Synapse XT Review- Is this legit?

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Welcome to my Synapse XT Review where I will be giving you the real and unbiased review of this program so that you will be able to make your own decisions.

Hearing loss is definitely becoming more of a common problem due to the fact that we are exposed to a lot of technology which requires us to be using our own ears for all the new gadgets which promise better quality sound for our phones.

The other issue is that solutions to help us with our hearing is very limited to solving the surface of the problems.

An example are drugs or pills and even some hearing aids.

However, a new program promises to help you be able to getting your hearing naturally without any chemicals or aids and it is called the Synapse XT.

However, is this really true or is this just one of those same programs which give us empty promises?

Today we find out all about this. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Synapse XT ReviewSynapse XT Review

Product name: Synapse XT

Website: >>Click Here<<

Creator: Brian and Dr Barnes

Price:$59 per bottle for one bottle (Price decreases the more bottles you buy) rating: 3 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural product
  • Easy to use
  • scientifically backed
  • Has different packages
  • Has money back guarantee


  • Not all ingredients align with science
  • Not a quick fix solution
  • Only available online

What is the Synapse XT?

Synapse XT Review

The Synapse XT is a supplement which claims to help you get back your hearing or prevent it from getting further lost.

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The supplements are all natural and can be used by any person at anytime to be able to get the benefits.

This all natural supplements works mainly with the brain and your ear to help you have a proper hearing which is not known.

Who is the creator?

It is good to know who the creator is so that we will know if the product is even legit. Most products which have no creators usually fall under the scam category.

Luckily the product is made by Brian who was tired of going to Doctors to help him with his hearing loss which he did not get any help from any doctor.

He failed after doing this and also doing a lot of research.

He was only able to get the solution after visiting a doctor called Dr Barnes who did research and actually surgery to check how tinnitus happens.

After putting in the formula for the right ratios Brian and Dr Barnes were able to put together everything which was going to be able help every person.

Since we at least know we have a person behind it we can be able to have a bit of trust for the program.

However, having said that there is still more to look into for validating if the supplements even works.

How does the Synapse XT work?

To help you understand how this supplement works it is vital to know how tinnitus actually works.Synapse XT Review

The tinnitus works by your brain cells not connecting together in a synthetic way. This happens especially when we get older as our brain cells tend to have get inflamed due to loud music and also other life factors.

The Synapse XT works mainly through its ingredients to be able to recondition your brain cells and connections so that you will be able to repair everything.

The Synapse XT also works by rejuvenating these brain cells and making the inflation around your ears go away instantly.

It is said that within 3 weeks your hearing will be repaired and you can start having a normal life a bit. After a month your brain connections should be up and running and at least 90% recovered.

What are the ingredients of the Synapse XT?

Knowing what is in the supplement is great to let us know if it will be good for us or not or dangerous or not.

Fortunately this product is all natural as you will see with the supplements which I will be putting.

Here are the ingredients of the supplement:

  • GarlicSynapse XT Review
  • Hawthorn berry
  • Specific Vitamin B
  • Green tea
  • Juniper Berry
  • Hibiscus

These are all the ingredients which are said to make you get your hearing back and also just improve your brain function according to this product.

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We will have to check each of these ingredients to double check this.

What does the science say about this product?

Synapse XT Review

It is also wise to check what the science says when it comes to this product, specifically the ingredients in the product.

I will look at each individual ingredient so that you will be able to see the if they are actually valid or not.

  • Garlic

Garlic is said to be very effective in preventing oxidative stress and neuroinflammation which is what causes hearing loss as I had said earlier on.

The garlic is also said to help preserve brain function in older people which is why it is one of the most powerful substances.

  • Green Tea

Green tea is also aid to help in brain function as it improves cognitive function and also helps to reduce and hair loss.

Green tea is also said to help in reducing hair loss and hearing loss along with helping reduce body weight and fat.

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a rich in flavonoids and it is said to be the best and most powerful antioxidant especially when it comes to the nervous system as a whole.

This proves that it is very powerful for helping improve overall nervous system so it can function well and not be inflamed.

  • Juniper Berry

When it comes to Juniper berries there is no concrete evidence or research showing that these ingredients can help with improving hearing in any way.

  • Hawthorn Berry

hawthorn is also said to work in terms of having high amounts of antioxidants which is what is helpful for improving hearing.

Research also points out that these ingredients is great for helping with the improvement of the working of the central nervous system.

Who is the Synapse XT for?

This is a vital question as it will help us know who can benefit more or even if any person could be able to succeed or not.

The Synapse XT is obviously for people looking to get rid of hearing loss in the long run.

It will likely be able to help people over the age of 30 because this supplements is based on reducing inflammation in the body.

Most hearing loss starts happening in the age of 30s so this is the reason why most people will end up gaining from this supplement.

The supplement is also for people who are willing to wait for results for about a month to see any improvements.

