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Welcome to my ‘Total Blood Support’ review where I will unveil the truths about this product and let you decide whether this product is suitable for you or not.

Hypertension and diabetes are two most leading diseases around the world in the recent days. Almost every family has members who are suffering from either of these diseases or both.

These diseases bring about certain restrictions in your diet and snatch the privilege of having your favorite anytime you want. And once you start medications for these, you need to continue them for life in order to maintain a good health.

But are medicines our only shelter?

I guess not! Today I’m here with a supplement called, ‘Total Blood Support’ which deals with your blood pressure and blood glucose levels and gives you an overall health boost.

So, let’s not waste anymore time and dig into the details quickly!

Total blood support review                       

Name of the product: Total blood support

Official website: Click here

Owner: Dr. Brian Wells rating: 3.5 out of 5


  • Total Blood Support is an innovative formula comprised of completely natural ingredients in perfect dose combination.
  • It is free from any toxins or chemicals and is also non-GMO.
  • The enhancement proffers comparatively quick results.
  • You don’t need to do any exercise or follow any dietary regimen while using this supplement.
  • Available at a budget-friendly price.
  • The product is manufactured in USA under FDA certified and GMP approved facility.
  • It has no side effects and so is completely risk-free.
  • Comes with a 60 day cash back guarantee.



  • This is only available in the official website
  • Children are not capable of using this.
  • Pregnant or nursing ladies should refrain from having this supplement.
  • Individual suffering from any kind of disease and having any prescribed medicine must consult the doctor prior to consuming it.

What is Total blood support?


Total Blood Support is a complete non-artificial ayurvedic formula which is uniquely made to maintain the optimal levels of blood sugar and also blood pressure.

Unlike The High Blood Pressure program which focuses on decreasing the blood pressure this product is wholistic.

The Total Blood Support is specially designed for people above 40 years as generally people in this age range suffer from hypertension and high blood sugar problems. But this does not necessarily mean that this is strictly only for them. Anyone having these problems can use this to get back their healthy body.

The incorporated vitamins and minerals in this supplement help to improve your overall health along with enhancing your everyday performance by balancing the levels of all three important body parameters (glucose, pressure and cholesterol).

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Total Blood Support Ingredients

As far as the ingredients are concerned, the enhancement realities still does not seem to be unveiled. Notwithstanding, the group at AS Nutrition have indicated that Total Blood Support may include:

Vitamin C

A generally praised nutrient, vitamin C, is believed to bring down glucose levels because of its cooperation with certain enzymes of the body. Not just that, a few investigations have discovered it to be similarly as viable at diminishing blood lipid levels.TOTAL BLOOD SUPPORT REVIEW

With regards to blood pressure levels, it guarantees that the body is liberated from abundance liquids, which may decrease such levels. With respect to its safety level, maximum 2,000mg every day can be consumed. Note that much else can bring about loose motion.


White Mulberry Leaf

White mulberry is a kind of tree (additionally passes by the name Morus alba) whose integrant are gathered for natural medication purposes. With regards to directing glucose levels, this individual fixing contains Deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), which purportedly restrains the intestine from absorbing starches.

It may likewise have an influence in the amount of insulin production, which is a hormone liable for adjusting one’s glucose levels.

Ultimately, selected examinations that took a gander at the impact of mulberry leaves on blood pressure levels found that it assisted in reducing it. This is considered conceivable in light of DNA’s capacity to hinder the angiotensin-changing over catalyst (ACE).

Concerning its security, mulberry leaf utilization is trusted as being basically sheltered. But, taking an excessive amount of it can prompt unsteadiness, queasiness, and constipation.


Chromium is normally available in blood support supplements as a result of its capacity to improve the body’s reaction to insulin. This fixing is crucial for those determined to have diabetes, as it can assist with lowering glucose levels.

Additionally, note that blending chromium with insulin infusions can cut down glucose levels, which can have contrary influence. Like the three previously mentioned fixings, chromium additionally has an imperative function in maintenance of blood pressure levels.

Maximum 1000mcg every day is typically suggested. Nonetheless, long haul utilizes need assessing.



