The venus factor 2.0 review-the truth Exposed

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You may be wondering if the Venus factor 2.0 actually works or if it is worth your time and money and you will be happy to know that today I will be unloading this for you.

The program which was created by John Barban is new version of his version 2 fat loss. Today I will do the Venus factor 2.0 review leaving no stones unturned.

In this review I will tell you about how the program works and also I will talk about pros and cons and also regarding science backing.

The aim of this review just like with all my weight loss reviews is to help you make your own informed decision after seeing all the information and facts.

Without further ado let’s get started.

The Venus factor 2.0 reviewThe venus factor 2.0

Program name: Venus factor 2.0


Creator: John Barban

Price: $37

Veganweight rating: 4.7 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • It is a natural program
  • The program is simple to follow
  • Money back gaurantee


  • Focused specifically at women
  • Program is digital only
  • The program requires intense dedication to say the least
  • Sales video may be a bit too hyped

What is the Venus factor program?

The Venus factor 2.0 is basically a weight loss program for women who are looking to do this naturally with a unique method.

Unlike conventional programs which focus on diet and exercise to make your body lose weight this program uses a system to focus on a specific hormone to help you lose weight.

This hormone is called the leptin which works to help you lose weight.

The program really does make some bold statements like” the leptin hormone is what you need to manipulate to lose wight forever”

so we will be seeing if this is actually true or not.

So who is the founder?

The venus factor 2.0 review

Like with all my reviews I make sure to dig deep into the founder so that I know if we are dealing with a scam or not.

I do this because most programs hide the creator and make it hard for us to know who is behind the program by using fake avatars and fake people like the heart burn no more program.

Luckily I do all the dirty work of digging for you.

In the Venus factor 2.0 program the founder is John barban  (shown on the right) and upon research I was able to find that the man does exist and he is actually well-known in the health industry.

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Not only has he created this program but has made other helpful programs like the Adonis Golden Ratio.

Besides having a Masters in Human Biology for the University of Guelph he is also an expert in physiology

This tells us that the program is no hiding anything from us at all.

The program passes the first phase of the authenticity check however just because the author is visible doesn’t mean that it is actually legit or works.

We still need to dig deeper into the program to see other aspects that will make it legit fully.

How does the program work?

The Venus factor system is step by step weight loss workout procedure which you need to follow for 3 months to burn the fat that is clogging your body.

The core of the program is that it basically works to get rid of leptin resistance which is believed to be the main driver of weight gain.

The venus factor 2.0 review

In the program you will be using methods which focus exclusively on lowering leptin resistance.

These methods will include you not eating sugary foods like sweets and certain types of chocolates.

Not only is this focused on diet and exercise but also on how to manage your emotions when it comes to not eating the bad food.

The tools you will get will be aiming to make you take control of every sphere of your life from emotional to physical.

You may also find that the exercise they do will be more focused on attacking the fat by inducing more muscles in your body.

What are the features of the program?

So what do you get when you purchase the program? Well lets find out

The venus factor 2.0

  • The Venus factor 2.0 manual

When you purchase the program you will get a 180 page manual book from where you will be following this program.

Although the pages are not too long the reading can be a be extensive because you are reading all the basic information about how a person gains weight.

  • 12 week Venus factor workout videos

Here you will get videos when you purchase the program which have exercise components to follow.

I think John did a great thing to include this as many other programs only leave you to read and figure out how to do the exercises with just an ebook.

  • The Venus factor virtual nutritionist

This is probably one of the most unique things the program has. You will basically have an app which tells you how to eat and what to eat and when.

This is the mind aspect which the program is trying to help you manage your emotions of your habits.

The program believe people gain excessive weight due to the fact that they find themselves not being able to master their own emotions which leads to habits of eating unhealthy snacks.

  • The Venus community group

This is just a cherry on top for this program. You will be able to interact without like minded people who are looking to lose weight or who have lost weight.

This can help a lot in times when you feel less motivated.

Does science really back this program’s claims?

The program makes some pretty bold statements when it comes to weight loss and today I will be looking deeper to see if these claims are actually true or not.

