Unlock your hip flexors 2.0 review- The Truth you should KNOW

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Due to our long working hours, particularly in our 9-5 or even if we are healthy athletes, our bodies ends up getting effected especially our posture and upper part of our body without us knowing.

Since most people end up not knowing if they have a problem or not they end up developing other related problems like back pain, low sex drive and body stiffness. A new program called unlock your hip flexors 2.0. promises to help fix this.

Now the really question is : Does this program actually work?

Well you have come to the right page to get your answer. As normal, I will be unloading everything about the hip flexor with my experience using it for the past 3 months.

I understand how important your time is so I will be just get right into this review now.

Unlock your hip flexors 2.0 overviewUnlock your hip flexors 2.0 review

Product name: Unlock your hip flexors 2.0


Creator: Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj

Bonus: Yes

veganweight.com rating: 4.5 out 5

What is the unlock your hip 2.0?

unlocky your hip flexors 2.o review

The unlock your hip flexors 2.0 is a program that seems to help with providing your body with flexibility which will help you perform all your task with the maximum movement.

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As an athlete I thought to try the program as I wanted to improve my body swing when dancing.

Even though the program focuses on giving you great flexibility I found that the main thing it helped me with was stretching my muscles and body.

As you can see that this is the second version of the program which means that it is more improved than the first one.

Since I used the first version fully I can say this one made deeper than the first one, why by the way worked well.

Mike Westerdal seems to have gone all the way with this one as he saw that how well the first one went and he saw how to improve this even more.

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Who is Mike Westerdale?

unlock your hip flexors 2.0 review

As with all my reviews I always check to see if the creator or author is a real person or not and more importantly does he have good credentials to be trusted in this industry.

So the creators of the program are Mike Westerdale and Rick Kaselj but the main founder is Mike and on this review we will talk about him.

Firstly Mike is a real person and even has his own website called criticalbench.com where he helps people mostly with fitness tips.

When it comes to Mike I can say he is one of a few who has all the credentials of being an expert in both the health and fitness industries.

This is demonstrated by his accomplishments in these 2 industries such as the following:

  1. Best selling fitness book author.
  2. Iron Man magazine contributor
  3. Personal trainer
  4. Sports and fitness nutritionist

With all these credentials under his belt you can trust you are dealing with an expert in the industry who knows what works and what does not. Now let’s go back to his program.

Pros and Cons


  • Can used by anyone (athletes or working professionals).
  • Requires little amount of your time. (about 10 minutes a day)
  • Backed by research
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Created and written by health and fitness experts


  • Program is available only in electronic format.

How does the program work?

unlock your hip flexors 2.0 review

This program works with loosening the tight muscles around your hip (Called the hip flexors) which are responsible for producing stiffness, body back pain and reduced flexibility.

The unlock your hip flexors program focuses on exercises which only focus on making the hip joint flexible which makes the whole body loosen up.

The programs has exercises such as muscle activation and PNF stretching which focus on making sure that while the other exercise produce flexibility they develop and make the hip flexor still very strong to handle any movement.

Remember it does not make sense having flexible muscles if they are not strong enough to endure the high intensity exercises for a long time.

What I liked about this program is that it is can improve your health holistically as it helps increase fat burning in your body while also developing your muscles as I mentioned.

The best part about this product is that it can improve your mood as well and give you a positive attitude because as you may not know your energy is centered around your spine ( at the exact spot of where your hip fllexor is).

According to meditation experts Ahanta Yoga all our base energy and feel good emotions are located from the base of the spine towards the head along the spine.


This was what made me so happy to know because I only needed to focus on this hip flexors to get all my healthy and fitness.

Stiff hip hinges can suppress sexual drive when a person is sitting for long periods of time(like at work). So the program helps fix this by making your muscles more flexible and energized.

When it comes to being advanced this program ticks the boxes as it does what other programs fail.

What are the features of the program that you get?

The unlock your hip flexors has 6 strategies to combat stiff hip flexors and in this section I will be unloading all of them to you in details.

  • Dynamic stretchingunlock your hip flexors 2.0 review

Dynamic stretching focuses on warming up and circulating the muscles with blood and they focus on limps such as buttocks and knees.

These ones I do not like too much because I normally warm up my muscles by exercising my toes (small limps).

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But using this program has made me realized that the bigger limps are actually better since they have more muscles so if you start with them it makes all body parts work better.

  • PNP (Priprooceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

PNP focuses mainly on the muscle activation and loosening of your body part especially the muscles around the hip joints and all other joins in the body.

  • Mobility exercises

This part focuses on making your joints flexible for when your body is in motion (when you are walking or running).

  • Muscle activation movements

Muscle activation focuses on the base muscles such as the lower joint muscles to make them stronger and function better.

As the name say “activation” these movements only focus on one type of muscles which will activate the whole body

  • Fascia exercisesUnlock your hip flexors 2.0 review

Fascia exercise are basically the exercising of spine deep muscle cells and tissue which helps with improving spine movement.

When you do these exercises you will notice that you will feel lighter at top (as in the upper body), which is the aim.

  • Cores stability movements

The last exercise are focus on the overall stability of your body when you move. In these movements you focus on increasing the strength and stability of the abdomen and your back.

This will help relieve pressure on your hip flexors

Are there bonuses?


