Tone your tummy review- Read this before you buy

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Welcome to my tone your tummy review where I will be sharing what I really found out about the program.

If you are looking for something to just get you excited I am sorry this may not be the right place for you because with my reviews I always make sure to stay unbiased.

The more I do my research the more I discover that more and more people are suffering from belly fat then before.

This is all due to how we live our lives in this day and age where everything is in a rush and we end up not having time for the essential things for ourselves like our health and our loved ones.

The worst thing is that a new study written in has determined that belly fat can lead to the attack of the pancreases.

This is now made worse by the fact that there is the coronavirus which could add more salt to the wound as it attacks a weak immune system.

Tone your tummy is a program promising to help you flatten your stomach in no time and many people seem to be going crazy over this program.

So the question is: Does the program really work or its just those normal scam programs that need to be ignore? Well as always with my reviews I am here to do the dirty working of digging.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the program.

Tone your tummy review

Program name: Tone your tummyTone your tummy review

Website:Click here to visit website

Creator: Todd Lamb

Price: $37 rating: 3 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural program (no side effects)
  • Easy and simple to follow
  • The creator is real and well-known in the health and fitness industry
  • Money back guarantee
  • Less extreme exercise and diet plan to follow


  • Only available online
  • Story is too hyped and not authentic

Tone your tummy overview

Tone your tummy review

The tone your tummy program is a natural program which is designed with the mind of using the body energy together with some movements to flatten belly fat.


The program is also a part diet one where the food you eat will help with the whole process of fat burning in the mid section.

Now the program promises that you will see the results in a short period and more so it says after 5 days you will see the difference.

When I saw this statement in the program I just saw this as one of the main red flags of the program.

Anyone with good logic will know that to lose weight you need to allow time for it to happen. The problem is that most people tend to be gullible with such things without looking further.

But do not worry I am here to do the dirty job for you as I said.

So who is the creator and is he real?

Todd Lamb is indeed a real person and a well-known health and expert and has been creating health programs.

Tone your tummy review

So I am always reviewing weight loss programs I am very familiar with Todd and have in the past reviewed many of his programs.

Todd is an ex-SWAT office and was also a diver in the military where he served many years.

He then decided to quit his job because of lack of fulfillment and embarked on a journey to help people with health and fitness issues.

The program he says he found it through his friend who told him about how the people in the Village of Napol lost weight with using simple techniques like body energy and diet with tea.

Although there is no way to verify this but I can say that Todd is a real person and we can give this program the credit for that fact.

This is because if a program has a person who is real and we can say it will at least give a customer the satisfaction of a real program.

Normally programs with no people end up being scams and I am talking from experience.

How does the program work?

tone your tummy review

The program works simply by showing you movements that you need to follow so that you can restore blockages that end up rectifying the energy core in the body.

These are principles similar to yoga and based on ancient yoga practices.

The core in your body is the center of how the body actually moves your energy about.

This means that by strengthening the core you will be allowing energy to be transmitted and thus giving your belly more strength to get back to its size according to the program.

To make this happen you will be doing movements which will help unlock this and you will have to follow a 3 phase part of the program such as follows:

  • Recon phase
  • Alpha phase
  • Charlie phase

These are all done through videos step by step so that anyone can do it.

You will also be getting a tea which is said to work well with your work outs of the movement phases that I mentioned above.

Not only that but you will also need to follow the right nutrients in food you eat which will be focused on balancing the core of your body.

All these components are said to be done together to achieve the results of the program.

What are the features of the tone your tummy program?

tone your tummy review

Before purchasing any program it is always good to know what you will be getting as this will help you check if it is worth your money or not.

Here is what you will get when you purchase the program:

  • The main manual

This is the manual you will get all the information related to how flat belly works and also how to make your diet and to follow the exercises.


  • 2 week Quick start guide

If you feel like skipping all the information talking about the theory in the main manual this is a perfect guide which helps you find the actionable steps.

  • 21 Day rapid loss meal Plan

You will get a very organized plan for how you will structure your breakfast and lunch to help burn fat.

  • Nutrition guide

Here you will learn the best minerals and vitamins you need to be consuming on daily basis.

  • Workout calendar

You will be following an exercise routine which you will be needing to put it down on a calendar. This to help track your progress along your journey.

Here are the bonuses that you will get:

  • Fix and flatten gut health protocoltone your tummy review

You will learn a lot about what nutrients to fix the inside of your organs around your belly to help reduce the fat and energy with food.

  • The perfect but solution

When it comes the program to help slim your but as Todd feels you are better looking good overall. Here you will get ways to help strength your but to look good and tones.

  • 21 day elite VIP online coaching

You will also be added to his VIP online coaching group which he will be helping you. This is also a private group that is his VIP group on Facebook.

