Slim over 55 Review-Is this a scam?

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Welcome to my slim over 55 Review where I give you my unbiased review of the program so that you will be able to make your own decisions at the end.

Women over the age of 55 undergo certain bodily changes and are faced with certain challenges. The drastic reduction of hormones due to menopause means that women must adapt to their new life. However, many have found it difficult to do so.

This is the reason that these women tend to opt for drugs or medication to solve their weight and health issues which is unfortunately not a good solution.

The Slim over 55 program, with detailed instructions from a fitness expert, teaches you a healthier and better way to lose weight. This review will help you to decide if adopting the program is best for you.

Without further ado, let”s get started with the review

Slim Over 55 ReviewSlim over 55 Review

Program name: Slim Over 55 Program

Website: >>Click Here<<

Creator: Aline Pilani

Price: $7 (Actual price $47) rating: 4 out of 5

Slim Over 55 Program Review

Pros and Cons


  • The diet and workouts are suited for the needs of older women.
  • Workouts are easy to perform at home.
  • Workouts do not require any special equipment (only a laptop or smart TV).
  • It is affordable.
  • Has a 60-Day money-back guarantee.


  • Results are variable
  • Not a physical product
  • Requires a great level of commitment to see results
  • Not suitable for every woman

What is the Slim over 55 Program?

Slim over 55 Review

The Slim over 55 is a weight loss program uniquely designed for post-menopausal women over 55.

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The program promises to boost energy levels and help you to lose 13 pounds or more every month.

The regimen is a combination of four special herbs and easy an easy workout schedule.

Who is the creator of the program?

It is good to look at the creator of the program so that we will know if the program is even credited with a real person or not.

This will also help us with the trust element so that we can be able to use it knowing there is a person we can refer back too.

It was created by Aline Pilani, a licensed nutritionist, author, and certified fitness trainer.

She is also a weight loss expert of note. You may know her from a magazine called My Personal Trainer. Due to this she has helped thousands of women with maintaining their weight.

She then decided to create this program as a way to help more people by packaging all her knowledge from decades in one program.

The program also made it affordable so people can be able to get help from it without spending too much.

As we can see that we have a creator is is legit and who is real that we can rely on since she is an expert.

Other weight loss programs do not have this transparency that this program has which should give us great trust for using the program.

However this is the first step, we still need to look at more aspects to validate if the program is even worth it or not for weight loss.

How does the Slim over 55 Program work?

After purchase, you get lifetime access to the download option. Thus, you can always go back to the manual whenever you want. The next step is to read the instructions and carry them out.Slim over 55 Review

The program comprises recipes, dietary recommendations, hacks, and workouts to help you lose at least 13 pounds within 30 days step-by-step.

In summary, The Slim over 55 program works by helping you to lose weight through diet and exercise.

This is the good thing about the program because other programs only help you in one aspect, either diet or exercise.

You will have to follow the diet which will be unique as it will target the hormones of people over the age of 50 years old.

The diet and exercise will work to ensure that any person who is above 50 years can be able to induce all the body fat to work in the body instead of just the fat lazying around.

The program only works if you work, by this I mean the Author gave all the instructions needed to be followed to create a slim body which is said to take 3 weeks (although I do not agree with this 100% though)..

The exercise in the program is super simple and should not even need you to use all your energy as they focus more on the metabolism.

What are the features of the Slim over 55 program?

The next element to look at for the program is to check if the program has a good deal of features so as to help us.

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This will also help us know if the program is even worth our buck or not judging by what we get. Generally the more information the better for the amount we pay.

So, let’s check these out.

Each Slim over 55 highlights three major features:

  1. A weight-loss manual: This reveals the need for older women to adopt a different health and fitness approach than younger women do.

Slim over 55 Review

Aline teaches why losing weight after menopause could be challenging. Consequently, she shows how to balance your hormones via diet and get the most out of meals.

Other highlights include the four herbs, three vital macro nutrients, and the preferred carbs to take in.

Furthermore, it debunks certain “healthy meals” and myths about fat.Slim over 55 Review

The manual includes weekly cheat meals, hacks to increase your fat-burning potential, a meal plan formula with weight-friendly recipes, and the use of a post-workout shake.

Finally, it reveals ten five-minute workouts to boost your metabolism.

