The back pain breakthrough review- Will this program cure your back pain?

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Welcome to the back pain breakthrough review where I explore the effectiveness of this program for curing your back.

I would like to say that I will be unbiased as possible for your when it comes to this program as I have tried it myself since I have had some back pains lately.

Many people are looking for instant relief from back pain and without any surgery and thus they turn to programs like these for help.The back pain breakthrough review

So the real question is whether the program works or not? This is what I will be revealing for you just now.

I will talk about what you will get in the program and also how it works and also who it is for so you know if it is fitted for you or not.

As I always I will do the science research about the claims in the program to see if they are valid or not.

Without further ado, let’s get started

The back pain breakthrough review

Product name:

Website: You can access it HERE

Creator: Dr Steve Young

Price: $25

Veganweight rating: 4.9 out of 5

What is the back pain breakthrough program?

This is a new and unique natural program which aims to help relief back pain problems for any person of any age using techniques used by a few physiotherapists.

The program is said to provide relief within 30 days of a person who has back pain uses it.

So who is the creator?

Back pain breakthrough review

To check if we can trust the program it is good to check the creator of the program if they exist or not.

Luckily this program has a real person who created it by the name Dr Steve Young. Not only is Dr Steve a real person he is very credible.


He has a degree in Kinesiology. He also has a Doctorate in physiotherapy from Drexel University in Philadelphia in the US.

he also has a clinic of his own where he helps heal people using mostly natural methods and his clinic is called Body Solutions.

This should put anyone at ease that this is a very credible person. Now let us look at the actual program to see if it actually works or not.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides more energy
  • Provides more sleep
  • Natural program
  • You only need 10 minutes a day for this program.


  • Program instruction can be a bit long and comprehensive
  • Not a quick fix

How does this program work?

Now let’s look at how this program work.

The basis of how this program works by the alignment of the spine in the body to get rid of the back pain for the long term.The back pain breakthrough review

The program deals with curing particularly lower back pain more than upper back pain.

The back pain breakthrough is divided into three simple steps which you must follow religiously everyday.

Step 1

You will use Targeted Spinal Release method whereby you will need to dedicate 10 minutes every day which will be mainly to realign your spinal cord.

This will give up immediate relief according to Steve. The good thing about this is that the exercise is super simple ad can be done by any person.

Step 2

You will then need to do quick exercises which are about 20 to 30 minutes. The aim for these exercises is to relief any tightness that you may normally have so that you body and spine can be a bit flexible.

Step 3

The last step is where you do an exercise every time before you sleep which will help your spine get stronger and regenerate.

Dr Steve also recommend doing this extra exercise before doing any task which could likely damage your spine (e.g picking up something or standing on a chair).

What are the features of the program?

Now let’s look at what is in the program so we can check if it is worth purchasing or not. This part will let you see the features and also if they do have any bonuses.

This is basically a manual which is filled with steps to relief back pain. You will learn what causes back pain and how you can prevent it in the future.

Without knowing this that is the reason most people battle with lower back pain for good.


Science backing for the program

“Realigning the spine to relief lower back pain”

According to Verywell aligning the spine along with massage therapy with a few ancient exercises is the best way to relief back problems.

They also say the chiropractor find this method to work the best for people who have had chronic back pain for years.

Although no research says this provides instant relief we can see that Dr Steve’s claims are true according to science and what are back pain relief experts say.

Who is the program for?

Now before you buy a program it is worth knowing who will benefit the most from the program.

I made the mistake of buying the program without knowing it was not going to help my actual problem since I had upper back pain not lower back pain.

Below are people who can benefit fully from this program:

  • People with mild lower back pain
  • People with chronic lower back pain
  • People who are busy and do have too much time to fix their back pain
  • People who dedicated to stick to the program for at least two months
  • People looking for natural way to cure back pain

The verdict

Now this probably what you have been looking forward to knowing in terms of whether the program works or not.

The simple answer is yes the program is legit and it is not a scam at all, In fact I recommend it more than any other back pain relief programs.

Here are the reason why this is the case:

  • The creator is a real person

As you know most scam programs have no person behind and that is the first red flag.

Well with this program Dr Steve is a real person and also he has a lot of great qualification related to this field of back pain as he has his Doctorate.

He is not only qualified but he also owns a clinic which helps people get better health called Body Solutions.

  • The science is backed

If you go online you will see that all health sites talk about the claims in this program working well. As you have seen I have done research to check it for you too.

  • Money back guarantee

With the 30-day money back guarantee Dr Steve has a lot of confidence with his program as he puts all the risk on him and away from the customer.

There is also an alternative program which is also effective which I personally used fully which is called My Back Bain Coach. You can try it and see also if you want an alternative.

Does the Back Pain Breakthrough work?

The Back Pain Breakthrough does work scientifically which is what can give a person who is looking to use it some confidence.

The program is also made with the idea that any person who is looking to put in some simple principles into play will be able to benefit well from this program.

The program is of course going to rely on your habits too so if you ensure good sitting habits and those recommended in the program things can workout better for you.

Final thoughts

Back pain is now becoming one of the most popular conditions in the world due to people having bad encounters at work or during sports or recreation.

The best way to cure the back pain problem is using natural ways and doing away with any drugs since they will have long term side effects.

Dr Steve who is an expert in back pain relief and has his own company/ clinic called Body Solution has developed a program to get rid of this problem (back pain).

This program is called back pain breakthrough which is natural and focuses on realigning the spine with its exercises.

The program has is well researched and it has exercises which are simple and easy to follow by anyone.

The good thing about the program is that it is risk free for 30 days so you can see if it works or not and if not you can return it and get your money back, no questions asked.


I hope this back pain breakthrough review was helpful to you and I hope you benefited from it. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Back Pain Breakthrough Review

Scientifically proven to work

When checking the science we can see the program is shown to work with its principles which gives us good confidence and also that the creator is real.

Reader Comments

  1. Jeff

    This can help many people today with back pain being one of the most common problems for people today, and the investment is very reasonable. I was wondering what are the reviews from people who have used this program, and how does a person know if this program is going to be a good choice for them to try?


  2. Kathy

    I’m glad I found this article as suffer occasionally with lower back pain. I know mine is probably caused by poor posture, and visited an osteopath for several treatments in the past. While they were effective and cured the problem, it’s good to know there are alternative methods. The cost of “backpain breakthrough” is far less than one visit to a chiropractor or osteopath and sounds very promising. I’ll certainly take a look into it:)

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Kathy

      Great to know that your condition is cured and you do not have lower back problem anymore.
      The backpain breakthrough is a process and that is why I said 2 months is reasonable to help cure your back pain.

  3. Lisa

    Hi Thabo,

    Thanks for this article, I am definitely looking to send it onto my boyfriend, he has serious ongoing lower back pain. He’s triggered it by simple things like bending over to pick up a ruler or leaning down and tieing a knot! He only seems to get relief once it happens by immediately applying an ice pack.

    I’m really looking for an exercise program that he can follow, it needs to be something easy to do, with minimal equipment involvement and motivating or he won’t do it. Does this fit the bill? I want to give him the best chance of motivation for success!


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Lisa

      Good to hear your feedback. I am sorry about your boyfriend and his back problem. He can definitely try this program as it is also risk-free for him and does have exercises.

      If not there are plenty of video on YouTube to follow or he can go to a physiotherapist.

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