The best drinks that make you lose belly fat-Noone speaks of these

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Belly fat is one of those conditions that most people do not talk about but ironically it is one of the most prevalent issues for most people.

According to Cleveland clinic people who have belly fat are vulnerable to chronic and life threatening disease like heart disease and diabetes, so finding a solution is worth your while. That is why today I will be showing you the best drinks that make you lose belly fat.

There are many ways to help you lose belly fat so that is why I thought I should do this method since the readers on this site have been asking me about this.

Before we start you may be interested in checking my free guide for helping you lose weight permanently overtime.

Now, let’s get right into it.

Why drinks are effective for belly fat

Before we start with the best drinks that make you lose belly fat I thought it more convenient to tell you way drinks are one of the most effective ways for losing belly fat.

To understand you must first understand that drinks are by far the number aspects which cause belly fat for most people in the first place.

According to Healthline alcohol is the number 1 contributor of belly fat for most men as it fits into the diet category. We all know that diet of any sort is the main cause of any weight gain the body.

Another problem with drinks is that these are things we consume almost all the time as it is easy and convenient to have which can make your belly fat grow more without you noticing.

This is why taking care of the drinks you eat must be the main thing you ensure happens.

Let’s begin with the list of drinks to have.

Lemon water

When you are looking to cut belly fat you need to make sure that your reduce or eliminate the sugar content in your drinks.

This is why lemon water will always be the number one was to help reduce belly fat overtime.

I do want to say that this does not happen overnight as your body needs to get used to not having sugary drinks.

The reason lemon works is because lemon is known as a fat burn by nature. According to a study that was done it revealed that lemon juice and lemon peel can stimulate the liver to drastically burn fat.

To get the best results you need to start your day with a glass of lemon water as this will help your body get pure antioxidants fully.

For even better results you can add a teaspoon of honey in the mix.

Green tea

drinks that make you lose belly fat

Green tea is also another commonly used drink for weight loss as it has catechins which are vital to help your body lose weight.

Green tea is also full of caffeine which is know to help burn fat a lot overtime if it is used properly and constantly.

For the best results it is better to have green tea without sugar at all. So your body will focus exclusively on burning that fat without sugar interrupting with the blood sugar levels spiking up and down.

Cold water

drinks that make you lose belly fat

Now, you may be thinking why in the world must I focus on cold water, isn’t it just water anyway?

yes you are right it is just water however the benefits of actual cold water are amazing when it comes to weight loss.

Studies have shown that cold water can help improve the metabolic rate overtime. This is because as you drink cold water the more you make your body work.

By work, I mean the more energy your body will end up using energy to first warm you up and then do digestion. If this warming up keeps happening over time this will increase the metabolism of the body.

This will then help you lose weight together with belly fat.

Drink with high fiber

This goes without saying that having a drink without fiber will improve your chances because of the way it will help keep you full.

There are many of these however my best recommendation is the one which has good flavor so that it will be easy to sue in your daily life.

The best one I recommend is one which chocolate since people already like chocolate. But not just any chocolate but cacao.

Before you start gasping, Cacao has been well-known for helping you stay healthy as it has fiber content and more antioxidants.

To date one of the best I have seen is called the cacao Bliss which was made by a weight loss nutritionist and it can be good to add in your daily life.

You can check the cacao bliss review I made about it.

Water with apple cinder vinegar

cinder vinegar is one of the most powerful drinks when it comes to having a drink throughout the day to keep your stomach healthy.

Apple cinder vinegar is known to balance the PH in the stomach so that the stomach stays working well. This means that the belly fat will be suppressed a lot during this process.

The apple cinder is also know to help keep your appetite in check so that you do not keep eating. This is due to its added fiber content.

What more could you add?

While it is great to use drinks to help with your belly fat it is vital to know that to get even faster results you may have to do other things.

These things can include having the right diet which will include the drinks I just mentioned above.

Having a holistic approach is what is needed for any fat burn or weight loss as I always say.

The other aspect people add is doing exercises for belly fat which you can find on YouTube or another space online.

However to see results it is better to get something which will make you accountable at all times.

This can be in the form of some personal trainer or some belly fat burning program such as the following:

These are all natural and do not need you to use any drugs or pills.

Final thoughts

belly fat is becoming one of the most worrisome conditions as most people are having lifestyles which cause the belly fat to develop.

Needless to that that most drugs are not good for this for their side effects. It is vital for a person to look for natural ways which will work permanently.

Belly fat burning drinks are some of these items one can use as they are natural.

The best drinks that make you lose belly fat are the following:

  • Green tea
  • Cold water
  • Lemon juice
  • Water with apple cinder vinegar

You can always make these foods more into your own by adding more flavors that you desire to turn up the taste.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was fruitful. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Melissa Janeiro

    Great article! I didn’t know lemon actually helped burn fat! I usually do lemon water with turmeric every morning just to help with a detox I am doing. Glad to know it’s helping with my weight, too! I use ACV to help me digest meals better by taking it right before I eat (diluted with water, don’t want to burn my esophagus lol.) which was recommended by my naturopathic physician! I didn’t realize it was also helping to keep me feel full! Great stuff!

    • admin

      Hey Melissa

      you are actually on the right path keep doing what you are doing and add more. Lemon has always been powerful for weight loss.

  2. Amy Smith

    So many great tips, I can’t wait to start trying them all! The great thing about this is it doesn’t involve a diet as such and just changing what you drink is so much easier.

    thank you for a great article, can’t wait for the next one.


  3. Eco Catherine

    I make a cocoa smoothie once or twice a week. It tastes great and is packed full of antioxidants. Do you think it is possible to eat too much cocoa? Would eating this smoothie every day be bad?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Great to hear you love cocao too and I am happy to hear you know how helpful it is.

      Although great I wouldn’t consume it everyday. I believe everything you eat is better done moderation

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