Vegan foods high in vitamin D-What works for vegans

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The vegan diet tends to lack quite a few vitamins so that is why it is very important for any person who wants to turn vegan or who is vegan to know the best ways to get all these nutrients.

Vitamin D is a major issue for most vegans along with protein and vitamin B12 thus these must always be the top priority for all vegans. This is why in this article I will be talking about vegan foods high in vitamin D.

I will first talk about why we need vitamin D and then talk about the sources you can get for vitamin D.

I will also end by giving you my tips of getting vitamin D in your body so that you decrease your chances of having vitamin D deficiency.

Why vegans need vitamin D

Before I talk about vegan food high in vitamin D I would like to highlight why we need vitamin D as vegans.

Vitamin D is not only a need for vegans, but everyone needs vitamin D for various body functions.

Vitamin D is needed mostly to help absorb calcium in the body which, for vegans, is a huge requirement since the vegan diet tends to lack calcium in most aspects.

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It also helps with the absorption of magnesium and phosphate in the body since these nutrients are vital for bone health along with calcium.

According to WebMD vitamin D helps prevent many diseases like Breast cancer, heart disease, depression and colon cancer.

Most people who lack adequate amounts of vitamin D tend to have bone disease and children have brittle or fragile bones.

This is the main reason why vegans should getting enough vitamin D since they are at high risk due to their diet deficiency of this vitamin.

Orange juice

When it comes to vegan foods high in vitamin D orange juices is definitely your best pick. However, make sure you have orange juice which is fortified with at least 1,000 UI of vitamin D.

By consuming fortified orange juice you will find that it will give you about 17% of your vitamin D daily requirements.

There are many brands you can find when it comes to vitamin D fortified orange juice and Tropicana pure premium brand is one of a few in the market.

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Mushrooms have become my favorite recently not just because of the high amount of vitamin D it has but due to the heart health benefits it gives from its high amount of potassium and vitamin C which in combination help regulate blood pressure.

One important key about mushroom that I do is that I go for Dole Portobello mushrooms which is a mushroom that is grown under the exposure of great amount of sunlight (which has UV light), which increases the vitamin D of the mushroom.

Another option is to also ask for brown mushrooms which are enhanced with vitamin D and this will also work very well for upping your intake.


When it comes to tofu I mean there are so many nutrients this food gives to vegans.

If you have been following my posts you will see that tofu has been featured on many of my posts which talk about getting several nutrients like protein, Iron and calcium.

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This is because tofu is simply a super food for a vegan diet,end of story…

Tofu is also a great source of vitamin D and in fact that is the reason vegan who live in countries with less sunlight tend to eat more tofu.

This is because sunlight is on of the best sources of sunlight so if you do not get enough it is better to eat foods like tofu which are high in vitamin D.

Fortified vegan milk

vegan food high in vitamin D

The most amazing aspects of a vegan diet is that most of the nutrients or vitamins you lack can be obtain from fortified vegan milk as this is the way the vegan diet industry helps decrease deficiency for vegans.

There are also a lot of vegan fortified milk brands and you can also choose from.

For an example, I like the soy milk brands and I do not like the coconut milk due to the taste. However, I still use coconut vegan milk for cooking since it works well there.

When you get these fortified milk options make sure they have enough vitamin D in them.

Generally vegan milk will give you about 16% of your vitamin D daily requirement.


Now I know this is not food in any way but when it comes to vegan foods high in vitamin D it is a great option for you to include supplements.

Supplements is what I used ever since I started a vegan diet and I use them from time to time if I have not gotten any vitamin D that I need.

If you live in a country which has less amount of sunlight, supplements are a must and they will help you a lot when it comes to attaining the complete nutrition for vitamin D.


As I have been reiterating a lot in this post that sunlight is the best way to get vitamin D and it is the easiest way to do this is because it is!!…. and you must use it to your advantage.

Unless you live in a cold country where sunlight is rarely visible then you do not have an excuse to not have enough sunlight exposure for yourself.

Just always be sure to not get sun burnt, always remember to put on sunscreen the whole time while getting sunlight so that you will be safe.

Final tips

vegan foods high in vitamin D

Although I have given you more ways to get vitamin D which do not include vegan foods such a having supplements and getting sunlight I still recommend that you first focus on the foods that will increase your intake.

Foods must be the first option as it is the most efficient way your body can get it on a regular basis.

Most people depend on supplements and end up living off the for the rest of their lives.

This may end up causing some complications in the future, but with foods you do not and besides that consuming food can actually increase your other nutrient or vitamin intake such as protein, calcium or iron which is what you need in a diet.

Final thoughts

you consume a vegan diet you will soon realize that you need vitamin D more than any other nutrients since most vegan foods lack this nutrients.

However there are best ways to attain this vitamin such as having fortified cereal, tofu, fortified orange juice and mushrooms.

There are other ways which are not really food such as getting enough sunlight and consuming vitamin D supplements.

My number recommendation is to ensure that you focus on these foods high in vitamin D rather than depending on supplements and the sunlight.

This will help you get your vitamin D in the most natural and less harmful way.

I hope you enjoyed this article of vegan foods high in vitamin D and I hope it was helpful.

If you have any questions or comments you want to add please ensure that you comment below and I will be happy to engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Jon

    I am not a vegan and yet I’ve become a regular reader here because I am very interested in healthy eating and you deliver every time.

    Vitamin D deficiency is a real problem in many parts of the world, and not just for vegans, as you rightly suggested. I do supplement, but you’ve given me some alternative ideas I would never have thought of. Mushrooms? Who knew? (Not me!)

    Thanks for another informative and actionable piece.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jon

      I am really happy to see someone who is not a vegan learn that a vegan diet can help improve health.
      Yes Vitamin D is a major concern and most people end up thinking they can only get it from the sun which can sometimes be dangerous.

      I am glad you enjoyed this article

  2. Saane

    I have only started eating mushrooms, but now that you have given me the best type – Dole Portobello mushrooms – then I will be buying those now. Also, I love coconut milk so I will take that more often.
    I do not do the vegan diet, but follow itinerant fasting, and I guess this diet may also have an impact on vitamin deficiency for me.
    You say spending time in the sun can help with the absorption, I get sun burnt within 20 minutes – since the New Zealand sun is very harsh. How long do I need to be out in the sun to get efficient amount of Vit D.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Saane

      Great to hear a view from someone who is not vegan.
      I am happy to hear that Dole Portobella will be your new mushroom type and this change will help you with vitamin D.
      Normally 10 minutes is enough for getting enough vitamin D.

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