  • “Leptin resistance cause weight problem “

According the leptin hormone is the main culprit when it comes to obesity and it causes many people to not be able to lose the weight that they want.

More than this people who lose weight always find that the weight comes back again and the main culprit is the leptin hormone.

  • “The food you eat can affect the leptin hormone”

This bold statement from the program is quite validated by healthline which says that the food you eat like processed food can actually cause inflammation which is directly linked to affecting leptin resistance.

As you can see that science in the program is quite legit and is confirmed by some big medical and health experts and research so the program is doing a good job with this.

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Who is the program for?

Venus factor 2.o review

Now just because you see that a program says it can help you lose weight it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone or for you and this program is certainly like not for everyone

I will also and talk about the people who will benefit from the program and those who have benefited from the program:

  • Discipline and looking for the long term

If you are a disciplined person who knows how to stick to a program until the end this program is for you when it comes to losing weight.

Most people who reported to benefit from the program pointed out that they had to work hard for period to see the results.

  • If you have weight problems which are not too excessive

Now truth be told that this program is not a solution for every weight loss issue. If you are facing chronic weight or obesity it is better to go to a specialist to help manage and get rid of your weight.

This program can only help if you condition is not chronic.

  • If you have time after work to follow the steps in the program

Another major things is that the program will require your time at least once a day so if you are busy this program is certainly not for you.

You are better offer with another program. You can check out my other programs which I reviewed here.


The verdict

Now finally the answer you may have been anticipating is if the program is worth it or not right?

Well considering many factors the program has a lot going for itself and the creator really did a great job.

It seems that the women weight loss programs are certainly worth the money as the creators really dig deep and are usually health experts.

This is the reason this program works well and has been working well for many women all around the world.

Here are the reasons it is legit and works:

  • Science backing of claims

The claims that the program make about leptin are very valid and I have also talked about these in many of my posts so if you have been following me you will realize that this is true.

  • Many testimonies only

There are many testimonies online where people are raving about the effectiveness of the program.

This makes it very easy for anyone to see that this program works and it is legit.

It is not like other weight loss programs which only have testimonies on their website or sales page.

So here you go the systems works for those who are willing to work it.

So are their any better alternatives for this program?

In my experience I have never found one however their is a weight loss program which is quite new and works well as well.

This would be the only alternative I know of and its name is called the Cinderella Solution program ( which is for women only too).

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Final thoughts

When it comes to looking for weight loss programs the best bet is to look at reviews which are unbiased and will have no self-interested and it was the case with this Venus factor 2.0 review.

Since I have reviewed many weight loss programs I can safely say that the Venus factor is one of my top picks because it has all the essentials to guarantee it working.

This includes its science claims (of the leptin) being valid and also having positive testimonials (which are real BTW)

The program works in a 5 process systems which needs to be followed step by step to achieve your weight loss goals.

The system focused merely on lowering leptin Resistance, which is the main driver of weight gain for women, so you can lose weight quickly.

Although it may sound like any easy and quick fix it is definitely not a quick fix at all.

The program will require that you be dedicated and to work hard for at least a few months to see the results.

Although the program is legit and authentic I would say that their is another alternative if you find this program is not for you as a woman and this program is the Cinderalla Solution.

However if you would like to test the Venus factor program you can basically click on the link below and see for yourself.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any question or comments to add you are mopre than welcome top leave them below.

The Venus factor 2.0 Reveiw

Women focused and very effective weight loss program

If you are dedicated and are a patience female who is looking to lose weight you can never go wrong with this easy to follow program which works at fixing the core of the weight loss problems.

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  1. Paulina

    Thank you for this review it has all the information about the venus factor 2.0!
    And I have a question maybe you will know if they also have support or a way to contact someone if during the program I have any questions?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hello Paulina

      Yes the great thing about the Venus factor 2.0 is that you can contact the actual creator (Carl) and she will personally help you as she is a real person.
      You get them when you purchase the program too.

  2. Joseph Chunta

    Thank you for this review on the Venus Factor 2.0! While I was reading, I appreciate the fact that you took some time to do further research to find how legit this program is.

    Keep up the great work!

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