Red tea detox review- The things you are never told about this tea

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It seems like everyone these days is looking for a way to detox and also shred a little bit of fats off their body. This is the reason people are looking up a program like the red tea detox to help them achieve this goal.

I am sure you came to this review to see if it does work or not and if it is a scam or not.

Well you have come to the right place and I want to make your time valuable here and offer you all facts with in depth research I have done for this program.

Before we begin let us talk about why you should read this review rather than others that are online.

Here are the reasons:

  • I have been a vegan for more than a decade and have been able to do all the research for attaining a healthy lifestyle for my diet.
  • I review all health related products because I need to see if it will be worth my investment as a vegan and someone who had clogged heart arteries. You can check my story >>here<<
  • I only do unbiased reviews on my site to help expose the scammy programs which I got scammed on my journey to heart health.

Now that we have talked a little about me and the reason for my reviews, let’s start with the red tea detox diet review.

What is the Red tea detox program

The red tea detox program is basically a weight loss tea that was made by Liz Swann Miller. This program is focused on helping people lose weight in a short time. It provides other benefits as well such as cleaning your body of toxins.

So before I start talking about what the program is let’s discover the author behind this program, Liz Swann Miller.

So who is Liz Swann Miller?

red tea detox

According to the research I did Lizz is a naturopath specializing in healing through nutrition. She is believed to have 10 years in the health industry and his expertise is shown by the health and nutrition books that she has been selling on amazon.

Now is Lizz a real person?

Well I did a lot of digging on the web to find if Lizz is real or not and I want to say that Lizz is definitely a pen name (in laymen’s terms: a fake name).

This is because the only place that she seems to have an account is on amazon and the picture that is on amazon is the picture on every page you get when look up for Lizz Swann Miller online.

Now while we are on the topic of Lizz I would like to say that the aim of this red tea detox review is to look at the program as a whole and see if it does work or not.

Just because Lizz is a pen name it does not mean that the program is a scam. This is because many programs have this and they work well.

In fact, you will be surprised that some of the best program have pen names behind them.

So that is why I want to go deeper and see the program itself.

What is all about?

The red tea detox program is generally a detox and weight loss diet program that helps you get back your health.

The red tea detox program was discovered by Liz when she went to Africa after she was experiencing weight problems.

She had tried almost every diet imaginable,but her weight seemed to not shred. Her breakthrough happened when she discovered a secret recipe to help her lose weight.

If you have seen her story you will see that it is a hype more than anything.

Liz claims to have lost 14 pounds in 14 days using the secret of the red tea detox diet program. She than lost a further 41 pounds of total weight.

The program is a body detox diet which incorporates tea to enhance the weight loss process.

The program also includes giving you ways and steps of eating so that it will help you lose weight along with the red tea.

So the red tea works well with an eating regime that she provides you on a PDF. She provides you with a guide of what foods to eat and what to avoid.

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The good thing is that you make meals of your own choice which must only entail ingredients that are given in the guide.

The program also gives you a guide for you to make the red tea yourself.

There is also an exercise guide that is optional that take about 20 minutes a day to do.

What is included in this program

Now that you know about what the red tea detox program is let us talk about what you get when you purchase this program.

  • E book

With the diet program you get an e book that that talks about the specifics of how to make the red tea and it also talks about the toxins you should avoid (there is a whole section on this).

The PDF is a very detailed health guide which talks about the food that you will include in the diet and why you should use these.

You also get other mini e books which are an additional feature for the red tea detox.

The other bonus e books are very short and to be honest they seem like one of those cheap healthy e books you can buy online.

The red tea detox program is divided into 3 phases. Let me go into the phases so you know what to expect.

For each phase Lizz gives you a guide on what foods to eat and what to avoid as well as what time of day to eat it to get the benefit of weight loss and detoxification.

  • Phase 1

Phase 1 is a detox phase where you are cleaning your body with raw foods. This phase lasts 5 days and this its focus is to shred as much weight as possible.

The normal weight that you lose is about 5 -13 pounds.

  • Phase 2

Phase 2 is the shortest phase however Lizz made it restrictive so that you can benefit a much as possible with weight loss.

  • Phase 3

The last phase is where the program focuses on detoxing and cleaning your liver of toxins so that it may function well. She explains why this is very important.

The whole program has 3 components which divide the program which are diet, motivation and exercise.

All these components all have PDF that helps you through.

What I like about the red tea detox program

There are many aspects I like in this diet and it is what makes it more attractive as a unique diet. Below are the things I like about the program.

  • Versatile diet

The red tea detox diet is not only focused on weight loss but it can be used for detoxifying your body and also heart health booster, digestive booster and metabolism booster.

  • Detailed information

The PDF is very detailed and there are parts where research is highlighted to back things up for most of the things that you do.

For example on phase 3 the research backs up what you will be doing. There is a whole section.

There is also a huge toxin section that talks about why they are not good for your body and what they do to your body.

  • Reviews are good online

When checking the reviews online you will soon discover that almost all people report great results from the diet. For example someone said that they lost 17 pounds within 14 days.

  • The ingredients are natural

You will see when you purchase the program that most of the ingredients you buy are all natural.

  • Ingredients are easily purchasable and available.