  1. 2. Workouts: Workouts for the Slim over 55 program include six full-body workout videos with a 30-day workout plan. It goes on to breakdown the workouts for beginner and advanced fitness levels. The first five workouts (30 to 35 minutes) are for beginners, while the sixth one (18 minutes) should only be for advanced people.
  2. 3. Checklist: A daily success checklist helps you follow your goals and bring you closer to your desired fitness level.

What does the science say Slim over 55 program?

Claim 1: A flatter belly

According to the National Institute of Health, weight loss generally occurs all over the body. Therefore, you cannot burn belly fat on the spot. A flatter belly means you will also lose weight in other areas.

Claim 2: Slimmer body with a weight loss of over 13 pounds

According to Livestrong, guidelines state that you should only lose one to two pounds a week. Therefore, such weight loss as the program offers looks unhealthy and unrealistic.

Claim 3: Better strength and flexibility

According to Guyton’s textbook of physiology, regular exercise increases muscle strength and promotes flexibility.

Claim 4: A great mood

Exercise leads to the release of endorphins and other hormones, which put you in a great mood and make you feel good.

Final analysis

As we can see that science does show that the claims do have a bit of alignment with the science. Although this is not 100% .

Normally for a program to be good I want all the claims to be 100% backed by science. So this program I gave it a lower rating due to this fact.

Who is the Slim Over 55 program for?

While the program is Slim over 55, women above 50 can participate in the program. It is for older women who seek to get back their youthful bodies.

Therefore, you should consider the program if you want to give your metabolism and overall health a boost as an older woman.

If you are young it may not be as effective for you since your hormones will be different to the people who are 50 and above (whom this program is really made for).

The program is also for people who are keen on using exercises and diet as a way of losing weight which are good ways to lose weight.

Is the Slim over 55 programs a scam?

Now to the big question of the day. Is the Slim over 55 programs a scam? The straightforward answer is No. The reasons for my answer are:

  • Credibility: The author, Aline, has been in the fitness and nutrition sector for over a decade.

This gives some credibility to the book. She explains the workouts, tips, and everything as a professional, rather than some random person.

She has also helped thousands of women through her media reach so we can see she does mean business.

  • Science-based: The program employs a science-based approach to losing weight through diet and exercise.

Although not all science is 100% aligned but generally we can see a huge correlation.

  • Customer-friendly: A cost of only 7$ and a full two-month money-back guarantee show to a great extent that you will most likely get great value for your money.

This means no risk to you and all the risk is one the creator of the program so you are guaranteed to be helped in a big way without risking a lot.

If you are looking for another program which rates more than this you can look at the following:

Does the Slim Over 55 program work?

There are two things which will help us know if the program works or should work for you or not and these include testimonies and science.

Let us look at each of these individually.

  • Science

When we look at the science we can see that there is evidence that the program the claims made in the program are actually valid and have been validated through science.

The program shows how legit it is and how it actually can help people.

  • Testimonies

Testimonies are great for checking if the program works. As we can see that the program is still new and there are still a few people who have used it so this means that we can check this later on.

Is the slim over 55 program safe?

Slim over 55 Review

The program is relatively safe because it is natural and you need no chemicals or any other drugs to attain the results you are looking for when it comes to losing weight.

This means that you are potentially able to lose weight without facing long term side effects results.

The program also can also be used by any old person no matter how frail their health is. So this also points out that the program is super safe.

Any program which helps old people is usually made with a lot of effort to not cause any bad effects.

Final thoughts

Finding great health and fitness programs for older women could be challenging because of their unique bodies.

While the Slim over 55 program is not a scam, it greatly exaggerates the results to expect.

Overall, keep your expectations realistic when it comes to this program for your weight loss.

The program is also made by a real creator so you are safe to be using a program which has been developed by an expert, a person who really knows what she is doing.

The program is also made to help people who are looking to have been struggling all their lives until their old age to lose weight or those just struggling currently at age 50 years and over.

The program is also risk free which means that you can get a refund should the program not work for you in any way within the 2 months.

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Hopefully. I have been able to provide you with some helpful information. I also hope you enjoyed these review. If you have any questions or comments you can leave your comments below and I will be happy to engage with you as normal.

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