No Excuses body makeover review- Will you benefit from this program?

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Welcome to my no excuses body makeover review where I will be unloading my biased information about this program.

I would like to commend you, first of all, for doing your proper research to understand the program better before you purchase it. This will help avoid you getting involved in scams.

As I always say that obesity has become a huge pandemic and this is the reason people have decided to focus on weight loss programs which work.

Now it is safe to say some weight loss programs are fake and must not be looked at however some do work and require a discipline person.

So the no excuses body makeover is one of those programs which process you overall weight loss permanently.

Today I will look deep and thoroughly inside it and also check if their claim is in line with science or not.


Let’s get started then.

No excuses body makeover review

Name: No excuses body makeoverno excuses body makeover review

Website: >>Click here for website<<

Creator: Carolyn Hansen

Price: Trial $4,7 for 7 days. membership $27 per month rating: 3,4 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural program (no side effects)
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Creator is real
  • Creator is super experienced in the weight loss and fitness industry
  • Can be done from home


  • Only available online

No excuses body makeover overview

The no excuses body makeover is a weight loss program which is involves losing weight through guidance and mentorship.

The program was designed with the aim of helping people have a system of losing weight which can be guided so as to produce long-lasting results.


Unlike other programs you will have a community of accountability with your weight loss goals.

In the program you will not only focus on just one aspect of losing weight but a combination which will involve diet and exercising and as well as the mind.

No excuses body makeover review

When I discovered this I was happy because most weight loss programs that I reviews (as you might know) actually exclude the mind for weight loss.

I have been long since emphasizing the need to have your whole being mastered when it comes to not only weight loss but and goal a person wants to achieve.

Who is the creator/founder?

Like with all my review I like to go deep and find give some background with regard to the founder. This helps eliminate any scams that may be possible.

There are many programs with fake people behind it and do not want to reveal who they are.

Well when it comes to no excuses body makeover this is not the case. Not only is the founder visible but also very reputable.

The founder is Carolyn Hansen who is a certified fitness instructor and a health professional who owns a fitness studio to help many clients where she is a personal fitness coach.

Having these credentials in weight loss industry is crucial because it shows that she knows what she is talking about when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

Her status does not stop there at all. She also has written a good deal of health and weight loss books which have go on to be some most popular and well-read in the weight loss industry.

Below are some of here books:

  • The weight loss motivation bible
  • 21 days to healthy eating
  • Claim your six-pack abs
  • Hot metabolism
  • Hot legs workout
  • A whey of life
  • The best way to lose weight
  • 100 Healthy raw snacks and treats

How does it work?

Let us explore how the no excuse body makeover work so you know before your purchase.

This is basically a membership system whereby Carolyn will be mentoring your online using all her weight loss techniques.

No excuses body weight makeover review

You will get a membership card upon purchase which will be like your idea when you are in the program.

The program works in different phases of dieting and food eating and the support is done through email.

Features of the program

It is vital to know what you will be getting when you purchase any program and that is why I made sure to talk about this part.

This will help you also know if this is actually valued for money or not.

Here is what you will get with your investment in your health upon purchase:

  • Advanced fat loss strategies
  • Carolyn’s weight loss and fitness books
  • Email support
  • Carolyn’s tips and secrets from her 2 decades of bodybuilding
  • Motivational emails to keep you going
  • 7-day trial

As we can see that Carolyn actually goes above and beyond in wanting to help anyone who joins here membership lose weight but giving so much.

We should all know that the books I mentioned above which she normally sells is basically what gives you for free when your join the membership.



The most vital feature I saw is the 7-day trial because this enables you to be able to check for yourself if the program is for you or not.

This is basically taking away all the risk from you and towards her.

Does it agree with science?

Upon looking at Carolyn’s books the theme in them are a bit contrary  to what most people believe for weight loss.

One of the facts is:She believes you do not need daily exercise to reduce weight or to be small.

In most of her books she emphasis the muscle being damaged if it is being overused (like exercising everyday)..

Again most media platforms do kind of disagree with her but some top fitness and training platforms like do agree with her.

However, another major health site called does agree with her as it says that when you rest you allow muscles to build up.

She also says: Cardio does not make you thinner

Contrary to popular belief she says that cardio makes you get hungrier and tend to eat even more. This she says due to her experience working with clients and being a fitness personal trainer over the years

Again most of the health platforms tend to have a different view as they feel you tend to expel more energy when exercising.

I do agree with her view too as I have actually done an article about this called How to lose weight without running.

Given all these facts we can say that Carolyn does not abide by mainstream ideas because she has used ways which worked well for her so she believes it will help other people too like her clients.


No excuses body makeover review

Now there are a lot of testimonies for this program from real people online because Carolyn has helped many clients over the years to succeed so she is willing to hear testimonies from her clients.

This is because she believes a lot in her methods which have helped many people over the years.


The verdict

This is the part you have probably wanted to know: If the program is legit or a scam?

The answer is simple; The program is legit.

I have already mentioned the reason above but as a summary I will repeat them below:

  • The creator is a real person

It is very visible who the creator of the program is and that is why she even does a personal training membership for you to see her.

  • The creator is reputable

Unlike other programs where the creator just started a program to help him or herself a few months back with Carolyn she has done this all her life.

  • The program is risk free

Carolyn gives you no risk for 60 days to see for yourself if it will deliver the results or not. This means that you can try the program and ask for your money back after 60 days if you feel she hasn’t given you value.

This is a pretty bold move for a membership site I have to say.

Final thoughts

When it comes to weight loss most people are clueless of the journey and forget there so they end up going for any program.

However then doesn’t end well as most do not understand that weight loss is a journey not a sprint.

This is the reason the program called No Excuse body make over was created. It was to bridge that gap.

This is because the creator Carolyn has been in the weight loss and fitness industry for years and has seen what works better for people.

She has developed something which could be a journey so people will see the results they are looking for.

Many people are having raving reviews about the success of this membership program and I am sure anyone who is committed can achieve the same.

This is even better since the program is risk free for 60 days for anyone looking to try it out.


I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was useful. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to leave to engage or answer any questions.

No excuses body makeover review

The creator has a lot of experience and very helpful.

The membership weight loss program is helpful since as weight loss expert is helping you 24/7

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  1. Tom


    This is a really good review and well organised. During the lockdown I have become a lot lazier and I need to start getting fit again. I may take you up in this no excuses body makeover, it sounds like it could definitely benefit a lot of people.

    I’ll let you know if I do buy into this and if I start seeing results from it.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Tom

      I do try to make sure I dig deep. It is also great to see that you are looking to make yourself fit during coronavirus lockdown and I am sure most people are like you.

      Yes please let me know how it goes when you have tried it so I can probably update this review later when I have more people with results.

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