My back pain coach review- The truth about this program

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Welcome to my back pain coach review where I will be telling you more about the works of this program in your life and whether to trust it or not.

I have talked a lot on my previous health program reviews and posts about how back pain can lead to many long term problems especially if you are overweight.My back pain coach review

In fact according to spine doctors say that they have found that if a person who is overweight loses weight even slightly their back pain improves.

This is because the spine is exerted on with loads of weight if a person is overweight and causes the spine to get pressure.

So this the reason you need to deal with both back pain and weight loss for you are overweight.

However, the “my back pain coach program” is designed to help you get rid of back pain whether you are slim or overweight according to their claims.

So let us see how true their claims are according to my experience and research.

My back pain coach reviewMy back pain coach review

Name: My back pain coach

Website: Click here for website

Price: $67

Bonuses: Yes

Creator: Ian Hurt

Veganweight rating: 4 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Very intensive program which I believe is worth your money
  • Easy to follow since it is mainly based on a video system that you follow.
  • The creator is real (Ian Hart)
  • You can do this program at the comfort of your home.
  • No drugs needed
  • No side effects
  • No need to buy other expensive gym or exercise equipment
  • No huge promises of quick fixes
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Online available online
  • Will need your dedication and time to see results

My back pain coach overview

This section talks about what the program actually entails.

My back pain coach (also known as back relief 4 life) is a natural back pain relief video course which you need to follow for 3 months so get maximum relief you need.


The program is centered around a 16-minute unique movement which is said to change your life and back pain problem.

The program in itself is 90 minutes in total but divided into different levels which are need to be done of 3 months.

When I purchased the program I was met with a series of videos and these videos are the core foundation of the program and this is what makes this program unique.

Who is the creator?

To be able to know a program well we need to at least know the person behind is real and credible and see if he or she has gone through the journey themselves.

The program was created by Ian Hart who says he used to suffer from back pain a lot over the years. After he discovered how to eliminate a problem for himself he later helped others and thus the reason for this program.

Knowing that Ian , the creator of my back pain coach is a real person and has undergone the program himself after he created gives us huge believe and transparency.

This also helps us be able to trust the program even more.

How does the program work?

My back pain coach review

This is a natural course which is based on unique movements in the body and spin which need to be done over time to achieve back pain relief over time.

The program is divided into 3 levels which individually last for 30 minutes. This makes the program have a total time of 90 minutes.

This is one of the most systematic program or course out there because you will be following what Ian tells you to do for those 90 minutes.

All the levels are connected together in that one level prepares the body for the next level. For example to get the benefits of level 2 you need to have done level 1 of the program.

Now, you might be thinking ” so does this mean the program will last only for 90 minutes then I am done?

Noooo! far from it.

You will need to focus on each level for 3 weeks before going to the next level. In fact Ian does emphasizes the importance of doing this.

Remember repetition is the mother of skill and this will also condition your body and its alignment.

Just like you would not only go to the gym for a day and expect to get the results it is important that you also treat the program the same as gym.

The program is more than just showing you movements as Ian has been generous enough to even give you information about warming up your body before doing the exercises.

What are the features of the program?

My back pain coach review

Now before buying something is vital to known what you will be getting so you will known if it is value for money or not.

This section I explore just that for you.

With my back pain coach I can safely say the program is worth and penny and you do known how critical I am when it comes to back pain programs.

This is the first one I have immense confidence in because of what Ian gives you and his transparency, Here is what you get:

  • DVD course

You will get a video series which will guide you through the whole process. The person who will guide you is Ian Hart to make sure you benefit.

  • Bonuses

The next thing Ian gives you are tons of bonuses. In fact, I have never seen a program giving so many bonuses upfront like Ian’s program.


This shows how much he wants people to succeed and I known this because I review health programs daily and none come close with bonuses and transparency.

So what are the bonuses you will get? They include the following:

  1. “The begin your day” video program
  2. One on one coaching with Ian
  3. 10 targeted coaching video sessions for back pain relief
  4. Follow along videos with music
  5. Instant access to videos online

When I saw these bonuses I was like “Ian should be charging more for this actually” because the value is too much.

The science backing for the program

My back pain coach review

Let’s see if this program actually correlates with science so we known if it covers all angles or not.

In the program he forces on “releasing hip flexors with movements”

According to jogging or sitting for prolonged hours lead to the tightening of hip flexors and there is muscle imbalances.

This cause the tightening of hips also called hip flexors and thus causes lower back pain.

The program talks about “unloosing tight hamstring which cause lower back pain.”

According to spine-health this is true as they say hamstrings are connected to the back of the knee which is connected to the hip and eventually the lower back.

They also regard hamstring exercises as one of the best ways to relief lower back pain like Ian’s program

We can see that science does agree with this program a lot and in fact they recommend these methods.


Now Let’s look at what people are saying about this program so you can see yourself if it works or not.

I will start with my one first:

Personal testimony: I did the exercises as I wanted to merely get a strong core for my dancing. The stretches were simple but I felt some might be a little bit of a challenge especially if you are too old.

But than again it does have some adjustments if you can not do some exercises like lying in bed.

