The best vegan ice cream brands for your health- My favorite brands

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Ever since I started a vegan diet I have looked for vegan based foods such as vegan meat brands and vegan chocolates. Those have really been a great alternative to normal foods.Best vegan ice cream brands

However vegan ice cream has always been a mission to get for me maybe because of the exposure I had. It is only now that I have had Proper vegan ice creams.

This is the reason why I will be showing you the best vegan ice cream brands in this article. These brands may not be widely available but with online resources you are good to get them.

Please note that these are in no particular order in the list that I will be providing to you.

Before we start let us look at a easy vegan ice cream recipe

1. So Delicious

best vegan ice cream brands

When it comes to the best vegan ice cream brands So Delicious is always on the top of the list.

As the name compliments what you get by buying it, you will never be disappointed it is Delicious. The reason this option is great is because it is made from different recipes.

They have vegan ice creams made up of the following flavors:

  1. Cashew Milk
  2. Oat Milk
  3. Coconut Milk
  4. Soy Milk
  5. Almond milk

You will also note that they have a lot of variety of sweet snacks such as fudge, cookie dough and dessert etc. which is more than just ice cream.

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What is more?

Normally people worry about cholesterol when it comes to ice cream of any kind. This is where So Delicious comes to play.

This vegan ice cream brand is made with no hydrogenated oil and no cholesterol which was one of the main reasons I fell in love with this brand since the main reason for turning vegan was to unclog my heart arteries.


2. Dream

Best vegan ice cream brands

Dream is an old vegan ice cream brand which was founded in 1971 to give vegans more dessert options. And they have lived to their promise until today.

Although the company did not start out as solely vegan they however were always organic like today which makes them a great pick for vegans and vegetarians.

Just like “so delicious” vegan ice cream brand they have a lot of varieties in terms of how they make their vegan ice cream brands.

The following are their ingredients:best vegan ice cream brands

  1. Rice
  2. Soy
  3. Almonds
  4. Cashews
  5. Coconut
  6. Sprouted rice

3. Steve’s Ice cream

Best ice cream brands

Although Steve’s ice cream brand is not 100% vegan in terms of their products they do have a good range of vegan ice creams.

The ice cream company which was invented in the 1970s is well-known for producing some of the most delicate and company ice creams in the market.

This is due to the fact that they use organic coconut milk for the vegan ice cream options which is one of the healthiest coconut milk.

Here are their delicious vegan ice cream options:

  1. Passion carnivale
  2. Burnt
  3. Chocolate salty caramel
  4. Burnt sugar vanilla
  5. Wild flower honey pistachio
  6. Blueberry lemon ice box cake
  7. Cold brewed cinnamon coffee
  8. Chocolate cherry blossom
  9. Morrocan mash up

4. Ben and Jerry’s

Best vegan ice cream brands

Ben and Jerry’s is another classic ice cream brand which was started in 1978 buy to ambitious two guys (Benny and Jerry) who wanted to give society great tasting products.

With a wide range of flavors such as chunky monkey, Peanut butter half-baked, cherry Garcia and more you are sure to get your best choice of favorite ice cream.

Check out the taste for this ice cream brand below

Ben and Jerry also ensure to have their food GMO-free so that you get the best out of their products while looking after your health.

5. Perry’s Ice cream

Best vegan ice cream brands

Perry’s Ice cream is also another great vegan ice cream brand. Although it also originated in the early 1900 it was not focused on vegan living until recently.

Not only do they sell vegan ice creams products they also are into desserts for vegans.

Looking to make your own vegan ice cream?

Well Perry’s ice cream brand has a lot of vegan ice cream and yogurt recipes for you on their website.

6. NandaMoo

Best vegan ice cream brands

The last and certainly not the least vegan ice cream brand is the NandoMoo which was founded recently in 2004 by a family which was experiencing to give people no dairy products.

This turned out to be a great and trending brand for vegan and vegetarians.

The vegan ice creams are super creamy if that is what you are looking for in an ice cream and most importantly they use non-GMO ingredients.

They use mainly coconut milk to make their ice cream products.

The best thing about NandoMoo is that they are constantly making new flavors for us vegans which makes them a great choice for people who love new flavors.

Recently they have made these flavors:

  1. Marshmallow stardust
  2. Banana caramel crunch
  3. Peach cobbler


Vegan ice cream brands have entered the market in a great storm and more and more vegans are discovering these dairy-free options.

The best vegan ice cream brand for me is the “So Delicious” since they have the most tasty ice creams followed by NandoMoo due to the fact that they are always having new flavors.

The type of brand that you take will largely depend on your preferences when it comes to creaminess or if you enjoy coconut milk or soy.

At first, I use to love products made of soy since that was the only flavor O knew for vegan ingredients.

I hope this article was helpful in showing you the best vegan ice cream brands that you can buy today. If you have any question or comments for me you can leave them below.

I will be more than happy to engage with you about these vegan treats.

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  1. Tamika G

    Thanks for sharing these options. The only one I’m familiar with is Ben & Jerry’s 🙂 Love them! I like to try unusual flavours of ice cream as well so NandaMoo would appeal to me as well. I generally eat regular ice cream so this post helped open my eyes to other options out there. I hope you do a general vegan dessert post, would be interesting to see what makes the list.

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