The 4 Best Breakfast Combinations for Faster Weight Loss

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Welcome to my article where I will be telling you the best breakfast combinations for fast weight loss which will be something that is needed.

The food combinations that I will be showing you are what have been recommended by many dietitians.

Not all the food that I will be showing may resonate with you so just take those which you prefer because at the end you must remember that you need to eat something that will feel delicious to you and not be a chore.

This is why most people end up failing with diets (They follow diets that restrict them a lot).

Anyways I do hope that you will enjoy my article and I hope it will give you some benefits and food to eat to your breakfast dishes for weight loss.

1. Whole grain bread and avocado

This combination has always been my favorite because it is one of the easiest to do and anyone can make it quickly before going out.

This breakfast combination is good because it combines protein, fiber and grains in one meal and this according dietitians is key.

You will get your fiber from your whole grains which are well-known for keeping you fuller for longer. You will also get protein and good fat from avocado.

The good thing with this combination is that it can be easily made and it is a great replacement of any bad fat or processed fat.

In fact avocado is included as one of the best fruits. veggies for weight loss.

2. Whole grain bread and peanut butter

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This is one of the most common food amongst people who are either looking to lose weight or gain muscles and results over the years have been proven that this combination is a powerhouse.

I still eat this in the morning since I am a dance coach and need to maintain my muscles and strength.

With the whole grain offering fiber and peanut butter offering protein you can see why you would stay fuller for longer when you eat this in the morning.

Again the aim for the morning is to have healthy fat and good quality protein to start the day and this is what you get with this combination.

3. Greek Yogurt and berries

This is another powerful combination where you will be able to not only stay fuller but you will also be able to have a delicious breakfast.

Greek yogurt is known for its high protein and fiber which is why it is usually recommended when it comes to fat burn or weight loss.

Berries according to healthline has been shown to be high in fiber as well and for this reason is a huge recommendation for any weight loss dish.

Since berries are easy to combine with any drink they are very good, However, Greek Yogurt is key when it comes to making this combination worth it.

4. Nuts

I can not finish this post without mentioning nuts. Nuts are basically the best thing close to berries since they can be eaten as a snack or just for breakfast.

However, you need to be careful which nuts you will eat since some nuts are made with fats and these are usually peanuts. So I do recommend that you rather focus on nuts like cashews or walnuts for this.

You can also put nuts in your yogurt with berries and it will enhance the benefits of the mixture.

I generally just put them in a smoothie so I can have them throughout the day.

Final thoughts

When it comes to weight loss the best thing one can do is to have food that will resonate with them and that they will be able to follow easily every morning.

The food need to be filled with loads of protein, fiber and good fats so that it will be super easy to lose weight in the process.

When it comes to weight loss it is said that you are the food that you eat and that is why my list of food could be helpful as it has been super helpful to me.

Below is the list of food:

  • Whole grain bread with avocado
  • Whole gran bread with peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt with berries
  • Nuts

These are my best combinations and you can combine them as you wish or you can just choose one of these and focus on it for a lifetime and you will see the benefits it will give you and your body.

I generally swap them around once a month or something because I like variety generally so you can workout your preferences.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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