The underground fat loss manual review-Know the whole truth today

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Let’s face it, you are here to check if the underground fat loss manual review written here is a biased or an unbiased one right?

Let me guess, you are also here to check if this review is even worth your time right?

Well if your answer to these two questions is YES then I want to put your mind at ease that this review will definitely give you this.

So just a quick one, why should you trust me or even spend your time on this review?

Here are the quick reasons why:

  • I was diagnosed with clogged heart arteries in 2010 when I was 20 years old and I had to use natural ways to reverse this condition.
  • I am a sports coach who helps people get healthy and fit on a regular basis so helping people get healthy the right way is my priority.
  • I review health programs daily for my community on this site.

Now that you know a bit of my mission for this review we can start talking about what the underground fat loss manual is.

Most people now days are looking for programs or gyms that will help them lose weight quickly and in a healthy way.

the underground manual review

The only problem is that the majority of the population is looking at the wrong ways of doing this such as going to the gym or using magic pills.

Although these may work but they have many disadvantages such as having to drive to the gym daily and wasting the better part of your time in a gym or using a “magic pill” which will end up giving you side effects in the long run.

The underground fat loss manual aims¬†totally does the opposite of all these conventional systems since it is a fat loss program focusing using what are called “cheat code” to give you the results.

So does this underground fat loss manual really work?

Well that is what you will discover in this short and to the point review.

So without wasting your precious time let’s start.

The underground fat loss manual overview?

The underground fat loss manual review

In this underground fat loss manual review I will start with describing what this program entails:

Product name: The underground fat loss manual

Author name: Matt Marshall


Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee.

Gender: Unisex (Males and females)

What is really the underground fat loss manual?

In essence the underground fat loss manual is basically a fat loss program which aims to cut fat to reach 6-8%.

This fat loss program is opinion based and action based in helping you achieve the best body weight as possible.

The program is 100% online-based which makes it easy to use from the comfort of your home. The program greatly focuses on giving excess fat cutting tips and information on what it is caused by and how best you can eliminate it.

We all know the implications excess fat has on us such a diabetes and cardiovascular disease so if it is not eliminated it can even cause death.

Most people tend to look for ways to lose fat effortlessly without having side effects so this program aims to do this.

More than that this, the programs provides you with great amount of motivation to make this possible in your life so that you can live a healthy life.

What about Matt Marshall?

This underground fat loss manual review will not be complete without talking about the founder Matt Marshall.

Firstly the founder is a real person which should make you feel at ease that you are dealing with a real person.

However just because a program has a real person does not mean that it is legit and you should trust it, there are many other points to consider.

What are the features of this program?

the underground manual review

Now that you know a bit about what the underground fat loss manual review is let’s dive into some features that you will get when you purchase this program.

The reason I am talking about the features is for you to know if this is even worth your effort when you purchase it.

I believe everything you buy must be worth your buck.

The main program

When you purchase the program you will get the manual which includes all the information with guided steps to finish the program.

You download the whole program online and you do not need to purchase any other things on the side like other famous weight loss programs like the red tea detox program.

The manual is divided into 21 different chapters in an effort to make your job easier.

The following are the chapters you will encounter:

  1. A cheat code for getting lean
  2. About the program
  3. Single body digit body fat
  4. Congrats, you are fatter than you think
  5. 100% mental
  6. Normal diets vs BodyBuilding diets vs this method
  7. The first 3 days
  8. Days 4-13
  9. Day 14: The cheat/Refeed day
  10. Day 15-28: The next two weeks
  11. Maintaince mode
  12. A collection of Advanced tips
  13. Magic foods for fat loss
  14. Hunger
  15. Loss of muscles, Loss of cholesterol
  16. Family, friends and other obstacles
  17. Parting words
  18. What I ate preview
  19. Recommended workouts
  20. What I ate preview
  21. Recommended workouts
  22. Recommended supplements
  23. About the Author and Private Invitation.

