The amazing you review (2020)- Can this really improve mind power?

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We all dream of having great intelligence and great brain power so that we can be able to accomplish almost anything we want in life.

However, this seems very hard for us to achieve even at if we try for many years. So is there a way to help your brain power to be able to achieve the best? Well a new program called amazing you promise you this and more. So on this amazing you review I will be going in deep and look at it for you.

On this review I promise to be very unbiased and look at the program in every aspect like I normally do to check if their claims are valid or not.

I hope you enjoy my full review. Let’s get started with the review

The amazing you reviewThe amazing you review

Program name:Amazing you


Creator:Marion Neubronner

Price: $39 (reduced price) rating: 4 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • The creator is real
  • The program is natural
  • done by a reputable person


  • I found there was just too much to be done for the 3 weeks
  • If you are not focused it may be hard to see any results
  • Hard to implement if you have a household of noise people

The amazing you overview

The amazing you program is basically a program which helps you to recondition your mind so that you will be able be an over achiever.


The program tells you in depth about how your mind works and how you might have been using it to work against you over the years which has caused you not to achieve your desires.

The program is there to help anyone achieve a goal whether it is weight loss as a woman success or financial freedom etc.

Who is the creator?

As with all my reviews I make sure to give you everything you need to know about the creator so that you can be able to evaluate if the program is likely to work or not.

Needless to say that programs with no visible creators are usually very scammy and people should run away from them at every chance.

With this program the creator is quiet visible. More than this she has a lot of credibility to go with the program that she has created.

Her name is Marion Neubronner who is a psychologist at Havard. As you can see the qualification that she works on these mind studies a lot (basically the all her life).

She is very passionate about the subject of the human mind and is one of the well-known psychologist researcher for the mind at Havard.

This is because she has helped many people achieve success through her techniques which she has been teaching.

Knowing this at least gives us hope for this program. Let’s evaluate more

How does amazing you work?

The amazing you review

Now let’s see how you will use the program to help you improve your life.

The program works by you listening to recording for 3 weeks in order to rewire your mind to its full potential.

Now these are not those YouTube videos which you see that want you to just repeat affirmation all the time which most people end up quitting by the way because it needs will power to do it daily.

This program basically has songs which you will listen to for only 15 minutes per day just for 3 weeks.

The program aims to help you achieve results within a few days (depending on your dedication of course).

After a few days you will see that your thought pattern has changed slightly. When I used it I only needed a week and the results started happening.

Granted I was very focused for 5 days and even over did the 15 minutes (I know ha ha, but I love personal development, that’s why).

Now you will also be doing some reading from the main manual which is called the 21 protocol. This manual is very informative as it will educate you not only about your mind but about your views in life.

Perhaps this part is very important as you will use all the tools in the manual forever.

What are the features of Amazing You?

The amazing you review

Now it is vital to check what the program will give you so you will see if it is worth your money or not.

This program is worth your money when it comes to the payment.

I am not saying this because of being biased but if I look at what I have paid for many personal development programs in the past like unleash your power by tony Robbins and the millionaire mind by T Harv Eker  this program is not even a fraction of their price.

You will get a lot of things with it. And here is what you will get so you can see for yourself what I mean:

  • 21 day remapping protocol

This is the book I was talking about where you will learn all the hacks to literally control your mind to have a healthy and peaceful life.

The book also has a lot of theories about your mind which you will learn and hopefully later on be able to master (ha ha I am not at that stage yet).

  • Sonic Remapping Soundtracks (recordings)

You will also get 3 recording of sound and music to listen to which is the core of the program.

You will need only need 15 minutes per day although you can always repeat if you like. It is said that each recording can be made to listen for 1 week.

  • The workbook

Ready to write and document your journey and more?

Well this part is where you can be able to do this. This is basically the added exercises you will be doing on top of the main manual (the 21 remapping protocol).


I have to say I haven’t even finished this but I am aiming to finish in a week because I got sidetracked as I saw there was a lot more exercises to do in the program.

So that is basically what you get for the program. As I said the value is more than other programs I have been to and paid 1000s of dollars.

Science backing evaluation

Now with my review I did a scientific research just to make sure the program is actually very effective as it says….sorry I usually tend to be a skeptic at things.

  • “Rewiring the mind with sounds”

According to thriveglobal the use of repetition (auto-suggestion) is great for changing the mindset over time and this is done better with emotions.

Well if you have tried the program you will see that the whole aim of the songs is for you to have emotions which will help speed the process of mind and perspective change.

This is the reason Mario says that most people see the results earlier than 3 weeks.

Research has also shown us recently that songs especially natural ones can rewire our brian for success and that is why this program focuses on songs.

Here is a video explaining this.


So I am sure this is the part you have been waiting for where I reveal if the program is worth it or not and if it is a scam or legit.

Firstly if you have been reading until this part you will know that the program is not a scam according to me and it is working although not as quick as I thought for me though…(I expected results in 3 days though).

It is safe to say I will know the results this coming week. But from what I have seen it is working.

The only thing is that it needs your total focus for you to see the results fully so if you will have distractions rather don’t get this program.

However, if you are willing to focus on it and work harder to change your mind you should see a change of mind and more importantly attitude


Final thoughts

We all would love to have life of great achievements where we can control our lives but our mindset usually stand in the way.

Most people do try use platforms like YouTube to help them however those platforms lack a structure and information is all over the place.

This is the reason that the Harvad psychologist has created a program which is structured so anyone can follow it and see the results.

The program is fitted for any person looking to improve their lives in any ways, whether spiritually or physically through health.

All you need to do is to listen to the recordings 15 minutes a day and wait for the results which should show within 3 weeks (4 weeks for some and a little above to weeks for others).

The program is also risk-free which means you can try for 60 days and if it doesn’t produce results than you can bring it back and get your money.


With the information inside I doubt any person could ever want a return because one way or another it will change you if you really focus and work hard on it.

Anyway I need to get back to following the program so that I can see where it takes me.

So I hope it helped you in some way. As I say I am still using it and these are just my views and research I did. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

The amazing you review

Creator is credible

The program is done by an accredited psychologist to help improve your mind with sound reconditioning and more.

Reader Comments

  1. EcoCatherine

    Words can be a very powerful tool. Many people struggle from having a negative mindset which inhibits them from achieving their life goals. Would you say that this product would be good for somebody who is looking to improve their mindset or outlook on life?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Catherine

      Nice to have you again here. Yes I would say that this program is vital for such people who want to change their lives and have a different outlook since it focuses on changing perspectives more than anything.

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