The ingredients can be found in any of the stores worldwide. Most of them you can find them at your local shop.

  • Many optional parts

The good thing about this diet is that not all parts are compulsory so you can choose what fits you.

As I mentioned before Lizz gives you foods that you must eat but the meals must be your option.

  • Steps are easy to follow

The structure for the diet is fairly easy and simple to follow since they are detailed with steps on what to do every step of the way until you finish.

Each component (motivation,diet and workout) has a detailed PDF which helps you out if you get stuck at any phase

  • Private coaching to clients

There is also some private coaching that you get with this program. This is only included as an additional service for those who want to be guided every step of the way.

  • 60 days money back guarantee

red tea detox review

Liz has so much confidence in her program to the point that she is willing to let you try the program risk-free.

This means you can buy the program and if you are not happy with the outcomes you have the option of returning it back.

This by far the best benefit if you ask me and enhances the trust

  • Bonuses

As I said earlier that over and above the main program which is the red tea detox, there are also bonuses that come along with such as extra health e books.

It is so crazy to know that they offer 4 bonuses (this is very rare in any weight lose diet).

Below are the bonuses you get:

  1. 100 Green smoothie recipes
  2. The ultimate superfood Guide
  3. The Five Detox Methods of Famous Celebreties
  4. Effortless weight loss hypnosis

What I do not like about the red tea detox program

Now there are unfortunately many other aspects I do not like about the diet and they are worth mentioning since I promised to do a thorough red tea detox program.

  • The author is not real

Earlier I did say that Lizz is a pen name and that it is not a person you can follow since her identity is hidden and not easy to find.

  • Too much red tea drinking

One big aspect I found very overwhelming was the requirement of the program to drink 6 glasses of red tea in order to reap the benefits.

This is not only too much but it is difficult to do for an average person when we consider that many people tend to fail when it comes to drinking even 5 glasses of what.

  • Most testimonials are not real

What was disturbing was the fact that the program uses fake testimonials to sell the program. This was a huge turn off as it showed how fake their authors are.

The testimonial used are from people of another weight loss program called “the 3-week diet”. Basically they used the same person to promote the red tea detox.

Below is what I am talking about.

Red tea detox review

  • Needs huge amounts of discipline

The verdict

Now that we have scrutinized the red tea detox program now it is time for me to answer whether this program is a scam or not and whether it does work or not.

Is it a scam?

No, The red tea detox is not a scam at all and it authentic and real, however some of its features are not real such as Liz and most of their testimonials.

This,however, as I said would not deem a program fake or a scam because most major programs operate in this way of using pen names.

They over sell their programs to the customers so that customers can be hooked.

For me I do not agree with this way of marketing because it can undermine the integrity of a good program like this one.

So does it work and who is it for?

Let me be real and say that a program like this will require you to work very hard to get the results, so it is not for the average Joe.

I know I would personally make this program work because applying discipline is second nature to me when it comes to success in anything, however most people would not be able to do this.

This is why when you see negative reviews you see similar comments of, “I tried this for a few ..weeks…and it did not work” or ” This product promises too much but delivers little”

Below are some of these negative reviews online

You see what I mean?

I will however say that if it does not work for atleast for 8 months to a year than you can safely say that for you it did not work.

This is a good period to analyze if program works or not..not few weeks or months.

What I do not understand is people who try it for a short time and complain.

I think this is because we live in a world of instant gratification where people want quick fixes. Well you will fail if you come to this diet with such a mindset.


Take home message

The red tea detox program is not your average diet because it is more than weight loss, however it includes cleansing of your body of harmful toxins.

Some people use this diet just for the detoxifying part which works quite well.

The red tea detox program was developed by a Liz Swann Miller due to her weight loss struggles. After going to Africa she discovered a secret which was than developed into red tea.

The red tea is the main component of the program however the program is divided into many components such as diet, mindset and exercise.

All these components are vital for ensuring you get to your weight loss goals. It is than further divided into 3 phases which you do as a process to complete the red tea detox program.

Although the program has many positives like the fact that you get 4 bonus health books it still has some negatives such as the fact that it is for people who can be able to be discipline and work really had to achieve their weight loss goals.

Although the red tea detox is not a scam I would not advise anyone to get it if they do not have the discipline and are looking for quick fixes.

I hope you enjoyed my red tea detox review and I hope it was helpful in letting you know what you will be getting when you purchase this program.

If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to leave them below, I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Red tea detox review
  • Great with all natural product for weight loss


The structure for the diet is fairly easy and simple to follow since they are detailed with steps on what to do every step of the way until you finish.

This makes it easy and user-friendly

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  1. George

    Good review. Tired of hearing Ads on TV selling diets of fast weight loss. I lost 20 kilos in the army with everyday exercice and chores . I was on the move all day . My meals were 3 per day. Now i’m fat again and having started a vegan diet (or i try at least need to get rid of honey someday!). I’m familiar with black, green, chamomile and mountain tea. I might have heard about red but it looks new me. I know there are dozens but you only get to know them if you put them to use.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey George

      Yeah weight loss industry has grown huge these days and people have been scammed a lot so that is why I thought to do this thorough review.
      I have never really heard of the mountain tea

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