The end of gout review- Should you trust what they tell you?

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Welcome to the end of gout review where I share with you the unbiased truth that you need to know about this popular program.

Our modern eating and lifestyle has made it nearly impossible for most people to even prevent being victims of such a disease called gout.

According to gout is said to have a prevalence of 0.1% to 10% worldwide and these statistics are increasing daily.

Not only that but says that over 6 million of men age 20 years have been diagnosed with gout.

With new viruses coming into play people suffering from such disease may likely be the ones affected easily among others.

However, there is a natural program which is promising to alleviate you with gout once and for all and this program is called the end of gout.

So the real question is: Does the program really work to truly help you.

Well today I will be unloading everything you need to know so that at the end you can be able to make an informed decision yourself.

As with all my health program reviews I try to be transparent and unbiased as possible because at the end most programs I end up trying for myself so I use this platform as a reference of my research and study of the programs.

Without further ado, let’s get started

The end of gout Review

Program name: The end of goutThe end of gout review

Website: Click Here to visit website

Creator: Shelly Manning

Price: $49

Veganweight rating: 4 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Focuses on eliminating the root cause of the gout
  • Weight loss benefits
  • Easy to follow
  • No exercise needed
  • Unique program
  • Reduces other chronic disease like cardiovascular disease
  • For any age
  • Multi gender usage
  • Creator is a real person


  • Only available online
  • Not too many testimonies online

End of gout overview

The end of gout review

So Gout is basically formed when your body produces high amounts of uric acid when it breaks down substances called purines.

Purines are found in food such as meat, Sea food and poultry and these purines can be in huge amounts in these type of food.

This is the reason people who eat these a lot tend to have gout more than other people. However, the program called end of gout seems to be the solution.


This is natural program which aims to help anyone who is suffering from gout or who is prone to gout to get alleviated.

Most people who have gout end up needing to go to the hospital and have surgery due to this condition. This program claims to help prevent you from the need to go for surgery.

This is because the program claims to help eliminate the root cause of the program once and for all.

The program is quite unique and goes against most conventional methods of eliminating gout but still in a natural way.

Normal knowledge is that gout is produced by the over secretion of the uric acid and the programs found out that it is actually more of the opposite.

Basically it says if the body under produces the uric acid that is the main and most dangerous way of getting gout.

This is the reason the program focuses on helping produce more uric acid.

The program overlooks the exercise for stopping gout and focuses on the root cause elimination. This is mainly through diet.

The program emphasizes on getting the right and proper nutrients and herbs to help eliminate gout.

Who is the creator of the program?

I usually do always make sure the creator is real to validate the program. This helps us be able to eliminate any scammers out there.

So this program does have a real author who has a lot of expertise when it comes to the blood, limbs and skeletal structure of the body.

The name of the creator is Shelly Manning who is a young health professional

She used to work closely with doctors from many parts of the world before the creation of this program.

This made her have so much knowledge that she decided to partner with Blue Hero Health News organization to help people with natural programs instead of drugs given out by normal doctors.

How does the program work?

The program works by a unique way of combining the right minerals and nutrients in food which will work at targeting the gout issue.the end of gout reviee

While most doctors advocate a diet of eliminating foods which cause gout such as too much red meat this program does something totally different.

You will be eating food which is rather focused on fighting the gout. Not only will be this done through food but you will also be drinking special tea which will help in this regard.

Since the creator found out that gout is not so much because the body is over secreting uric acid (contrary to normal belief) she uses methods which are basically help the body secret uric acid which is what is needed to combat gout.

The system is focused on using microbiomes in your gut to help with this process. The food you will eat will be to help your body and its organs to be more targeted at fighting off gout.

This is the reason that in the book you will be learning about all of these microbiomes and also learning about ways to make the gut work for your benefit.

What are the features?

The end of gout review

Before you purchase a program you need to know what you will get. This will also help you know if the program is actually worth your money or not.

Luckily the company has many features which will be worth your while and from what they give you. Here are the things you will get when you purchase the program:

The main manual of the end of gout

This main is what you will be using mainly to help you throughout the journey of this program. You will also be reading the background of gout.

This manual is quite comprehensive since it has absolutely everything needed to be known about how the Author knows will work for eliminating gout.

Here are just a few topics in the manual:

  • What is gout and how it is conventionally understood
  • Natural chemical tools to combat gout
  • Weight and Gut microbiome
  • Active steps to a healthy gut
  • Healthy treats


These are just a few of the topics in the book which you will get. As you can see that the information is heavily focused on bacteria and the gut working to help eliminate and reverse gout.

Science backing

Now to get a better understanding of this program and to see if the claims that the author talks about are actually real and not making them up let us look at the research.

With this research I will check 3 points to see the validity of the program.

