Vegan meat brands- These 10 brands taste exactly like meat

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As the vegan diet is getting more accepted than before according to Forbes the need for more vegan products will also increase in the coming future. What is more is the need for products to be tasty and more exciting.

Some vegan companies have been already at the forefront in producing these best vegan products. This is seen by the quality of vegan meat brands that been already on the market.

It is my duty on this post to give you the best vegan meat brands that you can focus on for getting the best taste.

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Please note I have tried all of these products so I am using the knowledge I know about the brands I have tasted before.

Below is how a vegan meat has meat-eaters confused

1. Beyond meat

Beyond meat is one of the best vegan meat brands out there and their food taste is really out of this world. If you are even slightly skeptical about going vegan because of the taste of the vegan foods than you will be surprised by the taste that beyond meat provides.

Beyond meat produces burgers and other meat alternatives that are made from pea protein and they are loaded with protein and Iron.

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The burgers are loaded with 20 grams of protein per serving/burger which is about half your recommended protein consumption.

This truly follows an actual meat burger with providing you the proper nutrition since a vegan diet is known to lack protein.

What is more is that the taste of beyond meat burger is very juicy and tends to bleed just like your normal burger..crazy right?

These guys went all out to make their product close to meat.

When I first tasted this beyond meat burger I actually thought I had eaten meat due to the taste (hides).

I actually did a review about this burger and my whole experience with it and you can check it out on my beyond meat review.

2. Upton’s Naturals

vegan meat brands

Upton’s naturals is one of the great vegan meat brands to look out for if you are wanting to fool your taste buds into thinking they are still eating meat.

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They normally marinate their vegan products with savory mixture of spices and lime.

My personal favorite is the Jack fruit, Thai curry and bacon seitan which are the most tasty and have the best spicy tastes.

Daniel Staackmann’s mission, the owner of this vegan company, is making it his mission to make the most delicious and meat tasting vegan food products.

Upton’s Naturals has a lot of foods to choose from and it is very satisfying to see that they have high protein in most of their foods.

3. Gardein

Gardein is one of the top vegan meat products and I would say it closely relates to beyond meat with the effort they put in the taste of all their vegan foods.

They have a variety of foods such as meatless meatballs, porkless bites, beefless ground and loads more. In fact their foods are so many that if you are non-vegan you could skip all your meat for a month and not even realized you have not eaten meat by eating their food.

Not only do they have loads of options but their vegan foods are made with so much protein (an average of 14 grams) that your body will be well nourished.

My personal favorite is the golden fishless fish which is made with omega 3 which is rare for most vegan fish to have omega 3 fatty acids.

Beyond that you can make your own great tasting tacos using this vegan product.

4. Tofurky

Looking for a vegan turkey substitute?…Well then tofurky is the best vegan meat brand for this.

Although the main idea behind the company is to make turkey vegan replacements the company does offer other vegan products as well such as sausages, veggie hot dog and more.

Being one of the oldest vegan stores this company is one of the pioneers in the vegan food evolution.

5. Frys

When I first came to know about vegan meat brands frys was the one I knew about before any other brands.

I ate this almost daily at the time since I was new to the diet. Their flavor is not anywhere near the ones I have mentioned above since I feel that they focus too much on the soy than the taste.

I still do eat their products a lot however I have been using other vegan food products for now.

The company is owned by a family who, in 1991, saw the need to cater for their family to cater for their diet needs. Although it was developed in the kitchen of frys family but it has grown to a huge empire due to the demand of people turning vegetarians and vegan.

This vegan meat brand also has many choices to choose from. Although they tend to have high protein but the taste is not meat tasting all.

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My personal favorite with the frys food is the chicken strips which are great if they are fried and marinated with sweet chili.

The company website also offers recipes if you are a new vegan or you just want more ideas for your meals. This has helped me a lot with getting new recipes.

Below is my favorite fry’s meal: The Thai curry..I have these most of the time

6. Field Roast

vegan meat brands

Field roast is one of the most unique vegan meat brands since they focus on making their food as original as possible.

The company believes that mimicking the taste of meat is not a viable option as it makes vegan food seem just fake…(you see their uniqueness).

Fore example their cheese vegan making process are made the same way as normal cheese making.

Because of their approach their foods tend to be more plant based tasting but still great tasting. They do not have this bland taste that most vegan foods have.