This was one of the key parts I did like because if you do not see the results it will be easy to talk to him.

Normally his group is expensive to join but in this program he gave access to anyone so they can see the results through the group and decided if they like it further or not.

You will basically be with like-minded people looking to loose weight too.

Science backing of the program?

tone your tummy review

Here is where I do all my research about the claims that are written and said in the program. This will help us know if we are dealing with facts or just opinions ( as known as lies).

  • “Body energy flow imbalance causes fat belly”

According to a study and research from the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health the imbalance of energy does cause weight gain.

However, the energy they focus on is that of food a person eats and how much energy they expend or take out. says the same thing as the US national Library that energy is that associated with food and exercises.

Intergrityandcoachingandtraining has the same view as the program. It says that imbalances in the body have been found to be the cause of weight loss.

It further says these imbalances can be balanced by using chackras which are done in ancient East India. This chakras as said to be regions connected to each organ in our body.

The verdict

tone your tummy review

This is probably the part you have been waiting for right?

So the program is not a scam however I will say that here there are a lot of false advertising on the programs’ part so that is why I didn’t give it a huge rating.

Todd tends to hype it too much with promising quick results and a far-fetched story. If you have a program that works one needs to not hype it to the point that they lie.

Anyway here are the reasons I say the program is not a scam:

  • The program has a real person

It is good to follow a program which you know the person is real so you can be ale to get to them when things do not work.

  • The creator is reputable in the health industry with his programs.

Although being reputable doesn’t always mean the program works but if you compare Todd’s other programs like the Flat belly fix you will see that this one he did over and beyond to make sure the customer benefits.


  • Program is backed by science on its claims

Although science was not always 100% with the claims of the program we saw that the ancient methods of yoga and chakra do agree with what Todd says works in this program.

  • There is an online VIP coaching package

Look, if he wanted to scam you on this program he would not be wanted to be seen. Here he even offers his services so you will see him in action helping you.

This is unlike any of his other scam programs which I have reviewed in the past as he goes beyond helping the customer.

Final thoughts

Fat belly is one of the biggest concerns amongs people who are looking to have a good and healthy life.

The problem is that this part of burning fat belly is the hardest to achieve it would take a long time to achieve.

Tone your belly fat is a program which promises to rid you of belly fat in no time with its exercises and diet plan.

Now, I do not believe that this can be achieved fast because belly fat is the hardest and I do think you need to work for this program to achieve the results.

But then again you may have to check for yourself what I mean. This can be checked easily because Todd Lamb offers you to try the program risk-free for 60 days so you can check if it is for you or not.


I hope you enjoyed this post of the tone your tummy review and I hope you benefited from this. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be more then happy to engage with you.

Tone your tummy review

Creator has gone all out to help by lacks authencity

Although the program is not a scam and the creator goes above and beyond to help there are still some information which is not 100% true

Reader Comments

  1. Partha Banerjee

    Hi Thabo,

    Great review as always.

    I completely agree that toning or losing belly fat is one of the biggest concerns that most people have.

    Unfortunately, there’s no real way to “spot reduce”, so it’s pleasing to see that the program is at least discussing nutrition and full-body exercise techniques.

    However, I’m glad that you agree that Todd can be a little “over-the-top” shall we say with his claims and hype.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Partha

      Toning, exercise and diet will always be the number 1 reasons people lose weight. These aspects need to be done on a consistent basis so results can be achieved.

      Good that you can also see what Todd is like and I know since I have reviewed many of his programs.

  2. Ivan

    Thanks, Thabo, for sharing your unbiased review of Tone Your Tummy. I like the fact that the program has the real person behind it. Also, a money-back guarantee is another reassuring fact. I too believe that the real strength comes from the core and this program looks like a great way to get in shape the right way. Thanks again for sharing and keep up the good work.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Ivan

      Great to have you back

      Yes the program focuses on fundamentals and that is why it passes most ticks when it comes to burning belly fat.
      I am glad you are finding the program and website useful

  3. Lawrence

    Interesting review. To be fair for only $37, Tone your Tummy does sound as though it could have some value, especially because Todd is recognised in the industry.

    I agree that it makes you wary because of the over-hype and quick result promises. But it also makes me curious because of the reasonably low-price. Is it full of upsells?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Lawrence

      Yeah it is a questionable one in some parts. Yes there are upsells which I saw in there however he does not push it to your face if you do not need it.
      He also has a group on Facebook for this

  4. Russ

    Great Article. I myself suffer with being relatively slim but having belly fat (due to alochol Iwould imagine). There are so many products and reviews out there, however i foun yor review very informative and truthful. Great work.

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