Top 5 vegan face cleansers- Most essential choice for vegans

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Over the years it has been said that vegans or vegetarians smell better than omnivores or carnivores and this has vegan face cleansersalways been top news. According to vegans tend to have even better looking and healthy skin.

This is as a result of the less harmful effects of the vegan ingredients. This is also the reason more and more people are turning to vegan face cleansers for reaching skin beauty and the like.

The good news about this is that there are many options to choose from for the vegan range for face cleansers as more and more cosmetic companies, like Woolworth are starting to focus on vegan products.

Not many people are aware of so many face cleaners which are great vegan products. This is the reason why in this article I will be focusing on the top 5 vegan face cleansers which are great to use.

Vegan face cleanser quality

vegan face cleansers




When it comes to choosing a good and legit vegan face cleanser it is vital to ensure you look for the essential aspects.

The essential aspects are generally whether it has the right certification and how long has the product been in the market and has it really worked?

The last two questions are basically what you will need to check reviews online or look for people who have used and check from them.

The certification is are just like you will look when searching for best vegan make up and here is the criteria:

These three organizations are the most recognized brands all over the world so you will be assured that you are using a legit brand when it has at least one of these associations.

This is the same with any vegan face cleanser you choose to purchase.

To help you find some of the best vegan face cleansers I will give you a list of the best brands that have all the criteria that I talked about (vegan certifications, good reviews online).

This will save a lot of time in going to validate your vegan face cleansers. Please note that these are not in any order, they are just a list of the top 5 vegan face cleansers.

1. S.W. Basics cleanser


If you are looking for anything organic in terms of face cleansers then you should definitely look into S.W basic cleanser which is one of the best vegan products.

This brand has 5 flavors to choose from:

  • Pepermint
  • Lavender
  • Orange Blossom
  • Rosewater
  • Floral water set

2. Murad Essential C cleanser

Vitamin C is very good for your skin and it makes the best vegan face cleanser product.

The brand which was created in 1989 has been hydrating dry skin for all these years. The face cleanser is filled with vitamin E, A and C.

3. Juice beauty blemish clearing

Are you suffering from acne?

Well Juice beauty blemish is your best bet for fixing your skin and it works fast.

Unlike other acne face cleansers which dry the skin and damages this one has juices which ensure your skin stays super strong.

4. First aid beauty pure skin foaming face cleanser

This brand caters for almost all skin ranges and skin types for people and it also has many types of flavors.

First aid beauty foaming also caters for all cosmetic needs from make-ups to moisturizers and lip care so this is the reason why it is very popular.

Their products are generally amino acids derived amino acids which is good for almost many types of skins.

5. Arborne Advanced smoothing facial cleanser

If you are one of the people who usually struggles with take off your make-up properly before going to bed then you should look into this vegan face cleanser.

This skin care company which started in 1980 bases all its products on botanical principles which is very good and not harsh on the skin.

Final thoughts

vegan face cleansers

When it comes to looking after your face it is very important to focus on products that will not be harsh on it as it is the most delicate and visible feature.

Vegan face cleansers are proving to be the future for most people as they have less harmful ingredients then their animal counterparts.

The key in choosing the right vegan face cleansers for your skin depends on many factors such as your skin type and what application you need it for.

But before you decide on which type of vegan face cleanser you want you need to look if it is vegan certified or not otherwise your efforts will go in vain.

The face cleansers should have at least three of the vegan worldwide associations like the PETA, or the Vegan society UK.

After finding one of these certifications ensure you go for quality brands like the S.W. Basic cleanser, First Aid Beauty pure skin foaming, Murad essential, Juice beauty blemish and arbornne.

These are the well-known products that work well and you can try them and see how well they will work for you.

I hope this article was beneficial to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to add them below, I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Tracy

    Thanks for the great read. I’ve recently given up meat in hopes to eventually become vegan. I had no idea that there was vegan facial wash and as a 42 yr old woman who is attempting to be more conscious about skincare and the foods that I eat this article has come at a pretty great time. Sometimes I find myself too lazy or tired and don’t thoroughly wash my face before bed which I know will catch up with me later. Thank you for breaking down the different types of vegan cleansers, I now know that the Airborne Advanced Smoothing Cleanser would be the best for me.

    I’ve learned a great deal with the information you’ve provided, thank you


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Tracy,
      Thank you very much for you feedback. I would advice to check one of these facials and I assure you they will benefit you a great deal since you are lazy to wash your face.
      You can apply one just before going to bed. The good thing is that you can only apply this once a day or twice a week as it will be go a long way.

  2. Nate

    I did not know that there are vegan face cleaners. These are great to share with friends.

    You mentioned the can be purchased at Woolworth. Do you know if Amazon has a big selection or any selection of vegan face cleaners?

    Thanks for educating me today on this topic. Very nice review.

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