Here are the bonuses you will get when you purchase which I found useful especially for athletes:

  1. Unlock your tight hamstring manual and DVD
  2. 7 day ant-inflammatory diet manual

Who is the program for?

The program is for anyone who is ready to get back their overall health and to improve their performance in many daily intensive or less intensive activities.

Here are people who can benefit from using this program more:

  • Working professional who sit on their desk the whole day and get effected with body stiffness and tight muscles
  • People looking to increase their blood circulation.
  • People who are athletes or who do sports daily
  • People who do not have tome to go to gym and exercise
  • People who work from home and want to exercise from their home.

The verdict: Is unlock your hip flexors 2.0 a scam or legit?

unlock your hip flexors 2.o review

Perhaps the most anticipated question is whether the unlock your hip flexors 2.o is a scam or not.

After having used the program to help me improve in my sport (dancing) I can say that it is legit.

I woulds say though that the program is not a quick fix so you need to give it a try for at least a long period of time ( about 3 months) to see the results.

This is because we as humans are different so my results would never be the same as yours and that will be due to many reasons such as the following:

  • Our current health statuses
  • Our current exercise habits
  • Our different body structures

All these play a huge role so that is why it is good to give this program a good trial and luckily enough Mike has a 60-day money back guarantee which tells you two things.

1. He has full trust in his program that he is willing to take all the risk if it does not work.

2. He is showing you that you need time to see results and thus that is the reason for the 60 day that he allows you.

These were the things that convinced me to get it 3 months ago and it has improved my performance in dancing as I am a bit more flexible than before.

My muscles are also more compact since I do many turns on the dance floor.

I am not 100% flexible I have to say but maybe this is because I am still on my 3rd month with it.

Final thoughts

Everyone struggles with tight muscles, stiff body parts and lacking energy in some stage of their life.

Mike so this gap that the health and fitness market was not fulfilling and he started to create a product for this called the unlock your hip flexors 2.0.

The program focuses on giving your hip flexor muscles the flexibility it needs so that you are not affected by a stiff body and low sex drive and reduced mobility especially if you work long hours sitting on a chair in an office.

The program is easy to follow and it is safe with no side effects as it works mainly with your muscles and to increase your energy levels.

With the program you even get 2 bonuses on top of all the exercises you get so it is very holistic.

After trying it for 3 months I got good results like muscular development and flexibility which improved my dancing well.

I would also recommend you try it out especially if you are looking to improve your life and have better energy levels, flexibility etc

>>Try the New unlock your hip flexors 2.0 Now<<

The program is quite legit and it will work if you work it. Plus it does take a lot of your time to do per day so this shouldn’t be a problem if you are a busy person.

I hope you enjoyed my article of the unlock your hip flexors 2.0 and I hope it was beneficial. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Unlock your hip flexors 2.0

Less time consuming and easy to follow

Anyone can follow this program to improve their body flexibility and it is  very affordable

Reader Comments

  1. Tasneem

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! I suffer from tendonitis in my Achilles which is caused by incredibly stiff leg muscles which extend all the way to my lower back. This is definitely something I’ll be looking into.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Tasneen

      I am sorry to hear this from you. I hope your condition can get better and I would definitely give this product a try at least for 2 months and see how it works for you.
      It is very risk free to get this unlock your hip flexors 2.0

  2. Randi

    Thanks for the review! I had no idea hip flexors effected those other areas in our daily lives. I think I should try this out as my lower back and hip have been hurting quite a bit lately. More energy would be good too.

  3. Jessica Stiles

    My hip flexors are always so tight from running and sitting all day at a desk. These methods for opening my hip flexors are very well outlined and it’s exactly what I am looking for. With more flexible hip flexors, I am hoping to be a stronger and more efficient runner. Thanks for the post!

  4. Robin

    Hi i was wondering if these hip flexor exercises would help with bladder leaking and control, or if I should be looking for different set of exercises.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Robin

      I would say that the program can be good with managing the issue since it helps with making the whole core of your body to stay stabilized.
      The other option is the hyperbolic stretching which is also one of those which help with ensuring that your whole muscles stay flexible. But yeah the number 1 is unlock your hip flexors 2.0.

  5. Surbhi

    Great article. I was wondering if I should go for hyperbolic stretching or unlock your hip flexors? I’m a dancer and need more flexibility overall as well as I’m not there with my splits yet. Been doing my own sets but the progress has been limited in the past few months. Any suggestions?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Surbhi

      Great to hear that you are a dancer like myself too :). I will talk from personal experience that the unlock your hip flexors is generally good since it helps with conditioning and strengthening your core first. The hyperbolic stretching is also good but may lack a bit with the core as the main focus is to just focus on making your muscles elastic and flexible.
      So I think it depends on which of those qualities you are looking for. In my case I needed the core to be stronger more than flexibility.
      My other friend used the hyperbolic stretching last year for gymnastics and said results were good and as I showed on that review that the program makes sure the flexibility is achieved faster then the unlock your hip flexors.
      I hope it helps you.

  6. Momdar

    I have Left S/I joint issues and had Left knee replacement. Will this program help with these things. Constant pain in S/I and all the Doc wants to do is shoot my S/I with Cortisone which does nothing for the pain.

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