Here are other testimonies online:

My back pain coach review

my back pain coach review

My back pain coach review

As you can see there are raving reviews with the program and Ian does respond to you personally if you feel you it doesn’t help you.

This too me is the greatest transparency I have ever seen on any health program I have ever reviewed.

The verdict

my back pain coach review

Now this is the part where I say my final decision for the program, whether it is a scam or legit and if it works or not.

You may already known that I rate this program highly and I do trust that it is 100% legit and it works 100%.

Here are the reasons why the program is legit and it works:

  • The creator is real and credible

Ian Hart doesn’t hide at all as you can see him on Social media (Facebook) and also you can get to talk to him if you have problems with the program.

Now, when have you ever heard such a program?

  • The creator went through the journey and helped others too

besides that Ian is helping other he is also a victim of back pain has also tested his program before giving and releasing to us.

I don’t known about you but I like using a program which the creator has used and trusts it.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

To show how confident Ian is he even gives you a money back guarantee so you will be risk-free for 60 days.

I personally love getting a 30-day money back guarantee, However, Ian goes a step further and gives you an extra 30 days which equates to 60 days free of risk.

This shows how confident he is with his program.


  • Back up by science

All the science correlates to this program exactly and all the exercises are recommended by science too. This shows that you are doing something that is safe.

  • Raving testimonies

Online most people, including myself, are raving about how this program is great and how it is the best for back pain.

The Facebook testimonies I showed are evidence to this fact too.

Who is the program for?

It is also another vital aspect that we know who the program is best suited for.

To be honest the program is suited for any person who is looking to cure any type of back pain because the exercises here do target all the back muscles.

However it can only work for people who are willing to follow the steps Ian suggest for about 2 months as this is not a quick fix but a way to help condition your body so it takes care of the root cause of all the back pain you may have.

Since the program works by realigning the back muscles and spine it needs a bit of time for your body to align all of these together.

So if you are willing to have patience for this you may be able to achieve the results you are looking for.

Is My Back Pain Coach  safe?

This program is one of the most safest programs I have come across for back pain since it accommodates any person at any age.

Other programs generally end up having exercises which are unrealistic to do especially for old aged people or women which make them hard to be able to use them and benefit.

This program is made with all of those aspects in consideration. I have given my partner to also use for her back problems and she did not complain about the program at all.

Final thoughts

Back pain is one of the most often talked about issues everyone because majority of people face this feat at some point in their lives.

The issue is that most people end up going or looking for surgery or drugs to fix the problem.

This only results in damage to the body and also there are huge side effects which come with this route of solving the problem.

Although prevention is better the cure most people end up having a problem even before they could think of preventative measures.

Luckily there is a program which is natural that is called my back pain coach which was developed my Ian Hart with the intention to help anyone with back pain.

The program uses unique movements that have to be done for about a few weeks to get relief.

The exercises or movements are done through watching videos and following the course until you get permanent relief.

The program works well as most people love it and on top of this it is backed by science so you are safe.

The other great thing is that the program is risk free for 60 days where you can recoup your money if you feel you do not benefit, with no questions asked.


This is because Ian Hart is very confident about the results from his program.

I hope you enjoyed my review. If you have nay questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I would like to engage with you.


Very authentic and effective

Everything about the program is transparent from the creator to the information and testimonials. The best program out there.

Reader Comments

  1. Rajith

    Hey, Very useful article. I find more and more people are suffering from backpains. ( including myself) . One of the main reasons could be incorrect postures, right?
    This could be very useful for all.

  2. Tina

    Very thorough article and information. It’s nice to get first hand information from someone who has actually used the product. Being a caregiver for a disabled spouse as well as preferring everything as natural as possible this was a very helpful article.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Tina
      Yeah having first hand use is very useful so you know even better how a program really is. I am happy to hear you like natural program such as these. Hopefully this can help you on your journey to back pain.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hello Marybeth

      Thank for your comment. To be honest since I am not a doctor so I wouldn’t be able to say if it will heal it or not. The only thing I say is that it worked for my back pain.
      The program is focused on balancing muscles and aligning the spine.
      With my understanding sciatica is more to do with the nerves. When I went to a physiotherapist when I had back pain he said if you align the spine it helps take away pain of the sciatica of which he gave me exercises.
      However for me I never finished what the physiotherapist recommended since I ended up buying this program to help me.

      So I would rather say check it out yourself for 60 days and if it doesn’t help you after following it religiously than get your money back as it has a 60 day money back guarantee.

      Also Ian is a good guy you can contact him if you have any issues with anything in the program.

      I hope this helps you.

  3. Tony Soares

    Hi Thabo,
    Is this program designed as a maintenance exercise, something you do for the rest of your life to maintain spinal balance, or only until the pain goes away, and then you can stop it? What is recommended?
    Also, my wife gets neck and shoulder pain, really bad at times, and she regularly goes to a chiropractor to get relief but it keeps coming back. Do you know if this program helps with upper back and/or neck pain?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Tony
      Sorry to hear that about your wife. I hope she gets better. The program works to get rid of the pain for good and since Ian does exercises the exercises are designed to help return your body to its normal relaxed and well aligned manner.

      I had a upper back problem and I can say that the program did contribute in terms of helping me less restrained as I am a sports person who is always active.

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