The above is just a glimpse of the chapters of the underground fat loss manual. So I am sure you can see that it is filled with a lot of information for weight loss and also load of action based steps.

Wait wait wait..there is more.the underground manual review

Matt has taken it a notch and gives you load of benefits just for purchasing the program. I thought to just give you what you bonuses you will get with this program:

  • The 103x Workout program
  • The 60 second hormone fix
  • Ageless abs
  • Matt Marshal’s personal email & phone number

Now let us look at the evidence of the program

Science evidence of the program

1. When it comes to the carbohydrates the program says. “The carbohydrates are very good for your health”.

Upon scientifically backed research by the NHS this is backed up.

The NHS says that carbohydrates are essential for your body in order to absorb the nutrients which would not be absorbed by the body without the carbs.

It also says carbs are great as they help with fat burning since if you did not have it that your body would burn protein and body essential fats.

2. The program also says that High protein is linked to weight gain.

This is also backed. According to a study in 2012 by Livescience the people who ate a diet high in protein were linked to have more weight gain and muscle mass then those who ate less protein.

With this evidence I can say I am happy that the program talks about science evidence which is real and is proven.


The underground fat loss manual review would never be complete without mentioning the positives of the program.

These are the highlights that are prominent when you purchase this program:

  • Easy to follow

This program is very easy to follow due to its simple structure of the manual.

You also get a lot of simple and easy tips to implement instantly for your goals like the drinking of alcohol to burn fat overnight.

  • Independent location

the underground manual review

Since this is an online program you do not have to go to the gym or be forced to travel to a certain place in order to use this program.

Heck you can even do it in your home and at your own time.

  • Real person author


Unlike many healthy programs the underground fat loss manual has a real person behind it and this gives it more of an edge of reliability.

  • Load of bonuses

The underground fat loss review

Unlike any other program Matt Marshall gives you a lot of great bonuses on top of the underground fat loss manual.

You get bonuses in terms of information in the form of e books which enhance the main program for fat loss.

  • 60-day money back guarantee

Since this program has a 60-day money back guarantee you get the benefit of using this program risk free for 60 days and if you do not like it or you do not see any benefits from it you can return it back.

This shows the great belief that Matt Marshall has on this program.

  • Unisex and all ages

The great aspect of this program is that males or females can use this program with ease since it is not one gender specific.

Not only is it fit for all sexes but also for people of all ages.

  • Very affordable

The best part about this fat loss program is that it is budget-friendly which means anyone can be able to afford it.


Now here are the things that me and other reviewers online did not like about this program.

  • No hard copies

You do not have the option of getting a hard copy since they do not sell it. This can be a turn off for people who do not like being in front of a computer, laptop, Smart phone or tab.

of course you can always print it but in terms of getting a proper hard copy you won’t.

  • Information overload

the underground manual review

By purchasing this program you are mainly overloaded with information since the main product is the manual.

If you are a person who is not too fond of reading it can demotivate you. It would be better if they had an audio of some sort.

The bonuses are also a lot which can be overwhelming in itself.

  • Hard work and focus

The underground fat loss manual is not a magic book or program/ pill or whatever you call it that makes you cut your fat overnight.

You will first need to be a discipline reader and also be a hard-working person who is willing to follow the steps in the book.

If you can do this you are set for gold.

The verdict

the underground manual review

The underground fat loss manual review was about showing you what this weight loss program is.

The program, invented by a certified personal trainer is a great fit for anyone person regardless of gender or age to meet the fat loss goals.

The program is filled with a lot of fat loss tricks which are very detailed to the core and sex-specific information is also done here.

Is the underground fat loss manual a scam?

It is definitely not a scam. This is because of the following:

  • Science backs most of the claims in the program

As I have shown above with some information I researched it is backed up well which gives me and you the trust we need from a program.

  • Risk-free trial

Another feature which makes the program a lot more trustworthy is the element where you are given time to try the program out for a few weeks.

Let’s face it most program are so quick to take your money and run a way so with this program you are safe since you have this option.