7. Trader Joe’s

Trader joe’s is the oldest vegan store as it opened its doors in the 1950s with it being first a convenience store.

This company was first called Pronto market’s and later changed to trader joe’s the name of the founder.

They are well known for the vegan food taste and freshness for all their products.

8. Simply Balanced

vegan meat brands

Simply balanced is ne of the unique vegan meat brands on the market.

What I like more about simply balanced is their packaging when it comes to their foods. If we were to judge the vegan meat brands with appearance than simply balanced will win hands down to all other brands.

More than the look simply brand is known to produce the most organic foods out their which means when it comes to vegan foods they only try to make the best.

Although most of their foods are made of soy their products are worth giving a try since they have a variety on their store like the following:

  • Meatless chicken
  • Smoky chipotle
  • Unsweetened almond milk vanilla

9. Lightlife

Lightlife is another vegan meat brand that makes recipes available for their buyers on their website just like frys.

Their products’s main source of protein in plant and the taste is very mouth-watering.

I love their taste but still prefer Beyond meat with getting the taste of meat from a burger.

The company having established in 1970 has a lot of experience catering for vegans and vegetarians in regard to helping them attain all the nutrition they need.

10. Morningstar farms

Morningstar farms is a vegan food company that also caters to give vegans a great taste and protein.

If you look at most of their products you will see that the protein in their foods are less compared the foods produced by brands like field roast and beyond meat.

The morningstar farms for example has a burger with a protein content of 9grams per serving. If you compare this with the beyond meat burger you will see that this brand has less protein.

So if you are looking for a brand to increase your protein than this will not be it. However, if you are looking for taste which is not bland that morningstart is still great.

Some other fast food companies.

There are plenty of great vegan restaurants and most of them taste great. I will just put ones which have great

Burger King

Now burger king has recently done what is considered very impossible by producing a vegan whooper burger.

The vegan burger mimics the meat taste and the company is doing this to actually to fight global warming.

Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr is a resturant that uses beyond meat burger’s for the vegan burger menus and as I have said beyond meat burgers are very divine.

Take home message

Getting the best taste from your vegan food is vital if you are a vegan and especially if you are a new vegan.

Unfortunately not all vegan foods taste well and this is the reason why most people tend to quit the vegan diet easily.

Fortunately there are many vegan meat brands which put taste as a great priority.

The vegan meat brands are many just like frys, Field Roast, Beyond meat etc. and more and more restaurants are starting to priorities vegan meat options like Burger king.

In the future we will be seeing more and more of these vegan meat brands which try to mimic the taste of meat. This will make meat eaters more inclined to eat vegan foods.

The future is going to be exciting for the vegan diet.

I am hoping this post was helpful in giving you the information you are looking in terms of vegan meat brands.

If you have any questions or any comments for me you can leave them below and I will be happy to engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Jon

    I thought I was pretty well versed in vegan meat alternatives but I have barely scratched the surface it appears! Really appreciate the work you put into this, I have a lot of new items to try.

    I can put in a good word for two of your choices however. Beyond meat has incredible beef-like flavor. I think the textures is just a bit off, but the taste is spot on.

    I also very much like MorningStar Farms products. They are easier to make, frankly, and their “Grillers” brand burgers, while not up to the taste of the Beyond Burger, nail the texture. Their chicken offerings in particular are amazing. My 9-year-old loves the “chicken” nuggets, and the buffalo “chicken” patty is a staple lunch for me.

    Thanks again, I am really making an effort to sub out meat for plants, but I still really like sandwiches (burgers, chicken, and so on) and this just makes it so much easier in that it is barely a sacrifice at all.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jon

      I am happy to hear that you have tasted some of these vegan meat brands.
      I have also had beyond meat burger and I do agree that the texture is. I even wrote this on my previous post where I did beyond meat burger review.
      I am wanting to taste the vegan burger whooper from burger king soon and my girlfriend said she also wants to buy it.

      Hopefully we can be able to get it in the burger king branches in our city..ha ha..wish us luck

  2. carol

    Just the name Jack Fruit makes my mouth water. I love that fruit so much. So I can imagine the taste of a veggie burger with this tasty fruit spice in it. I think this could very well be my favorite too (lol). Can I get this spice at Trader Joe’s?

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