Neuropathy No More Review-Scam or legit?

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Welcome to my Neuropathy No More Review where I tell you all you need to know when it comes to this program so that you will be able to make up your mind at the end.

Neuropathy or any neuron problem can become a huge deal if not dealt with early and left to linger over a long period.

The Neuropathy No More is claims to help eliminate this condition for any person who is looking to eliminate it naturally.

However, we can not just trust anything so it is vital to have a deeper look at the program to ensure that we know the real facts.

This is what we will be doing here so you can get all the information that you need.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Neuropathy No More ReviewNeuropathy No More Review

Product name: Neuropathy No More

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator: Jodi Knapp

Price:$49 rating:4 out of 5

What is Neuropathy No More?

Neuropathy No More is program which is made to help get rid of the neuropathy in the most natural and simple ways which are often overlooked in conventional method.

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If have any neuron related condition like tingling and numbness you will know how frustrating this thing can be for you in your daily life.

The program is made to help address any issues that may be the root cause of such a problem related to neuropathy.

Who is the creator of Neuropathy No More?

It is vital to check who made the program so that you will know whether this is good to trust or not.

Luckily the program is made by a real person who is not only a well-known and reputable creator but he has also created many other successful health programs like the hypothyroidism solution and the Parkinson’s protocol.

He works with one of the biggest health organizations called Blue Heron Health News which focuses on coming up with natural health programs for different conditions which normal conventional health centers fail to treat.

How does the Neuropathy No More work?

Now that we have seen how the program works it is now time to take a look at how the program actually works.

You will be getting a holistic approach when it comes to eliminating your problem.

The program works by helping you incorporate good diet for your health and also focuses on your gut health.

It has been shown that disease like neuropathy are more of a side effects of many common illness thus it is vital to address the actual illnesses first before proceeding.

This is the reason that the program focuses on enhancing your gut system so that the bacteria that is needed for helping you get health will thrive.

The bacteria are also something that is hard for people to control and thus that is why the program focuses mainly on giving you the best food combinations you need and also what food you need to avoid.

If you can be able to follow what is laid out in this program (according to Jodi) then in no time you will be able to get the benefits for yourself.

You will also learn the fundamentals of what causes neuropathy so that it will be easier for you to be able to avoid having such an issue in the future.

Besides food the program has other ways one can use to be able to manage and get rid of the neuropathy problem and here is a summary of these:

  • Diet

The diet is what I talked about when I mentioned the food that you will be eating to help get rid of the issue.

Jodi knows that the diet is one of the most influential parts of this whole thing of neuropathy and that is why there is a huge sections showing you not just the right food but how to prepare these.

  • Supplements

You will also be told about the best supplements when it comes to weight loss so that you will be able to help enhance the effect of your diet and become healthier.

  • Movement

Movement are also other aspect talked about and you are told why and how it actually works and influences your whole situation.

Knowing the right movements will be good for helping you get rid of neuropathy over a long period.

  • Mindset

Mindset are also addressed and you are told about how your mind can control your habits which can end up causing a great effect on your neuropathy elimination.

What are the features of Neuropathy No More?

When you purchase the program you will be able to get immediate access to the program and the program is essentially a book.

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This means that you will need to not mind reading at all otherwise it will not really work.

Here are the topics of the book which you will get:

  • List of food which you can get at the supermarket for neuropathy elimination.
  • List of food that you need to fully avoid.
  • Food quantities that you will be needing
  • Food preparation

Benefits of the Neuropathy No More

Below are the benefits that you will get from purchasing the program which will be helpful for your journey.

  • Enhanced gut health.
  • Body feeling lighter and less sluggish.
  • Drug-free method.
  • No huge expenses.

What does the science say about Neuropathy No More principles?

Let us now look and see if science does back what the program is on about. I will look at some few aspects of the program:

  • “Diet and neuropathy”

According to mayoclinic the one of the best ways to get rid of any neuropathy related condition is through a good diet.

This is why Jodi talks about this aspect a lot on this program.

  • “Certain movements are required for getting rid of neuropathy”

According to NHS.UK Most people who are treated for neuropathy are subjected to physiotherapy which helps them be able to get rid of the issue in the long run.

This is why any form of movement (if done well) can help in this regard).

Mayoclinic also states the same findings.

Is the Neuropathy No More a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting to hear where I tell you whether this program is a scam or not. If you have been reading until here you may already know that the program is not a scam at all.

Just to emphasize here are the reasons I say this:

  • Creator is real and an expert

Having a real creator is key in helping us know we are dealing with someone we know has a good history and also has made other successful programs.

This is what Jodi has since the creation of his other programs.

  • Scientifically backed.

As we have seen that science does back most of what the program talks about which gives us a good foundation of trust and knowing we are dealing with a program which works well.

  • Money back guarantee

Having money back guarantee is great in showing us that the creator is not only considerate of others but that he trust the program will work for any person by giving a risk free factor.

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Who is Neuropathy No More for?

The program is essentially for any person who has nay of the following conditions:

  • Too much unexplained tingling in the body
  • Lack of body sensation somewhat
  • People who have tried normal medication and still have no help
  • People willing to try natural remedies

Is the Neuropathy No More safe?

When you look to start any online program or consume any product it is always a good idea to know if it will be safe for you or not.

So this program is safe because you will know be using any drugs which may have side effects. The only thing is that you are advised which supplements to talk which are natural and will not harm your body at all.

All you need is to down load start reading and follow the instructions of food preparations and also doing the simple movements and mindset tasks that are set out.

