication customs, for example, the Ayurvedic and Chinese have been created in the course of the most recent 5,000 years. They see wellbeing as an agreeable equilibrium of five components: “Wood for reflection, Water for reflection, Earth for establishing, metal for strength and Fire for passion.”

The ‘VitaJuwel’ 5 elements precious stone water bottle incorporates one jewel for every component for this mix to mirror every one of the individual credits.

In case you are keen on adjusting your bodies, this is the ideal container for encountering the antiquated insight of crystal water benefits.

Benefits of VitaJuwel

The main basis of these water bottles is to revitalize the water you are drinking and keep you healthy throughout.

Here’s why VitaJewel bottles are beneficial for you:


How much does Vitajewel cost?

Here’s the good news for you!

‘VitaJewel’ official site is currently offering a 50% sale on your purchase. So, now you are getting the ‘VitaJuwel’ wellness bottles for only $89 which was $159 earlier. You will also need to pay the shipping and handling fees along with the main cost.

The cost varies on the basis of the types of ‘Vitajewel’ bottles. Hence, in this case the price range is $78-$300. And the additional gemstone costs vary from $84-$106.

Again ‘Vitajewel’ comes with a 30 day 100% cash back guarantee which means you can purchase them without any fear. Even if you do not like the bottle and think that this isn’t working for you, then there’s nothing to worry. Just ask for a refund!

If the bottles are sent in perfect condition, then you will surely get the refund within few days without any questions asked.

Here’s how you can contact with the company:



Vitajewel Real customer reviews

Many people around the world have been using these ‘VitaJewel’ bottles and have shared their happiness about how their water drinking experience changed effectively after using this bottle.

Following are some reviews by the real customers:

  • “I love it so much. What a difference in the quality of hydration you get from your incredibly beautiful pieces.” – Cheri L.
  • “Absolutely love my water bottle. It’s amazing how different the water can taste and feel. I tell everyone I know about it and keep it with me always” – Marissa K.


Water is a vital part of our life. We can’t even think of surviving a single day with the absence of water.

So, it is very important to look for the quality of the water we are drinking. VitaJewel water bottle does exactly the same. It brings back the perfect shape of the water along with keeping us highly hydrated.

In this article, I gave a complete insight on how these Vitajewel bottles can help us to drink high quality water and also have a fresh mind in a healthy body. So, if you hadn’t ever thought about the quality of water you are drinking. Start today! Its better late than never.

So, consider starting to use the Vitajewel bottle today and don’t forget to share the experience with me!

  >>Try the Vitajewel bottle risk free for yourself<<


Reader Comments

  1. Femi

    Thank you for your informative review about the Vitajuwel bottle! I drink a lot of water (obviously) but I have never really considered the bottles I drink it from. When I heard about the Vitajuwel bottle, I wondered if it was legit. Now, thanks to your review, I know that it is!
    I’ve never heard of using crystals or gems to imbue water with certain properties. I was shocked when I read all the benefits you listed in your review. I’m not too sure about the glass bottle (I’m known to break glass regularly), but I’m willing to give it a shot!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Femi

      I understand well that you never considered water bottles as a way to drink water. Yes most plastic bottles are known to be unsafe with the properties in them so having such a glass means that it will be more safer for you. Let me know how it goes.

  2. samantha

    Hi Zahin,

    Thanks for sharing this informative article on VitaJuwel Bottle, honestly didn’t know it was such an amazing product.

    It charges the water with the frequency of gemstones to bring wellness to the body sounds interesting and it’s so beneficial to the body.

    It’s like gem water which acts as a crystal healing with positive health benefits like increased energy, improved sensuality, softer skin, alleviating pain, and help to cure allergies.

    Your article is clear proof of how this gem water provides healing inside out, how it can easily be absorbed by my body, and how it enables improved detoxification and hydration.


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Samantha
      Glad to hear that you enjoyed our article and were able to get some value from this. Yes most bottles are unhealthy so having such is an innovation is a great aspect to have.
      You always want to use things which will agree with optimizing the health or your body and this is the best way to do it.
      We personally only use natural things for our health whether drinks or eating.

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