  • Author is real and has proven the results

It is one thing that an author of a program sells a health weight loss program and another where that same author has used it on himself before giving to others.

Matt Marshall has used this program on himself for the results as a real person so that is great relief since other programs have a pen name of the author who has done it. This is an example with the red tea detox program which is still a good program.

  • Compared to other weight loss program

When we compare this fat loss program I have to say it is one the best. For an example the red tea detox program is great for people who want to improve their overall health which includes also weight loss, belly fat, heart health and diabetes.

However, the difference with the underground fat loss manual is that it mainly focuses on weight loss (including excess fat) only.

This makes the underground fat loss a preferred option for weight loss goals.


Final thoughts

Losing weight has always been a huge feat and an almost impossible one too since it involves too many things to consider.

This is the reason 99% of people fail to lose weight despite the efforts,

The underground fat loss manual is not your regular “go to gym” or “drink these pills” to get to your goals however it focuses on getting straight to cutting fats.

When you purchase the program you get given a trail for 60 days to see if it works and if you like the results you can continue with it.

My advice would be to cut to the chase and go all out on those 60 days to make things happen and see the results.

Why am I saying this?

This is because you will be giving yourself a chance to see if it will work and generally you should start seeing a bit of results if you are dedicated person.

Remember this program is for people who are dedicated so if you are not I suggest you look for other options which you think will help you ( which are usually scams because nothings happens with no effort).

On top of getting to your weight loss goals the program will give you great information which will help you well-informed about excess fat and how you can keep it of you for good.

I hope the underground fat loss manual review I did for you was helpful. So what are you waiting for you can start your 60 day risk-free today on think below and find out for yourself what I mean.

If you have any question and comments you can leave them below. I am always happy to engage.

The underground fat loss manual
  • Ease of use and affordability


Easy program to use for the not lazy people as it require hard work and discipline. It is also a great value for money.

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Reader Comments

  1. Jon

    I never heard of this program (for reasons the creator makes obvious!) so thank you for bringing it to my attention!

    As much as I am not particularly fond of fast weight loss programs, I am a fan of iconoclastic out-of-the-box thinking, and this certainly qualifies!

    I think the important thing to keep in mind is that we all respond differently to diet and exercise. That is why one program will change someone’s life, while the same program will turn out to be a complete failure for someone else.

    If nothing else, I think the money-back guarantee takes that into account so good on him for making that offer. That is not something you see every day.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jon

      Yes this weight loss program certainly is out of the box as it is very natural and 100% online.
      Yes it may work for someone so a person needs to try it and be dedicated to see if it works or not.
      I also loved the 60 day money back guarantee

  2. Justin

    Great information on some of the general ideas of weight loss, and what the real truth is. I agree, carbohydrates are needed because they are the body’s first source of energy. The only thing is we just don’t need the simple sugars. I am a gym rat myself when it comes to being active and staying healthy. It is the nutrition and eating though that make up about 80% of losing any weight.

    I think it’s great that a 60 day money back guarantee is offered. The one thing that I personally would have to do though if I purchased it is like you suggested and print the content. I just wouldn’t want to sit in front of the computer that long.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Justin

      Your feedback is very good. As the underground fat loss manual suggest we need the carbs as they are vital for health and weight loss.
      WE are what we eat daily so a person who does not focus on eating well is putting themselves in danger.

      A person like me would enjoy printing the electronic manual as I am not too fond of too much LED lights myself

  3. Angelique

    Interesting article. Also surprising how you can have too much fat even though your body shape doesn’t necessarily show that, as the fat can be hidden “underground” . My BMI is “healthy”, and I exercise regularly but I will definitely check out my (underground) body fat levels soon too.Thanks!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Angelique

      I am happy to hear that you benefited from this underground fat loss review. Yes just because a person is thin it does not mean that they are health at all.
      It all goes back to our diet and our lifestyle habits at the end of the end of the day.
      It is great that you include exercise daily as that is key to keeping your body healthy.

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