Visual Impact KettleBells Review-The Truth Exposed!

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Welcome to my Visual Impact KettleBells Review where I will be telling you all you need to know about this program so you make your own decision.

Without a doubt more people prefer to workout from home as it is more convenient especially during the pandemic.

However, it is vital that one uses a program which will be beneficial in this and will be able to help achieve fast results.

Today we will look at one of these new age program which you can do online to help you in this regard.

With many programs or products out there it is vital we analyze these just like we will analyze this to ensure that we know if it is good or not.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Visual KettleBells Review

Product name: Visual Kettlebells

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator: Rusty Moore

Price:$37 rating: 3.5 out of 5

What is the Visual KettleBells program?

Do you want to achieve the sleek and smart body outlook without looking like a giant WWE wrestler? If so, this program awaits you!

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Visual impact kettlebell is a home workout program to help you gain your dream body comfortably at home. This course aims to facilitate achieving a lean body while strengthening and defining the body muscles simultaneously.

The Visual Impact Kettlebells Program focuses on teaching its trainees the best possible practices to use a kettlebell to obtain that runway model body. (1)

The most exciting part of the Visual Impact Kettlebells Course is that the creators have efficiently incorporated the theoretical knowledge along with video explanations.

Theoretical explanations encompass answering questions like why this course is better than other home workout programs. It is essential to understand the unique features of this program to stay motivated throughout the three months of this extensive course.

Another unique feature of this program is the utilization of instructional videos. The Visual Impact Kettlebells Program contains the relevant videos of each kettlebell exercise which are advised to perform.

The visual representations of movements provide the users with detailed aspects of the kettlebell and how it should be handled throughout. All the videos are recorded on the mesmerizing beach of Costa Rica for an aesthetic experience.

It is an ideal program for those craving a fit and robust body while looking all enchanting in their chic clothing. Most of the fitness programs emphasize on heavy weightlifting, causing your body to look like that of a muscleman.

Though it fancies those looking to participate in a bodybuilding contest, it is not so desirable for many fitness enthusiasts and runway models.

About the creator

This course is created by Rusty Moore- featuring Chris Lopez, a top-notch kettlebell expert.

On his visual impact fitness website, Rusty has shared an interesting story about himself. He used to be a muscle freak till the late 90s when he realized the muscle gain is mostly in his lower body, and he no longer gets fit into chic clothing.

He was frustrated with his massively weighed legs and super curvy hips, so he decided to take the challenge of dropping 25-30 pounds in a year.

His dedication did it again! He achieved his goals and so the exceptional experience in how to exactly achieve this look. (2)

Rusty never really loved the idea of using kettlebells in place of dumbbells and barbells, as according to him, those weights are evenly centered in hands.

A kettlebell, however, has a “flawed shape,” and upon lifting, its weight continues to shift to and fro. Rusty kept the same belief until 2001 when Chris approached him to partner for a “Visual Impact Program,” and this time, it had to be about Kettlebells.

What does this course include?

The far-reaching components of this fantastic course -featuring Chris Lopez- are discussed below.

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  1. 1. Introduction
  2. This part involves a brief history of kettlebells and what merits does its utilization hold.
  3. Who is Chris Lopez, his background, how long Rusty knows him from, and why having him as a trainer is the best thing this program has.
  1. 2. Kettlebell basics

Here Rusty tells about the theory of kettlebell and how it works. This portion also educates the trainees about which kettlebell weight to choose for optimum results.

  • The Hidden Advantage of the Kettlebell Design – explains the effectiveness of kettlebells, especially for the high explosive workouts athletes do.
  • Kettlebell Lifts Can Help You Move Like a Young Person – it explains how kettlebells work the fast-twitch fibers and feels light to your body such that you can move it like a younger person ensuring no joint strains.
  • Torch Body Fat With a Cast Iron Cannon Ball
  • Choosing the Right Size and Style of Kettlebell
  1. 3. Kettlebell progression

Here you will get to learn the efficient skills to use a kettlebell most effectively.

