Quietum Plus Review-Is this a scam?

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Welcome to my Quietum Plus Review where I will be talking about whether this product is worth your investment or not so you can make your own decision at the end.

The issue of hearing loss is one which is said to increase yearly due to the environment we are subjected to daily like the improved technology and devices which we carry daily.

These additions to our lives may look super harmless but when overused they can cause more issues. More than that more and more people suffer from hearing loss or conditions which are unrelated to technology.

Unfortunately the medical field does not deal with this aspect of helping people long term but only short term with the use of things like hearing aids.

Luckily there are good products out there which can be able to help and cause no harm and one of them is Quietum Plus supplement.

So how effective is this supplement and does it really work?

let’s find out, Without further ado, let’s get started.

Quietum Plus ReviewQuietum Plus Review

Product name: Quietum Plus

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator: Patrick Bark

Price: $69 per bottle and discount the more you buy

Veganweight.com rating: 3 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural supplement
  • Has a creator
  • No side effects
  • Easy to use
  • scientifically researched


  • Still very new in the market
  • No testimonies currently

What is Quietum Plus supplement?

Quietum Plus Review

Quietum Plus supplement is a natural supplement which is used to aid in hearing loss or overall ear health or audio health.

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This is because the supplement is made to work with the nerves of the ear naturally to health and realign all aspects of your eardrum.

This helps you to be able to not have any side effects when you use the product for your health.

Who is the creator of the product?

It is vital to know who created the product so that you will be able to know whether to trust the authenticity of the product.

I normally do not use a product that does not really have a creator of if the creator is not experienced in the field or has not used it and seen it worked for them.

I have seen many of these and they turn out to be scams.

Luckily this product was made by a person who is experienced in the field and has done extensive research and his name is Patrick Bark.

Patrick Bark is a well-known and respected researcher in the field of audiology who has been enjoying his career for years and passionate about helping people.

Now that we know how there is a real creator now is that time to look at how the product really works so you will know what to aspect.

How does Quietum Plus work?

The supplement works in repairing the inner ear’s ability so that it will be able to back to normal.

One of its function is that the supplement will reduce the free radicals which are known to damage the inner nerve tissues of the ear.

The supplement also regulates ear fluid so that it stays at a normal and balanced rate at all times so that its stays healthier.

More than that it gives your body more than enough nutrients so that it will be able to reduce and hearing loss.

The supplement is also made not just to help with ear health but also to help improve your mind health at large which will consequently help reduce hearing loss via the nerve connected to the mind and ears.

This also means that the supplement will also be very effective when it comes to curing irritating ringing sound for those who have this since this can be cause  a disturbance for your life.

What are the ingredients of the Quietum Plus supplement?

Its is also vital to take a look at the ingredients so that you will know there the supplement is natural and if you may be allergy to any ingredients or not.

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Currently there are only natural ingredients for this product which means it is a good aspect that it has.

Here are the ingredients of the product:

  • Licorice (root)
  • Black cohosh root
  • Red Clover
  • Mexican Yam
  • False Unicorn
  • Blessed thistle
  • Rep raspberry
  • Chaste Tree fruit

As you can see these ingredients are quite natural and are not known to cause any harm in the body.

However, we have to check whether they work well or not and that is what we will look at in the next session by checking what science says.

What does the science say?

In this section we will look at different ingredients in terms of the science and doing deep research for you.

  • Licorice root

According to most research and publications there is no strong evidence which shows that licorice can actually be very effective for improving hearing.

The licorice is an only known for improving skin health and reducing any sort of inflation according to most research centers like the nccih.

  • False Unicorn

This is also another ingredientiet which is known for improving digestive health just like the licorice which we have looked and researched.

This is also another ingredient which does not work to get rid of the actual problem.

  • Red Clover

There is more than enough information which recommends red clover as the best food for improving deafness and helping with hearing.

One such source is a research company called nccih which also points this out too after doing lots of research.

Below is a video about this ingredient

Final analysis

As we can see that from loads of research that most information is mostly mixed so there is no 100% information saying these ingredients all work to help with deafness.

This shows that the product is rather neutral when it comes to having an effect.

How much does the Quietum Plus cost?

The other aspect to look at is how much the product you may want to get is so you can have an analysis of what they offer and what you can benefit from such.

The Quietum Plus products has 3 different price packages to cater for different people’s needs and budgets.

Here is the price list:

  • Quietum Plus price cost package 1: $69 for one bottle

The quietum plus cab be bought at the lowest price with $69 and the bottle can last for about a month of use.

This package is good for people who want to try out the product before going all in especially since the product comes with a money back guarantee so if you are not happy you can get a refund.

  • Quietum Plus Price cost package 2: $59 for one bottle for 3 bottles

This is the most popular package since the you can have 3 bottles which you can be able to save a few bucks should you decide to continue using this.

