Stop fat storage review- Be careful before buying this

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Welcome to my unbiased stop fat storage review where I take a no nonsense approach in telling you the truth about this program.

As many people are now facing too much belly fat and body fat these program as the best to use especially if they are natural like this.

However, this program seems to be more unique than others in that it promises you fast fat loss with little to no exercise.

So is this true?

Well I will let this article of research reveal all the information you need to know with being neutral as possible.

Stop fat storage Review

Program name: Stop fat storage reviewStop fat storage review


Creator: Janet Hadvill

Price: $37 rating: 2 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural
  • No side effects
  • Janet is reputable
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • helps cut fat in belly, hip and overall body
  • Helps prevent heart attack by strengthening the heart
  • Helps lose weight without counting calories
  • Improves immune system
  • Balances hormones
  • Can be consumed and used by vegetarians and vegans
  • For males and females


  • Too far-fetched results
  • Only avail be in digital form

What is the stop fat storage program about?

This is a natural weight loss and belly fat program which promises to help you shred fat without any exercise whatsoever.

This was the part which made me very skeptical because I know that diet and exercise will always rule.

The program says it does this by suppressing an enzyme called HSD which is usually the culprit of increased weight gain.

These are one of the secrets that are said to be in the program that help you lose weight effectively.

Who is the creator of the program?


To check the authenticity of the program it is worthwhile checking the creator.

The creator is a woman known as Jane Hadvill who is said to be a professional nutritionist who has been researching a lot about finding ways to lose weight.

This is the reason she found this information which she says needs no exercise but your body hormones to help lose weight.

Janet is well-known in the media life like Television and radio as she has helped many celebrates with her work.

The fact that she is well-known is a good thing and gives great trust for the usage of the program.

However seeing this on the sales page I did try to look for her online and have not really found her which still gave me some doubts.

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I means if a person is well-known shouldn’t they be all over the media and internet?

Maybe this is because I like looking and finding evidence myself. You see I am not like other reviewers who will just sya what is one the sales page of the program without doing my research.

How the program works?


Now let’s look into how the program really works in terms of its promises.

As I said before that the program works with with suppressing an enzyme called Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (HSD). In the program you will be drinking natural liquid which will help inactivate the enzymes which are responsible for belly fat.

According to the author this is the main culprit which ends up causing you to accumulate fat in many parts like the belly, arms and thighs

You will also be following a food guide which will be useful to reduce cholesterol, a tool needed to stop the belly fat.

The program also helps you to know differentiate between the healthy food and unhealthy food which could make the HSD enzyme quickly develop even before 35 years old.

After you use the program for 2 months or less your enzyme should start having the habit of being dormant in your body and thus allowing your body to not accumulate belly, arm and thigh fat.

This suppression of the HSD will also cause fat causing hormones to also be lowered in your body which is needed for losing weight ultimately.

The author says for this to work you need to follow it to the Tee.

What are the features of the program?


When it comes to purchasing the program it is best to know what you will be getting when you purchase it so that you know if it is worth the investment at all.

Here is what you will get with the stop fat storage program:

  • The complete hunger guide

The complete hunger guide gives you tips on how to control your hunger so that you do not overeat.

  • Relaxing learning guide

This is basically a stress reducing guide which the author emphasis as the main component of what tend to contribute to belly fat.

  • Drink Recipe guidestop fat storage review

This guide will be one of the most important in the program as it is the part where you are given smoothies and juice recipes will be responsible for eliminating HSD which is the main culprit in belly fat.

  • Guide videos

You will also get videos which will help you step by step to lose belly fat and overall weight. This is the part which I liked most when looking into the program.

  • HSD deactivating system

This is basically a supplement which you will have to use to help inactivate the HSD directly.

  • Gender choice

You can also choose a guide which will focus on your gender.


  • You will also get a bonus for buying the program which will be called the HSD DEACTIVATING FOOD GUIDE

Science behind the program

As always in my reviews I make sure to look at what the science is behind the claims of the program.

This helps me know if I am using something which is backed by studies or not.