  • Gout is caused by under production of uric acid in the body

According to gout is caused by high amount of uric acid in the body if the kidney excretes too little of uric acid or the body produces high amounts of uric acid.

This is in line with what the program eludes. Conventional knowledge only speaks about gout being caused by the over production of uric acid.

  • Use of gut microbiomes to prevent gout

According to in past study and research it was discovered that gout can be reduced by a large amount with the fixing of the gut system like microbiomes.

  • Using herbs to reduce the impact of gout

According to herbs and tea are by the far the best way to neutralize the effect of uric acid in the body as they work to clean the body with their substances.

Below is the video of a Dr confirming the diet part 2.

Healthline also shares the same views for this matter.

The conclusion

As we can see that science does support the claims in the program which means the program is doing something proven to actually work through research.

Most doctors do not talk about such and only look to mask the problem.


The verdict

I know that this has probably the part you have been really anxious about of finding out if the program is a scam or not and if it works or not.

The simple answer for the first question is a big NO, the program is not a scam at all.

I have already explored the reasons but for the sake of clarity I will summary the keys I say this program is not a scam at all.

  • Natural program

There is no harm to you body whatsoever so you will sure befit by using the system with no side effects.

  • The program is well researched and scientifically backed up

As we have seen that upon doing my research I found out that all the claims that you will find when you are reading the book and applying the concepts in the book are all backed by science from health expert researchers.

  • The creator is real

The creator is a real person who has her own book which she has created to help people with her experience and her knowledge.

  • The information comes from a well-known research company

The creator works closely with Blue heron News which is a well-known company that helps people with natural products and programs.

I have reviewed many of their programs and they mostly are always on point and one of them was the High blood pressure program.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

The creator is very confident to the point that she is willing to give you to try the program for 2 months and if your gout doesn’t get better or reversed you can return your money.

Now this program can only work if you have actual gout. If you have other problems such as keep pain from mild arthritis there are other programs for that.

And my # 1 recommendation would be to check out the feel good knees for fast pain relief program which will help in this regard as it is also very natural.

The arthritis step by step strategy is also a great one if you have serve bone problems.

Final thoughts

Gout is one of the well-known disease out there and it is not only specific to old people or to a specific gender but to anyone.

This is because it is all about how your body produces uric acid and that can affect anyone.

Most people end up needing to have surgery which only works to help the problem for a short term.

The end of gout program is a program which goes against conventional curing of the gout as it uses natural methods to not only manage gout but to reverse it if applied fully well as the program suggests.

The program focuses on the use of your gut to help eliminate the problem for the long term. You will learn about what foods to eat to help with this.

The program is not a scam because I did research about it and I did check if it is in line with the big research and science companies to validate the claims.

After lots of research I did find out that this is true and that made me very happy to see that the program is being helpful to people unlike other programs I have reviewed before about this subject.

The good thing is that you can try the program risk free for 60 days and check if it will work for you or not.


Most people who have used it and read the good have really benefited from the program so I am sure anyone who follows can get most benefits of managing gout if not reverse it after a year.

I hope this review of the end of gout was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below. As always I will be happy to engage with you.

The end of gout program review

Easy to follow and well researched

The programs is natural and is easy to follow. It is also well researched for you.

Reader Comments

  1. Louise

    Wow, I knew nothing about Gout until now and what causes it. Your review makes it easy to understand and I like that you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of the programme that you have reviewed. I like that you’ve also referred back to other websites that have covered gout additionally. Really interesting!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Louise

      As always it is a pleasure to be able to give out a review of a unique program which could be helpful to many.
      Yes this site is about transparency. Reference helps the reader know where I get my conclusions to back my claims up.

  2. Partha Banerjee

    Hi Thabo,

    Well I must say that this article and your review in general has certainly opened my eyes.

    I personally have never suffered from gout, but it did seem to be quite prevalent among members of the football team I used to play in.

    And you are perfectly correct, my friends who did seek medical advice were told about the over production of uric acid and that they would need to cut out certain foods from their diet.

    One of them eventually had to have surgery as the condition caused him so my pain.

    It’s quite refreshing to hear another point of view and the evidence you provide appears to be well researched.


  3. Kumponchai

    Hi there,
    A few of my friends have been Gout and they look super suffer. As I knew from them, the main course is about your much food consumption, especially chickens, bamboo shoots, a lot of beer, ginger, and more.
    I have to concern about how to select food with a low Uric Acid. You help me to look after my health.
    Thanks and all the best,

  4. Nataliya

    Great review on the end of gout, I don’t have this problem myself, but if all ever have it, or know someone that needs help with gout.I will know where to refer them to.
    Your article catches all the aspects of gout and makes it easy to decide if your ready to give it a try.
    The fact that it’s actually written by a real person makes it a promising choice.

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