The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol Review- What you should know

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Many people have parkinson’s disease and even more of these people find it very hard to get proper help for it even after trying many medications.

According to pubmed this disease is becoming popular by day and it is the main cause of disability. There is a program called the parkinson’s Disease Protocol which has claimed assist anyone natural. Today I will be doing the parkinson’s Disaes Protocol fully check the authenticity of the claims.The Parkinson's Disease protocol Review

Please note that this review is intended to help you make your own decision as far as decided on purchasing this product.

All of this review will be to deep dig into the program with research and provide unbiased review.

Just like with many of my reviews before I will put what my opinion is about the program just as a conclusion of my research.

Without wasting any time let’s get started with the review

The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol Review

Program name: The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol

Website:>>Click for website<<

Creator: Jodi Knap and Steve Peterson

Price:$49 rating: 3 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural program
  • No equipment needed
  • No drugs
  • No subscription fees


  • Not an in depth program
  • Not too much effort put in
  • Not a program or diet to follow for full recovery
  • Price is a little high for information given.

The parkinson’s Disease Protocol Overview

The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol is a natural program which gives you natural ways to eliminate or lessen the development of Parkinson’s Disease.

>>Check out the Parkinson’s Disease Protocol yourself here<<

This is a comprehensive program which is more like a mini course which helps you understand all about this condition of parkinson’s Disease.

The program also to help you reverse the disease naturally in simple ways that any person can do starting from today.

Who is the creator?

Knowing this information is vital when it comes to buy a program. This can help a lot with the authenticity and perhaps the credibility.

The creators are Jodi Knapp and Steve Peterson who say in their video that they cured Parkinson’s Disease themselves using natural ways and a system involving 12 steps.

Having a creator or creators we can refer to is good for us.

So this program does pass the real creator part.

However, we still need to dig deeper.

How does the program work?

Now for the benefit of helping you to understand how this will assist your body it is vital that we look at how the program actually works.

The program essentially makes your body increase dopamine levels in your body which will in turn help reduce the effects of the parkinson’s disease.

The Parkinson's Disease Protocol Review


The program is essentially divided into 4 parts which you need to go through until you reduce the symptoms and eventually eliminate the condition for good.

Here are the four stages:

  1. Dive into Parkinson’s
  2. Parkinson’s treatment
  3. Two steps to delay Parkinson’s
  4. 12 practical daily habits

The program will basically teach you different strategies to increase dopamine which is what is needed for helping decrease Parkinson’s disease.

You will be given strategies for dieting, exercising and how to make your brain powerful and able to stay healthy and stable at all times.

Unlike some other programs it is not a diet focused program nor is it an exercise program but it gives you steps you should take overall to eliminate the symptoms and disease.

You will also see that the practical part of the program is divided into 3 stages and they include the following:

  1. Managing and preventing brain cell deterioration steps
  2. Managing dopamine levels for improving brain health
  3. Focuses on nerve inducing steps which will help the whole body stay strong

What are the features of the program?

Now it is vital to look at what you will actually get upon your purchase so you can be able to know if it is worth your investment or not.

So this is why I never left this part out of my review.

>>Try out the Parkinson’s Disease Protocol<<

As soon as you purchase this product you will be sent an email so you can start the download of the PDF

Here is what you will get:

  • PDF of the Parkinson’s Disease Protocol.

You will merely get the PDF manual which you will be using throughout the use of this program.

I will talk about what you will learn in this manual step by step:

  • The first part and second part

In the first and second parts of the book you will be mainly learning about the background of the Parkinson’s Disease so you will know where it originally comes from.

This will include things like family history and age etc.

These parts will be mainly theory so no practical actions will be done here.

  • The third chapter (part)

This part is where you start learning about the Parkinson’s Disease Protocol you are introduced to some steps that you need to help you start reversing the condition.

Here you will need to start taking daily action following steps you are given.