Zinc is a kind of mineral which has been seen to ameliorate blood glucose levels and fasting insulin conceivably. Level of fasting insulin is fundamental in assessing insulin affectability (i.e., the way cells react to insulin).

For this situation, high affectability would suggest that body cells are promptly spending glucose, whereas low affectability infers the incapable utilization of glucose. Accordingly, a fasting insulin level of below 100mg/dl is viewed as ordinary, while 100 to 125mg/dl and surpassing 126mg/dl specify pre-diabetic and diabetic health condition sequentially.

At last, it is essential to shoulder as a primary concern that a zinc lack can likewise prompt hypertension. This is principally on the grounds that the kidneys experience changes to how they manage sodium inside the body. All things considered, close to 30 mg for every day is suggested for ingestion purposes.

Other ingredients include:

  • Niacin
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B3, B6 & B12

How do you take total support?

It’s sufficient for individuals who prefer to keep their pressure levels sound by utilizing Total Blood Support to take 1 tablet of this enhancement daily, with any beverage and prior to having meal. In a matter of seconds, you will be stunned by the outcomes you are accomplishing, as you will not anymore feel bleary eyed or incapable to carry on with your everyday life.

Additionally, you will feel more joyful, as Total Blood Support likewise uplifts your mood. Indeed, people who have an awful wellbeing history can take this enhancement with no issue.

Actually, it’s suggested for them to do as such, as they will definitely get back their healthy body again, and all without putting forth any extra effort. Obviously, a perfect way of life is empowered when utilizing this supplement, so having the nourishments that are just beneficial for the body and in some cases being sporty are exhorted, but not obligatory.

Total Blood Support grants much better outcomes while its buyers are also cautious with themselves as well.

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How does Total Blood Support work?

Total Blood Support supplement works by maintaining certain blood components and improving the overall health.

It influences our whole health by the following ways:

  • Controls the blood pressure level

This supplement aids in proper shrinking and relaxing of the vessels with no tearing which helps in keeping the vessel health intact. Hypertension causes blood to flow faster than normal which is harmful for arterial health. But this supplement fights against high blood pressure and maintains the natural function of the body.

Controlled blood pressure level helps to keep your heart healthy and shelters you from heart diseases.

  • Controls the blood glucose level

The ingredients included in this supplement helps in improving glucose tolerance along with balancing blood sugar in a safe way.

It works to enhance the insulin sensitivity which consequently works to reduce blood sugar level. Controlled blood sugar saves you from developing diabetes and also prevents diabetic complications.

  • Reduces bad cholesterol level

High level of LDL is bad for heart health as it can form clog in the arteries supplying blood to the heart and increase the risk of heart attack. Total Blood Support keeps the level of cholesterol under control and maintains the perfect rate of blood supply to the heart.

Moreover, it increases the amount of good cholesterol.

  • The fixings used in this supplement works to enhance your stamina and energy which uplifts your daily work performance.
  • It aids in uplifting the body metabolism which helps in burning the extra fats in your body and also enhances energy level.

Science behind

The ingredients used in this supplement are certainly backed by science and are wonderfully beneficial. Let’s look at their scientific bases:

Claim: 1 – Vitamin C is said to help maintain blood pressure level.

A study showed that vitamin C assists with reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. It also aids in keeping the triglyceride level optimal. And consequently helps in improving the heart health which reduces heart disease risks.

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Claim: 2 – White Mulberry leaf work to improve body’s blood pressure and glucose levels

Mulberry contains certain chemicals which works just like some of the medicines utilized for controlling type-2 diabetes. It lowers the breakdown rate of sugars, as a result of which their absorption rate in the gut also decreases. In this way it helps to maintain blood glucose level.

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Claim: 3 – Chromium affects the body’s response to insulin

Different studies showed that chromium has significant effects in reducing the body’s triglyceride and blood sugar levels.

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How much does Total Blood Support cost?

Below are the details of Total Blood Support costs:

One bottle– $59 on discount (Real price $99)

Three bottles– $49 per bottle, total $147

Six bottles – $44 per bottle, total $264

There are 60 tablets present in one Total Blood Support container, which implies an individual who buys one container will have sufficient amount of the enhancement for 2 months. The Most Popular Package is ideal for the individuals who need to ensure that their pills will never be used up, while the Best Value one is suitable for the grandparents and guardians in the family.