If you want quick results this may not be a good product for you. You are better off at using drugs.

The supplements is also for people who are looking to cure tinnitus naturally or just to help improve their brain function better.

If you are one of these types of people you should be fine with using this supplement.

What is the price of the Synapse XT?

The price of the product is divided into different packages which will help you to be able to choose according to your budget or preferences.

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Here are the three packages you get to choose from:

Package 1: $69 per bottle (for one bottle)

This is the most basic package you can get and will last you about one month. This is good for people who are looking at improving their brain function as it helps with the boost for those who are in this phase.

Package 2: $59 per bottle (for 3 bottles)

This is the most popular package because of obvious reasons such as the fact that you will be able to use this for a longer time and be able to see if it will actually work for you without paying too much.

Package 3: $49 per bottle (for 6 bottles)

This package is one of the best because all you do here is store up a lot of these so that you will be able to use it for a long period.

This saves you the cost if you want to purchase this in the future as you pay little.

Is the Synapse XT a scam?

The simple answer to this question is NO.

The supplements are legit and to back this up I will show you a summary of why:

  • Creator is real

The creator is real so that gives us a good indication that we are working with the right tools.

Most scam products have hidden creators or companies which is not a good sign at all. I do not know about you but I find it hard to believe a product or program which is not entirely transparent.

Which is why this product is a good one in this aspect in my opinion.

  • The science is mainly backing up

The science of the product mainly backs most of the claims of the product. As you can see I said most.

There was just one discrepancy of one ingredient which did not validate product.

This is the reason I gave the product a bit of a lower score.

If you want an alternative supplement which is even better and has all its ingredients backed up you can check out the Sonus supplement for eliminating hearing loss.

Does the Synapse XT work?

According to my full analyses I have made about this product I can conclude that it works and again I will back this up by the following reasons:

  • Science validates it

The science as you saw does validate that the product should work as most ingredients do align to helping with hearing loss.

  • There is money back guarantee

Usually this is a good sign showing that the creator is actually confident about the product. It is even more consoling to know if the creator has a longer money back guarantee of 60 days or more like this product.

  • People who have used it

Another great way to check if the product is legit is to check if the product actually has helped people or not.

Well this product is different because it is new and has little to no date to validate this fact. So the only thing we can validate with is the science

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Will the Synapse XT work for you?

here is the part that you will need to know the most in this review, whether it will work for you or not.

There are few factors which you have to look at see if it will actually work for you or not and here they are:

  • Allergies
  • Your habits

These are the main things which cause disadvantage to many people when they try to make this work and end up saying a supplement is a scam.

Let us dissect each of these a bit:

  • Allergies

Having certain allergies to a certain ingredient in the product may offset the whole process of the goal you are looking to achieve.

This is because you will end up having your body reacting to the supplement instead of actually working to help you.

This is the reason you should start looking into the ingredients to check which ones may affect you. Although there may be none since these are natural, but it is still advisable to check.

  • Your habits

This is the major factor which will affect any person who is looking to see results from this program and in fact I would say it accounts about 80%.

You see many people are in supplement just for the high and are not willing to be discipline to see through with the results.

The supplements are basically designed to be used until their prescribed date continuously.

So if there is some sort of discontinuing that will have a negative effect.

The other issue is that along with these supplements it is vital that you have healthy daily habits. Just because this supplement is said to work well is you aspect to sit and have bad habits you are kidding yourself.

So it is best to evaluate yourself before you check if it will actually work for you or not.

How does Synapse XT compare to other solutions?

There are many other solutions for this condition , however most of these are medication/over the counter or drugs which can have same bad side effects in your body.

So those are out of the picture when you compare them with synapse XT which is very natural.

There are other solutions similar to this supplements and I can only show you the better ones which have a bit of a higher rating and one of them is the Vista Clear supplement which is relatively new in the market compared to Synapse XT.

Final thoughts

Hearing loss is becoming more popular these days as people are exposed to new technology and new gadgets.

The issue is that the solutions to reverse hearing loss are very limited as most are based on hearing aids, drugs or surgery.

There are only a few which are natural and even then you still need to check which ones are actually good.

The Synapse XT is one of these products and it is very good as it is backed by science and also is very natural.

The good thing is that it is unique in that it helps improve brain health which will eventually help in improving hearing loss.

This means that even people who are looking to improve their brain health only can be able to use it and benefit well.

The supplement is good for any person but mostly for people above 30 years old with tinnitus and also those who have the patience to wait for results since it is not a magic pill.

The other good thing is that you can try the supplements risk free and if you find that it does not help you, you will be refunded. This leave all the risk to the creator which shows how confident he is about the product.

>>.Try the Synapse XT supplement risk free yourself here<<

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the information to help you make the right choices for yourself.

If you have questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

Synapse XT Review

well researched and easy to follow

We have seen that the science does show that the product will work if used and followed as directed.

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