  • Improving While Using the Same Weight Each Workout
  • Increasing the Density of a Kettlebell Workout
  • 2 Kettlebell Lifting Styles for a Sleek & Toned Physique
  • Kettlebell Complexes
  1. 4. Kettlebell workouts

It includes a thorough explanation of the workout strategies that need to be incorporated and their optimal implications.

  • The Workout Strategy
  • Visual Impact KB – Phase 1 Workouts – This phase starts from week 1st and lasts till week 4th. It is named “Foundation” by the creators.
  • The initial phase essentially focuses on learning the fundamental kettlebell workouts and revving up the muscle tone and body strength. In this phase, both slow and fast-paced training is done alternatively.
  • Visual Impact KB – Phase 2 Workouts – This phase starts from the 5th week and lasts till the 8th week. It is named “Acceleration” by the creators. In this phase, both slow-tension-based workouts and fast explosive workouts are performed simultaneously. It is a “neuro-metabolic contrast training” that tightens up the body while accelerating the calorie burn rate.


  • Visual Impact KB – Phase 3 Workouts – This phase starts from the 9th week and lasts till the 12th
    week. It is named “Intensification” by the creators. As the name depicts, this phase intensifies the workout by combining high tension-based and explosive movements in a chain. This intensifying phase exceptionally elevates the heart rate and calorie torch and actively shapes the muscle by melting out the body fat. It is the most defining phase of this program.


  • Active Recover (Optional) – it is an “Everyday Carry” workout that you can do on off days to keep your workout body on track.
  1. 5. Kettlebell videos

This is probably the most gripping part of the course that will keep you hooked and motivated throughout the three months. The videos are so comprehensive that just one video for each kettlebell exercise is enough to understand even the tiniest details. Also, it is the first course from the visual impact program with video instructions. You can also watch it on smart TV.

  • Exercise Demonstration Videos by Chris Lopez
  • Workout Demonstration Videos by Chris Lopez
  1. 6. Conclusion

In this part, the program has been wrapped up by the author.


  • The training style elaborated in this program appropriately aligns with the body’s natural growth system.
  • You can choose a workout from many options. This allows you to switch multiple options without getting bored.
  • Step by step video guide is an exclusive feature that doesn’t let the trainees get bored.
  • Help you gain strength and a toned body without making you look larger.
  • By following the course as advised by the creators, you will be able to carry any modern outfit like a runway model.
  • The creator Rusty Moore has experience of 15+ years of getting runway models into shape while increasing their overall body strength. (3)
  • Chris Lopez, the featured kettlebell guru, is the first Canadian who got certified by Strongfirst as an SFG kettlebell instructor. Chris has almost 20 years of experience in this discipline. (4)
  • The entire program has copious exercises with just one kettlebell weight.
  • It comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. You will get 100% of your money back within 60 days of your purchase if you are not impressed by the course.
  • Making a purchase is very easy. All you need is an active email address. (5)
  • The customer service is amazingly excellent. Rusty replies to almost all emails sent to him. (6)


  • Not for those who are seeking to look like a bodybuilder after completing this course.
  • This course not actively improves your performance in sports.
  • The use of only one kettlebell weight can be a turn-off for those expecting to lift a variety of weights.
  • There is no phone number available; you can only reach out to the creator through email.


In the times of COVID, when the online coaching trend is escalating, trainers are charging almost $197 to $297 for such interactive sessions. However, the creators, being of the vision to keep it affordable for a larger population, set the price to $37 instead of $197 for a limited period.

Is visual impact kettlebells scam?

Just one answer, NO! Rusty Moore is a credible trainer who has been in the fitness field for over 15 years and has been actively working with male and female runway models.

He also has a number of visual impact programs to transform a bulky body into a stunningly picture-perfect one. There are many positive reviews for “Visual Impact Kettlebell (home-workout) Program all over the internet.

Final thoughts

Visual impact kettlebell home-work our program is one of its kind. Power-packed with adequate video instructions by one of the most experienced kettlebell gurus – Chris Lopez – this program stands out from the rest.

If you’re someone who loves fitness and dreads looking like a WWE muscular figure with heavy workouts, then this program is definitely for you. I would suggest you to get your hands on it and try it at least once.

In case it fails to fascinate you, there’s an option to get 100% of your money back within 60 days of its purchase. If this doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!

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