  • The fourth chapter

The fourth chapter is basically all about the daily habits which will ensure you reverse the condition and be able to live without it or keep it away from your body for good.

What does science say about the claims of the program?

Here is another part that I will never leave as it is vital to know if these methods are actually true according to research.

I will look at a few claims that the program claim and check with research.

Claim one; ” Environmental toxins causes or contributes to Parkinson’s disease”

According to study done in 2016 it showed a huge correlation of the parkinson’s Disease when the environment where a person lived was toxic.

Here is also a video talking about the toxins and this disease.

Claim two: “Stress reduction can be helpful in controlling the condition and must be done right”

According to several studies and research it was found that stress decreases dopamine in the body and reduces brain receptors.

We can conclude by saying that there is q quiet a bit of good science backing however as far as reversing the Parkinson’s Disease completely I haven’t seen any obvious evidence as far as my research.

The reason I think that to reverse the condition can be near impossible is due to the fact that when brain cells are damaged it will be very hard to reverse the aspect.

Who is it for?

It is also important that we examine whose will be better suited for this program as it will not be for everybody.

This is due to many things such as the nature or content of the program.

The program is suited for the following people:

  • People who are at the beginning of the Parkinson’s Disease.
  • People who think they are starting to have Parkinson’s Disease.
  • People who do not like to read scattered information on the internet.
  • People who prefer to not go to Doctors and use natural programs.

The verdict

Now as I said before that I will not be telling you what to decide at the end of the day. On this part I will just reveal what I think about the program after the deep research I did for the program.

Based on all the research I can say that this program is pretty legit however I wish it was more deeper and made into a full program.

This would make it more useful because there would be steps to follow precisely.

However having said that some people may benefit from this and some may like this way of the program. Here are the reasons why I say the program is legit:

  • The creator is real

The program being created by real creators who have used the principles they provide to improve their lives.

This is unlike other programs I have reviewed like the Red tea detox program and the Heartburn no more program which have no creators.

  • The program is backed by science

The program’s claims are backed by science which means it is likely to work and it is very safe.

>>Try the Parkinson’s Disease Protocol program here<<

Final thoughts

The Parkinson’s Disease has been one of the most growing disease out there because of our modern lifestyle and also the aging process which is leaving many people weak.

The sad thing is that this disease can end up causing disabilities to people and this is the reason why people are looking for permanent ways to stop this condition.

There has been a new program called The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol which promises to reverse this condition or delay it from continuing.

Upon the research I did with the program I found out that the program is not really capable of reversing the condition but only to help delay it a lot.

This is why it is good for people who have just developed this condition or who feel that they have developed it recently.

This program is perfect for that because it shows you simple ways to actually stop it from continuing further.

The program is natural and safe since it has no drugs or medication.

The other aspect is that it is risk free for you since you can use it for 60 days and if you do not notice any changes then maybe it is not for you.

>>Try the Protocol Disease Protocol risk free here<<

I hope you enjoyed the review and I hope you were able to make your own decisions after all my hard work of researching and finding the facts for you.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you like normal.

Parkinson's Disease Protocol Review

Science backed but not thorough

The program is legit but it is not as comprehensive as a program that could help step by step.

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  1. Jeff

    I admire you putting so much effort into helping people with your reviews, so many people are desperate today for relief from their health problems they often invest in many products that really are not going to help them.


  2. marketa

    Hi Thabo,
    thanks for this informative and helpful review. There are so many people trying to make money out of others’ fears and sicknesses these days so it’s really nice to see an honest and non-biased review from you here

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Marketa

      It is no problem. The aim is to make sure people get the right information to make their own choices.
      I am glad you enjoyed the parkinson;s Disease Protocol Review and I hope you can help others know the truth too.

  3. Derek Foden

    I am now 59. With the new herbal medicine for Parkinson I purchased from  Multivitamincare . org  was my only way to get rid of my PD,the herbal formula effectively reversed my condition and alleviated all my symptoms, people are suffering from this Parkinson disease due to lack of information.

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