Since the item is accompanied by a 60 day cash back promise, individuals who are not content with the manner in which it works for them may request a refund on their buy.  However, it should be within 60 days of order placement.

Prior to returning the product, you require to communicate with Total Blood Support client assistance. In case they don’t reply within 6 days, you need to contact their customer service again.

This enhancement is manufactured by ‘Applied Science Nutrition’. MZF group Inc. is known to be the owner of this company. Contact details are given below:

Address: 85 Queens Wharf Road Unit 3901, Toronto Ontario M5V 0J9

Email address:

It can likewise be reached by calling at number: +1 (856) 485-9183

Total Blood Support is not available on Amazon or elsewhere on the web, except the item’s official site. It’s additionally not accessible in drug stores or at retailers.

It’s 100% protected to put in a request on the official website. After the client’s information has been given in the order placement segment, the enhancement will show up at the given address in 5-8 business days.

The individuals who need to maintain wholesome body should rush to purchase this enhancement in light of the fact that the stocks on it are running low staggeringly quick, and as the mystery fixings in the recipe are gathered from different places around the world, new stocks may require some time to become available.

Furthermore, there are stunning deals for Total Blood Support right now as well.


Total Blood Support Real customer reviews

Till now ‘Total Blood support’ worked for 21,565 people around the world. Here are some examples for you:

  1. “After taking Total Blood Support for just a little while, my blood pressure tests have consistently been around 120-130.” – Elizabeth
  2. “I have been using Total Blood Support for about 3 months…and I have managed to keep my blood pressure within optimal limits.” – John Anderson
  3. “My siblings are I are so relieved now that we know our parents are maintaining their healthy blood pressure levels” – Amber


Does Total Blood Support really work?

Total Blood support supplement is certainly not a scam and is proved to be incredibly good for your body.

There are loads of positive comments in the internet regarding the amazing improvements done by this supplement. It worked for many people around the world.

Other than this, the ingredients used in this are scientifically proven to be healthy and contribute to the maintenance of healthy blood pressure levels.

So, I rely on Total Blood support. Will you?


‘Total Blood Support’ is an incredible dietary supplement that is wonderful for your health.

Uncontrolled blood pressure and blood glucose level can lead to severe disease which can cause harm to our internal organs and decrease their functional capacity. So, it’s important to work on the origin of the dangerous health conditions and control them by taking necessary measures.

People above 40 are generally vulnerable to these diseases and hence should look after their health with utmost concern. Using supplement like Total Blood Support will help you to improve your health by keeping all these blood parameters in the desired level.

It’s high time you become cautious about your health and immediately start using ‘Total Blood Support’ supplement. And also don’t forget to tell me if this supplement has started working for you!

            >>Try the ‘Total Blood Support’ supplement risk free for yourself<<

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  1. Katrina Curry


    This supplement sounds like it might help a lot of people out there. Are there any known side effects yet? That’s the only thing I sometimes worry about with supplements, especially when they’re new. I’m not sure how long this has been on the market, but sounds like if there’s no side effects, it could help a vast majority of people.

    You are right in that most of the world now has high blood pressure, or diabetes. It’s sad, but that’s where our bodies are headed. We’re not meant to ingest the amount of salt and sugar in most of the foods today. Especially processed foods. It’s sad, but we’re headed in a direction that’s just not good for our health. It scares me honestly, especially since diabetes runs in my family. But, I try to stay away from too many sweets and processed foods. Hopefully in the long run, it helps.

    Thanks for sharing this review.


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey katrina

      Yes the supplement can be helpful and for the people who have used it they have not had any side effects. Ofcourse this would depend on a person’s body.
      I am sorry to hear that your family has diabetes and hopefully you can be able to avoid this for yourself. As far as you are on the right path.

  2. Karen

    It looks like you’ve misspelled the word “realy” on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. I’ve used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


  3. John

    In case you didn’t realize, the word “becane” on your site is spelled incorrectly. I had similar issues on my website which hurt my credibility until someone pointed it out and I discovered some of the services like or which help with these type of issues.

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