Should everyone be vegan?-What would happen

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Most people at one stage of their lives have thought of becoming vegan and sometimes tried for only a few days only to quit with a week.Should everyone be vegan?

So the big question is should everyone be vegan? and what would happen if that was the case, would it be possible to sustain it.

I have been a vegan for nearly 10 years so I do research about this diet on a daily basis. The reason I am exploring this question is that some readers asked me to write about this topic.

I won’t lie it was a great topic to research because it has two conflicting views, one from omnivores saying this is not possible while most vegan studies disagree.

According to food veganism is becoming more popular today than ever and their research which was based on other food companies like Nestle confirm this trend.

The companies are saying the vegan diet is become a mainstream diet especially amongst melliniums who are the biggest drivers for this.

What is a vegan diet to nature

The vegan diet is the consumption of plant foods which excludes any animal or animal by-product like cheese and eggs.

This diet is basically considered as one of the strictest diets on earth due to its much food restriction, however it is also considered the healthiest.

When it comes to the environment it is less harmful as it decreases pollution and animal cruelty in animal farming. This is one of the reasons why most people decide to turn vegan.

Ofcourse their are other reasons people turn to this diet, however this one is one of the most prevalent ones.

Health improvements
Should everyone be vegan?

The reason most beneficial reason turning to vegan can have is to improving your health in a big way and I am talking from experience.

In 2010, I had clogged heart arteries which is the worst condition that young people have without even knowing, like I did.

Once I turned vegan this condition was slowly reversed as I could feel the improvement in my body. Now for this to happen one needs to be super strict otherwise the results will take long like me.

according to PETA the vegan diet is said to dissolve any plaque in the heart arteries. Dr William Castelli who is from the Framinham Heart study said that if Americans would turn vegan their heart issues would reverse.

Food sources

Their main worry for everyone turning vegan is that would that be sustainable and would we have enough food?

Well the answer to that is a big YES.

Let me ask you a question, how did people survive in the past with not “really” having meat?

The reason I am saying “really” is because in history in order to have meat you had to hunt so if for days you did not get meat you would be basically eating vegetables and fruits.

The whole meat and dairy product lifestyle is what came with civilization and so it is what is causing all the health issues.

People’s mindsets

Should everyone be vegan?

If everyone were to be vegan the main thing that would change is their mindset because being vegan makes a person to change their whole life’s perspective.

Having said this, most people do not change to a plant based diet because of their negative view towards the plant based diet.

Most people think that a plant based diet like a vegan diet leaves you with no food to have and it is usually frowned upon.

I did talk about this in my previous article of the hardships of being a vegan.

Nutrition factor

should everyone be vegan

Again if you decide to be vegan you will need to make sure that all your nutrition is taken care of because you will lack a lot of them anyway.

The most important aspect to consider are what vitamins or minerals to focus on and I will give you a list of the ones most vegans tend to lack.

Here is a list of them:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

These are the most important and luckily their are many vegan food that you can eat to get these minerals from.

If you are looking for these foods to can check my articles on my blog and you will get the help you need.


So the main question is: should everyone be vegan?

The answer to this question is yes.

This is because their is limitless plant foods which you have available for you in this diet. This is because vegan food is not just focusing on vegetables but also on fruits.

In the past people lived well using these foods only and they survived quite well.


When it comes to everyone being vegan I do believe this is possible due to the great benefits we would get such as decreasing in global warming.

Their would also be a decrease in animal cruelty which is what is a main issue in industrial farming.

Most people usually get worried about getting enough protein and this is entirely possible with the presence of so many legumes and nuts and vegan protein shakes.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any comments or questions to ask you are more than welcome to leave them below.

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