With this package you are able to use the bottles for 3 months which is a good time frame to see if something is making a difference in your body or not.

  • Quietum Plus Price cost package 3: $49 per bottle for 6 bottles

This is the biggest package since you can buy a bulk for your friends and family or for your own bulking for future usage. This is normally great for people who are already very eager to use the product for a while.

It is also for those who have got full trust of the product already


Is the Quietum Plus a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting patently to know, whether the product is legit or is it a scam. The simple answer is that the product is not a scam however I am not convinced that it may be very effective according to research.

But when we look at all the ingredients they are quite natural and easy to consume meaning you are not risking your life to have any side effects.

Here are the reasons I say the product is not a scam:

  • Creator is present

With most scam products you will not really find any creator to refer to which will leave you hopeless.

The creator is also experienced in the field which gives it more credibility.

  • Money back guarantee

The product is risk free which means that the if you use it and find that it did not help you, you can get a refund which shows that the creator is considerate.

More than that the money back guarantee also means that the creator is very confident about his product that it will work for people who use.

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Final analysis

This means that the product has a good element of being authentic.

Does Quietum really work?

There are only a few factors which will show us or tell us if this product actually works or not and these are the following:



As we have seen that the science is not 100% conclusive when it comes to validating this product’s effectiveness so we can not rely on that.

The next section is looking at what people are saying.

Most people do say this product is basically helping in natural health but the information is quite limited since the product is still new in the market and is yet to be explored or used by many people.

This means that there is limited information for checking the effectiveness of the product.

There are other natural supplements and one of them is the one I highly recommend and it is called Sonus Complete suppelement and SharpEar suppelement.

What is the Quietum Plus dosage?

Knowing how much of a supplement to take is vital so you will be able to take it will and get results quicker.

You only need to take one supplement with a glass of water so that you will be able to get the best health for your ears.

Final thoughts

Curing hearing loss or ear health is not an easy feat and that is the reason there has not been any good amount of conventional solutions.

Most have side effects and only work in the short term which shows that they are not ideal.

The new supplement called the Quietum Plus claims to help in this regard in a natural and easy way possible.

This is because of its natural ingredients which have been selected for ear health.

However after checking the science behind most ingredients they did not show a sign of being 100% effective due to the fact that most of the ingredients were mostly focusing on improving digestive system health.

The good thing about the product is that it has a visible creator and who has a lot of experience in the field of audiology.

This shows that the product is definitely not a scam since it is made by a person who has experience about this.

The product is also risk free which means you can be able to use the product and get a refund if you feel it did not help you.

This also shows how confident the creator is about this product.

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I hope this Quietum Plus Review was helpful to you and I hope it gave you value. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Quietum plus review

Well proced and natural

The product is very natural compared to other supplements although the research is not as I wanted or hoped for such a product.

Reader Comments

  1. Rick

    When it comes to medicine that is not approved or recognized by the food and drug industry I would not recommend it. You are taking a huge risk by putting something into your body that someone just threw together to make it look good. Like you said the ingredients do not help with hearing loss. Preventing from listing to loud noise and avoiding getting ear infections will help a lot in preventing hearing loss. If you already have hearing loss or have ringing in the ears go see a hearing specilist so they can help the right way.

    And stay away from anything that goes on your skin or on the inside that is made from China or India, they are known to make opinions products to the body.
    Thanks for the review

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Rick

      Good to hear your opinion. Indeed everyone is entitled to their option and also their choice in life. I do advice people to do what they want and if they see the facts of a product to decided for themselves. As for me I will always advocate natural remedies first because most of the time doctors end up giving you prescription drugs anyways which will give you side effects ( I have traumatic experiences with these and you can check my about pages for my difficulties with doctors).
      This is the reason I prefer something natural to me all the time and I also like the money back guarantee which you do not get with pharmacies.

  2. Jamie L.

    WOW! Great article. I appreciate the fact that you dove deep into the ingredients and pointed out they are all natural and how they play a part in ear health. It’s also good to know that someone who devoted his life to audiology research created this product. When a person puts their life and reputation on the line you know it must be legitimate. I’m in my 50’s and feel like I need to give this a try. I’ll keep you posted on my results.
    Stay Healthy!
    Jamie L.

    • Thabo Khoza

      hey Jamie

      I appreciate your words, My aim is a health research and fitness coach is to ensure I do all the work that is needed to be known as most of my clients always need to know about certain products.

  3. Schalk

    Thabo, sounds like an interesting product indeed and if it works as intended it will surely be a great help to many. However, as the product is still new to the market I personally would wait for more testimonials to be submitted before placing an order. Is the scientific study on these supplements published and available to read? Is it possible for you to provide a link to the scientific study? It is great to see that a money back guarantee is offered.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Thank you Schalk
      I am glad you enjoyed the review. Yes you can go in their site they have references for this. I can not go into it here as this is the brief research I did. And that is why I did research for different part myself on the science part.

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