Vegan dating sites- These are the most helpful sites

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Being a vegan has been said to have a lot of limitations, one of which is the need to ensure proper nutrition at all times and another is the dating issue. Most vegans have a hard time finding someone who is also vegan due to the limited amounts of people who are vegans.

vegan dating sites

However, the internet has opened up the chances of people who are vegan to get their vegan lovers. Vegan dating sites can be expected to grow in the coming years.

There have been a lot of success stories of vegans getting their vegan partners’ online and the positive stories continue daily online.

However, just going online and looking for vegan dating sites has its own challenges. One of which is that most dating sites have very few members and most of them have members who are hardly active. (this is not good for dating).

This is the reason I have dug deep to find vegan dating sites that have active members and where the sites are very active on an almost daily basis.


Out of the vegan dating sites veggie date is the most popular dating sites for vegans. This is largely due to the fact that it not only caters for vegans but it also caters for all types of vegetarians.

Below is a list of people who are members of this group:

  1. Vegans
  2. Lacto-vegetarians
  3. Ovo-vegetarians
  4. Semi-vegetarians
  5. Pescatarians
  6. Raw foodist
  7. Raw vegetarians.

The group also has many varieties of people who have opted to eat clean such as the following:

  1. Organic raw food
  2. GMO-free food

Recognized as a finalist of the best dating website in 2013 it is no wonder why so many people are packed in this website.

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Let us look at the pros and cons for this dating website.


  • Too many options to choose from

As I have said before that since there is almost all types of clean eaters in this dating site that is why the numbers are high.

According to the website an estimated 400 people join veggie date per month..Crazy right?

  • Profiles are generally real

What you will notice when you join is that all the profiles are authentic. This means you will be talking to actual owners of the pictures you see.

Unlike most dating sites, this site has pictures that do not show model looking people (fake pics). The pictures are more real and are not enhanced.

Basically if you are any type of vegetarian you are catered for in this group.

  • There is a free option



  • Not focused

Unfortunately if you are looking for a vegan exclusive site you will be disappointed here since it has many other types of vegetarians.

However, if you do not mind any type of plant based eaters you should be ok. But according to me this by far a great site for getting vegan dates here.

Here is another best vegan dating site. Basically this site is for conscious living people, not generally vegans.

Consciousness is divided into many parts (like mindset, environmentally consciousness) and the website does a great job with this.

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This is a very new dating website since it was established in 2015 and it is growing at a rapid pace.

Now that we know about what is all about let us now look at the pros and cons for this vegan dating website.


  • More than just dating connections

If you are looking for people who are in to self development and improving their lives in all aspects then this site is by far your best bet.

You meet people who are there to associate with those on a mission. For an example I was able to build a connection with someone who enjoys reading business books and who is into personal development just like me.

This only stayed at a friendship level but I would not trade that experience and friendship with anything even though the person is a semi-vegetarian.

  • The website focus more on personal info than pictures

Just like Veggiedate the emphasis is not too much on the looks as it is on the personal info of the members.

This shows great aunthecity.

Cost for usage

This dating site does come with a free membership. This free membership comes with many benefits such as the following.

  • Comes with 10 daily matches
  • You are able to send matches and chat with a maximum of 3 your matches. (all of this for free).
  • You get weekly emails for the site and updates of some of your matches.

You can also go for premium which is what they offer to people who are really serious and want more value. The premium membership comes with the following:

  • Message unlimited matches
  • Check the people who have had an interest in you.
  • Use your own configured match searches

So how much does it really cost to go on premium for

Price: $7 per month

You can check out >>HERE<<

Elite singles

Vegan dating sites would not be complete without including a site like elite singles.

Elite singles is basically a site for people who are interested in certain skills or abilities and interests.

The site is very in-depth in making sure that even a vegan can get a match for a partner. This is demostrated by the site’s emphasis on ask a lot of questions when you are filling in your profile.


  • Very in-depth info with your matches.
  • Variety of people to choose from.
  • More for people looking for intellect more than anything.


  • Filling your profile is very length
  • Not cheap at all

You can check out Elite singles >>HERE<<

Veggie connection

Here is another exclusive vegetarian dating site that lives up to its promises.

The veggie connection caters for type of plant based eaters of the following groups:

  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
  • Macrobiotics
  • Frutarians
  • Pescatarians


  • members are very active with 40 000 member visitors per month.
  • Very affordable
  • They have a free membership to get you started


  • Has too many memberships to upgrade to such as sliver and gold.

Cost of the dating site:

$3 per month

You can check out Veggie connection >>HERE<<

Spiritual singles

The last but not least vegan dating site is spiritual singles which is what most vegans ten to miss when looking for dating sites.

This is because,before, the site used to be a magazine blog and it then later developed into a dating site that it is today.

Spiritual singles focuses on combining many niche sites together. This is why vegans, vegetarian and those who are spiritually conscious are put together in this site.

Basically for the conscious living people whether spiritual or diet wise.

This site is one of the oldest dating sites on the net since it was developed in 1996… Very old right?

This is why they have 90 000 members from almost every country, So the options are endless especially since people join this site daily as more and more people turn to vegan or vegetarian diets and are more environmentally conscious than before.


  • Very focused site (environmentally and spiritually conscious people)
  • They take profile filling very serious (you must actually write essays)
  • Instant unlimited email chats with your matches


  • A bit on the higher cost
  • The stuff members are not really responsive enough.
  • Questions for profile filling can be very lengthy and some people can get irritated.
  • Can only upload up 20 photos on your album.
  • Too much of your personal info can expose you to hackers.


To be able to enter this site you would have to take to of the paid options. One $10 per month while the other is $19 per month.

You can check out Spiritual singles >>HERE<<

Top tip

When choosing your vegan dating site it is very important that you first understand what you really want out of a dating site.

If you are a person looking at dating exclusively a vegan than I would advise you choose something like Veggiedate or veggie connection as these mainly focus on diet of their members more than anything.

I am not saying you must not choose the other site (of course it is your choice and preference at the end of the day).

I am just saying these are the best for diet related dating.

You can still choose the other sites and be able to get a vegan ofcourse, but just understand that the other sites tend to have people who may not necessarily be vegan or vegetarian.

If you look at spiritual singles you may end up getting people who are just Christians but do not eat a vegan diet at all. This will mean you have to dig deeper and get more dates to filter out what you do not need.

For that is a lot of effort and time-wasting….

If you do not mind having open options and want more characteristics then only a vegan, then sure other sites are perfect for this.

Here what the vegans girls are saying about vegan dating below

Take home message

Being a vegan does not have to be complicated especially when you are looking to date another vegans.

This is because the internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for people looking to date only vegan people.

However, not all vegan dating sites are helpful since most of them have inactive members and some have few members in them.

The best vegan dating sites which are growing daily and have active members are 5 and they are veggie connection, veggie date, spiritual singles, elite singles and

Most of these sites have free membership while some do not have that option at all.

The paid membership come with a lot of great benefits which will help accelerate your dating process and if you are serious they are worth the investment.

I Hope you enjoyed my article of vegan dating sites and I hope it was helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

If you have any questions or comments to add then you are more than welcome to leave them below as I will be more than happy to engage.

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