“HSD control for belly fat and weight loss”

According to the HSD does affect the weight gain and they say is very linked to the hormone cortisol.

They however say that there is little research about whether diet does in fact influence cortisol and HSD.

Diabetes journal also does talk about the effects of HSD with weigh loss and they did studeies on mice to check the effects.

Most of the results revealed that diet only had a small influence on weight loss and they said the effect of weight loss with supressing HSD would take months to a year if you just focus on the diet with no exercise

According to researchers and scientist found that the main enzyme was lipase when it came to belly fat.


As we can the results are not specifically supporting that HSD is the one which can greatly effect belly fat it is only a portion and the evidence is pointing to the fact that exercise could help make this more effective but the program does not have.

Who is this program for?

stop fat storage review

Before you even consider this program let’s check if it is even for you or not. This will be helpful in your purchasing decision as you do not want to waste money on things which do not work.

I will also talk about who this program is not good for.

Here are people who will benefit the most:

  • People who are lazy to exercise
  • Women over 35 years old and above who have belly fat problems
  • People who are too busy get time to properly exercise
  • People who believe that exercise is not too critical for weight loss
  • People with medium fat belly.

Who this program is not for:

  • People who are looking for long term fat belly shrinkage
  • People who are pregnant and want to lose belly fat (This is because the system manipulates your hormones to some extent)
  • Who are looking for 100% legit weight loss and belly fat programs.

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The verdict

Stop fat storage review

Now here is the part you have been waiting for where I say if this is legit or a scam and if it works or not.

Well the first part is: The program seems legit

The second part is: The science does not support it 100% so I would say I am not sure about this too at all.

Let’s answer the first question: Why do I say seems legit?

Here are the reasons:

  • The creator seems real

Unike other programs where you do not know the author with this one there is although I have not really seen the person’s picture on the internet myself.

  • Creator is reputable

Not only is the creator real but she is also well-known and sought after even by celebrates (I still question this too because it is just on their sales page).


My conclusion: Although I do not agree with the program when it comes to not including some exercise when it comes to weight and belly fat I do recognize their facts of the HSD enzyme.

But I still beg to differ with exercise not being implemented.

Having said that I think you would really do well with other belly fat and weight lose programs which are transparent.

This program has many things which can not be verified and seems to be hiding things not to mention the fact that science does not totally support it.

So here are better programs you can check out which are real and work:

Final thoughts

Losing belly fat has to be one of the hardest feat for men and women purely because this fat is isolated from the whole body.

The stop fat storage is a program which promises to help people lose belly fat by following a specific diet which helps lower HSD (the main culprit of belly fat).

The program does not just focus on belly fat but also on overall weight with its video guide and smoothies you will be drinking.

The program is made for men and women over 35 years old who are normally the main people affected by the HSD enzyme.

The program comes with main diet and juice guides to help suppress HSD and help lower belly fat.

Although I do not agree with the program 100% when it comes to lowering belly fat with just the diet it is worthwhile trying it yourself to see if it works since it is risk free for 60 days.

However I do advise adding some exercise while you re at this program because that is the main way to lose any weight.

I hope this fat stop storage review was helpful to you and I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions you can leave them below, I will be happy to engage as normal.

Stop fat storage review

Not a transparent program

The program is not clear about many things such as the creator. It also talks about not including exercise for weight loss and not lining properly with science

Reader Comments

  1. Jeff

    Stop Fat Storage Review sounds to me to be a product too good to be true, but sadly many of us become so desperate to get back to our high-school weight we will try products that are actually not legitimate.

    The best solution as always is being more active and a healthy diet, but many of us are always searching for a miracle product that makes losing weight easier.

    Be careful of products that sound too good to be true,

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jeff

      Well said. I also believe it is exercise and diet and that is why I disagree with this program a lot in that regard and the fact that we can’t see the founder doesn’t even help.

  2. Lisa

    Your article is extremely thorough and I enjoyed reading it.
    Based on your findings I agree that you need to exercise as
    well as eat healthily. This program is definitely not for me.
    I appreciate your unbiased review.


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