Old school new body review-I finally found the truth

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Welcome to my unbiased review of the old school new body I hope it will make you make an informed decision for this program.

Obesity has become one of the most talked about topics and that is why you also see so many weight loss programs which are scams popping up like never before.

But do not worry that is why there are people like us committed to help everyone find the legit programs out of all the scam ones.

In this review I will be doing just that with the old school new body program, so sit back and read further to find the truth.

Without wasting any of you time let me get started.

Old school new body reviewOld school new body review

Program name: Old school new body review

Website: www.oldschoolnewbody.com

Creator: Steve Holman

Price: $20

Veganweight.com rating: 3.5 out of 5

What is the old school new body?

This is basically a program which claims to prevent you from aging or looking older so as to have a youthful look.

The program is also geared in fitness and that is why it promises to help you look younger as you know fitness is linked to health.


The program also aims to give you a lean and good-looking body while achieving the objective of making you look young.

Who created the programs?

As always if you have been reading my health/weight loss reviews you already know that I always make sure to look for the creator of the program to check authenticity.

The creator is Steve Holman who was an editor in chief for the Iron Man Magazine (for 25 years). He claims to have found the secret to slowing aging through his experience in this field.

old school new body review

After gathering lots of information he decided to start helping people do the same aspect he had done or proved his method worked for him.

The good news is that you can be assured that Steve is a real person who is health and fitness. He works together with Becky on my program just like this one.

Becky is a nutrition and lifestyle contributor to Iron Man for 10 years.

They are definitely not new when it comes to producing health and fitness programs like these; They have created the following programs before.

More than Steven has his own website for health which is called www.steveholman.com which is pretty legit.

Thus, we can be sure in saying they pass my first test for a program having a real person.

Now let us look at other components to see if this actually works or not or whether it is worth your money or not.

How does the program work?

old school new body review

The program works by the implementation of 3 protocol called the FX4 which you need to follow until completion.

The protocol is divided into 3 categories to help cater for different weight loss goal needs.

Here are the categories of how this program works:

  • The F4X lean part

This part is basically a rapid quick fix part of the program. The aim is for you to use high intensity exercises combined with the right meals so you can lose weight super fast.

  • F4X shape

This part is geared to give you a good shape of a young person by implementing tried and tested methods.

Here you will be doing lots of weight lifting exercises repeatedly for about 10 to 15 times.

Although you will be lifting weight but they will not be heavy and that is why you will be doing them repeatedly.

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This means anyone can do this even an old person who is a senior.

  • F4X Building Stage

The last stage is the building stage which you will be exercise to have huge and visible muscles.

Before you get scared, this part is not too different from part 2. The difference here is that it is a bit longer than stage 2 (F4X shape).

What are the features of the program?

Before purchasing anything you always want to know what you will get from this $20 you are investing in your health so this is why I put this part here.

I will list items you will get upon purchase.

In this program you will get the following once you purchase:

  • The old school new body main PDF

This is a book which is 101 pages and it is used mainly to help you understand the basics of weight loss and also how the program works.


It also has loads of instructions for exercises and guidelines how to do them step by step.

The book also has some diet and lifestyle tips on how best to eat for loosing weight effectively.

  • F4X quick Workout start guide

This is basically a quick summary of what the main manual really has. Most people use this to quickly get started without having to read the whole manual of 101 pages.

  • The ultimate fat burning secret

This is just a book full of tips for weight loss. You will get quick tips and strategies which will go well with the main program like the best way to relax your body and also the best food to have before sleeping.

  • The ultimate Muscle building Secret

This guide focuses on muscle generating using certain foods which enhance muscle development.

  • The ultimate sex and aging secret

This is a comprehensive guide for sparking your bedroom activity which will go along with helping you lose weight effortlessly.

The ultimate Happiness secret

This guide is for those who want to improve their emotions while loosing weight. It gives you the best foods to eat and best strategies for stress management and prevention.

Who is it for?

This program is not for everyone for sure so that is why I included this section so you will know if you are fit for this program.

  • People who are willing to work super hard for the results
  • People who are willing to read and follow instructions well.
  • People who do not need a mentor to tell them when to work out.
  • People who are not too busy after work hours

The verdict

Here is the part which you may have been waiting for (to see if it is legit or it is a scam?)

Well the simple answer is the program is not a scam. It is pretty legit and as I pointed before here are the reasons:

  • The creator is real

With most of this weight loss programs you hardly see the founder because he is either hiding to get money from people or they are plainly not there (someone operating a scam).

  • The program is comprehensive

With the $20 you really do get more than your investment since the features are a lot. This shows that Steve is looking to ensure you can all the help that is needed since he understands that nothing happens overnight.

Final thoughts

Weight loss programs are increasing like crazy these days due to the modern lifestyles which are causing some much obesity.

The problem is that most of the are scams and are not in it to help people thoroughly since they are not packaged well or they are too expensive

The old school new body is a good program since it has a real person behind it whom you can refer to should you run into a problem.

The program is also value for money due to what you get when you purchase it. I mean just for $20 and you get some many features.

Trust me I do a lot of weight loss and health program reviews and few of these programs are as comprehensive as this program.

Although this may make a person confused due to too much reading but you know you are getting something good with your $20.


This program is not for everyone so it is vital to ensure you check if it is for you or not before you purchase it.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was very useful to you. If you have any comments or questions you can leave them below.

Old school new body review

very comprehensive program

The program is one of the most comprehensive in the market of weight loss

Reader Comments

  1. Lee Goupil

    Honestly, I doubt they have any secret formula that you can’t find elsewhere.
    I do think however this is a legit program, and for $20 this is a great deal!

    I think its smart how they have an initial emphasis right away on seeing results, smart as I feel more people will complete the program.

    Thanks for the honest review.

  2. Srdjan

    Nice article and honest review. There is a lot of training courses and guides online, this one will help someone who is searching for the right fit. I did a fitness program ‘insanity’ last summer and the results were great but I must admit it is a very intense one. I think that choosing a fitness program and sticking with it for at least two months will definitely show results.

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