Final Thoughts

Neuropathy is one of the most overlooked conditions in normal medicine and that is why there is less focus on people who have such.

One reason is because this condition is usually a side effects of other conditions/disease in the body.

This makes many people get misdiagnosed and not find the right solution at the end.

Neuropathy is a natural program which helps with getting rid of the issue easily without too much medication or any other aspect.

The other thing is that the program was created by a well known health expert who has made other natural program for different solutions.

This is why the program is sought after by many people who have tried conventional methods and they did not work.

The good thing with this program is that it is natural and needs no medication or drugs as it is based on 4 methods for holistic healing which are:

  • Diet
  • Mindset
  • Movement
  • Supplement

The other good thing is that the program is risk free which means you can use it and if you find that it is not helpful then you can be able get a refund, no questions asked.

>>Try the Neuropathy No More Risk Free yourself here<<

This shows how confident the creator is about the program’s effectiveness.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

Reader Comments

  1. Katrina Curry


    I have to agree with the author, that diet is one of the best medicines for the body. Our nervous system is such an intricate system, and if we don’t feed our bodies the right foods, then we’re ultimately destroying it. It would be like feeding bacteria a diet of viruses, and hoping it thrives.

    I think that when it comes to our health, nutrition plays a huge role in how we feel. Foods, for as long as we’ve been around, have been our fuel. Now, almost everything is processed and devoid of any nutritional value. Yet, more and more people consume these fake foods and feel like they’re living, when it fact, they’re killing us.

    I would be very interested in the nutritional aspects of this book, even if I don’t think I suffer from the neurological issues directly. But I do know some people that do, so this would help them out for sure!

    Thanks for sharing this!


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey katrina

      I am happy to hear that you know quiet a bit when it comes to health and you are willing to also explore more in the book to help those you love.
      The creator is quiet experienced as knowledgeable about this subject indeed and gives u great amount of trust.

  2. Matthew/Deloris

    This article is relevant to me because I have tingling in the bottom of my feet when I get up fast anytime.
    We are going to check this out further we want to see what diet this consists of.
    Willing to put the effort to get the right diet going so that my neuropathy will go away I have it in my right foot.
    My toes tingle like I just jumped off of a swing set as a kid, this is just getting up and going to the other side of the room.
    Want to see more of this program and what we have to do we are willing participants and all in to stop the pain in my feet and toes.
    Great article we are benefiting from this and want to know more like always.
    My wife is always trying to find things that will help me with my neuropathy and we might have found our fingers crossed.


    • Thabo Khoza

      I am so sorry to hear this about you and I know that tingling can be a bad thing because I have had this in the past and it can be very bad to detail with in general.
      I think this program can be very useful in this regard for you and can help you a lot. You can check it out risk free and let me know what benefits you get from it if any> i would like to do an updated review of it here on the website.

  3. Rob

    Sounds like a good program based on sound principles. It is incredible what simply adjusting our diet can do. Learning how to eat a healthy diet is so important to many aspects of our lives to include as your article has explained Neuropathy. It’s amazing how most people would rather go visit a doctor and get subscribed all sorts of concoctions instead of simply focusing on good nutrition.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Rob

      You are so right about people just going to Doctors instead of healing themselves.
      For me this was a game changer and it helped me so much to the point that I did not want to visit a doctor ever again. That’s is the reason I always encourage people to do the same thing too.

  4. Randi

    I am so glad I came across this review! I have fibromyalgia and I know that diet changes did WONDERS for me! It really does change how you feel when you put good God food in you instead of process and refined sugars and salts. It’s like I decided to stop putting prune juice in my engine, and started to use gasoline again. 🙂
    Thank you so much!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Randi

      I am glad you are preaching the gospel of good and natural food and I am happy it did improve your life too. I also had such an issue but through good diet all of that is gone now.

  5. Tom

    Hi Thabo,

    I have to admit, I have never heard of neuropathy. That is my ignorance and probably a lot more people around the world too. But, it is very important and I need to focus a lot more on my diet.

    I am an up and down person when it comes to diet. I can go weeks without eating any rubbish, I eat only healthy, exercise, no alcohol or anything unhealthy. But, after a while I fall off the wagon and get a take away or two, or three. Then I’ll have a good night out with a few drinks. Then I won’t exercise because I’m still recovering from the night out.

    I need to have a healthy diet ALL the time if I am going to do what this guy say and get rid of neuropathy.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for sharing your excellent review.

    All the best,


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Tom

      Great to hear your experience and thank you for sharing this with us. I guess we all have to do some work when it comes to ensuring that we stay on course and this product describes all the aspects that can be helpful for us and if we are able to follow this then good things can happen for us.

  6. Ceci

    Hi Thabo,
    This is an interesting topic. It is amazing what a healthy diet can do to the body and this is often overlooked by many people when they have a medical conditon. It should always be the main starting point.

    What I like about this program is that it provides a recommended list of foods to buy as well as a list of foods to eliminate from one’s diet. Providing the required quantities and method of preparation is hugely important and i am delighted that this is also available. This is because incorrectly preparing certain vegetables and foods can denature the nutrients.

    I have a friend who suffers from tingling in the feet and will recommend the prgram to her.


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Ceci

      Glad to have you back on the website. Programs which give us a good food choice are usually the best according to me as you are not restricted to one food or food group.
      I know that when I had such a condition I also neglected many aspects of my body. So yeah we do tend to get distracted and not look at the diet when we are not well.

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