Simple Vegan jobs- The most neglected

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We are all aware that jobs are decreasing more and more these days thanks to technology, However Vegan jobs seem to be growing more and more.

This comes as no surprise due to the fact that the vegan diet is good for the environment.vegan jobs

As more people are joining the vegan lifestyle the vegan jobs will only increase more in the future.

Great news for vegans right?

Now I will be talking about the best vegan jobs which are easy and simple to do.

Please note that most of the jobs I will talk about are more remote so this can be helpful for anyone who wants to get started.


Let’s start then.

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Vegan Advertising/Marketing jobs

vegan jobs

Are you looking to employ yourself or perhaps earn money with your passion?

Then being a vegan marketing freelancer is the best job. There are many freelancing vegan options which you can focus on and there are even training schools for this.

You can also apply to some website services which help you with setting up your freelancing business. How cool is that?

However, others do need a bit of experience so you will just have to brush up on this.

Here are best places to look for these.

This company caters for jobs in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe mostly. However, since the jobs are freelancing they are remote so you can apply to their list from any country.

Some of their jobs are as follows:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Plant based chef
  3. Internship positions

Internship jobs

vegan jobs

Looking to work under a company while you are trying to learn how to cook vegan or to perhaps own your own business?

If the answer is yes then internship jobs are your best bet.

Here are some of the best companies which offer these services.


With internship jobs just remember that you may not get an income or it might be very limited. So if you just need experience and not money then you can do this.

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Vegan Volunteer jobs

vegan jobs

If you have a huge passion to help children and people learn about eating healthy than vegan volunteer jobs are your best bet.

You normally do not need any experience as most of the companies give you full training when you get to their site.

Other responsibilities include helping the chef serve children and also educate children about how to prepare vegan food.

The great thing about this is that normally you get reimbursed for your air tickets and more.

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Baker/Baker’s assistance

vegan jobs

If you enjoy baking or just want to up skill yourself with your baking skills then this is the best job to look into.

There are many positions opening up daily as more and more bakers need help as their operation is growing thanx to the vegan diet gaining popularity.

You can also get a piece of the pie by having your foot in the door.

Animal rights’ lawyer

vegan jobs

As the vegan industry is growing we are seeing more and more people fighting for animals.

The trouble is not too many of them are Lawyers, especially animals lawyers. This becomes sad because animal killing happens and only a few people can fight for them with regard to law.

Being a lawyer however will require you to study really hard in order to get your qualification and it is by no means as easy as getting the other jobs I mentioned like vegan volunteering and baker’s assistant.

The positives side with this job however is that you will have a greater impact once you are qualified.

So if you think you would enjoy this definitely get a qualification.


If you want a job with many opportunities within it you will not go wrong with getting a career in conversationalist.

The options you have here are

  • Working with dirt in the farms or wild
  • Working with NGOs
  • Influeicing policies

The best thing about this is that the people who get into this job have so many opportunities to work abroad.

Plant based nutritionist or dietitian.

Being a dietitian is another best job that will never go away and it will only grow as years go by due to the people turning to the vegan diet.

The great rewards about this career is that it does not really need you to have a qualification thanks to social media.

You can now become a vegan diet expert and provide people with your knowledge and become an authority in the vegan diet.

This can be done by starting your website online and creating informative content.

Best vegan platforms

There are quite a few places or resources to find all the jobs I spoke about.

I have already mentioned some of these during the course of talking about different vegan jobs. For the sake of emphasis it is worth it for me repeating them.


Final thoughts

Getting a job in the vegan industry has never been this easier before due to the market accepting this lifestyle.

In the past it was very hard to even get a part-time job in this industry for reasons I mentioned before.

The major jobs in this industry are remote and help you to do them while you are staying at home.

There are also some conventional jobs such as being a dietitian or Lawyer and tend to have higher benefits like pay or a stable income.

At the end of the day the choice is always yours to choose your best path that you will enjoy.

If you have any questions or any comments to add you can leave them on the comment section below.

Reader Comments

  1. Derek

    Veganism is not entirely good for the environment. Just to clarify, I am a vegetarian but not Vegan.

    To cater to Vegan and growing number of Vegetarians more land in needed to grow the food we eat which encroaches on forests (not good!) moving animals from their natural habitat and when they try to return end up getting shot or electrocuted by perimeter fencing.

    It is a myth that Veganism is good for the environment. Also increase in consumption of grains like rice, which produce a lot of CO2 and are heavy on water resources.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Derek
      Thank you for your feedback sir. However you must remember that the killing of animals during industrial farming is more impacting to the environment since it cause global warming.
      You are right that it causes lost of habitats for animals but that destruction is less than what we are producing interms of plants.
      There are ways to make plants grow in a controlled manner which help with sustainability.

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