Mushroom growing 4 You Review-Scam or legit?

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Welcome to my Mushroom Growing 4 your Review where I will give you my unbiased review so you can make your own mind at the end.

How many times you wanted to grow your own mushrooms in your backyard but couldn’t gather the courage to start off?

It could be because the thought of buying expensive equipment and controlling the overall atmosphere to grow your mushrooms intimidates you.

That’s understandable! Anyone would be put off with this much tedious work and the mess it could possibly cause.

There are numerous videos and guides available in the market that aim to teach you mushroom growing techniques. Still, they don’t seem to be well organized for beginners.

“Mushroom growing 4 You” stands out from the rest on this particular feature, that it is specifically designed for beginners who are just starting off and have no idea where to start from.

Why Mushrooms in the Market are Unsafe to Use

It is a known fact that mushrooms are of two kinds, i.e., poisonous and edible. While there’s no chance one could choose a poisonous mushroom to eat, there’re fair chances of an edible mushroom being toxic to a certain extent.

Mushrooms are grown on agricultural lands in a controlled environment. However, insects, pests, and rodents can easily find their way through to attack these plants and eat them off.

Therefore, to keep the ticks, mosquitoes, bugs, flies, and rats away, pesticides (insecticides and rodenticides, to be specific) are sprayed on agricultural crops (1), including mushrooms.

Mushrooms are known for their highly absorbent nature and are often referred to as sponges. When pesticides are sprayed over an edible mushroom, it absorbs the pesticide contents and becomes toxic to eat.

Copious studies have unveiled the risks associated with pesticide consumption and its adverse effects, from mild dizziness to cancer, reproductive and endocrine abnormalities (2).

It is better and pretty much safer to grow organic mushrooms in your very own backyard to avoid all these lethal health hazards.

Now the question is, how is it possible for someone who has never grown anything before and who also can’t go without eating mushrooms?

This is where “Mushroom growing 4 You” jumps in!

Purpose of Mushroom growing 4 You

Mushroom growing 4 You is a complete guide on how to grow healthier and fresher mushrooms, all organically and without the use of any chemical.

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The best part of this guide is the way it’s formulated. Anyone who can read can follow this manual and grow his own mushrooms just by sticking to the creator’s directions.

If you’re someone who loves to eat mushrooms without compromising health with pesticides encompassed toxic mushrooms, this is the ultimate answer for all your needs.

Mushroom growing 4 You is probably the best manual guide out there for farmers who want to harvest mushroom crops with improved potency, moisture, and growth.

It teaches flawless mushroom growing techniques with the help of texts and video tutorials at each step. Unlike ordinary tutorials that we watch on the internet, you won’t find yourself guessing the next step every now and then.

Jake White (the creator) has put everything in such an easy-to-understand fashion that you will fall in love with the cultivation of mushrooms.

Who is the creator?

Jake White is the creator of this miraculously incredible guide. He is a certified organic farmer, which means he has good knowledge about all the ins and outs of organic farming and how organic farming is better than the commercial one.

One more reason to buy “Mushroom growing 4 You” is that Jake specializes in growing mushrooms organically.

Before you buy the package, it’s essential to know the author’s relevant experience in this particular area so you can trust him. Being an expert in mushroom cultivation, Jake holds all the credibility to create this course and teach inexperienced mushroom growers. (3)

Contents of this guide

The contents of this guide are packed with colossal practical information with actionable easy-to-perform steps. A descriptive demonstration about what you get in this package is as follows –

  • Over 155 pages with easy-to-understand illustrations and guidelines.
  • Videos in High Definition quality guide you through the manual step-wise.
  • Optimizing mushroom’s growth by forming and keeping the desirable atmosphere.
  • How to grow delicious mushrooms naturally on your first go?
  • What are the unique techniques for enhancing mushroom’s growth, potency, and moisture?
  • The Grain Method – whole procedure from cultivation to harvesting the mushrooms.
  • The BRF Method –whole procedure from cultivation to harvesting the mushrooms.
  • How can you make a Still Air Glove Box using inexpensive materials?
  • How to create your own Incubation Chamber for mushrooms?
  • How can you build your own Fruiting Chamber in a matter of minutes?
  • Handy tools to help you grow mushrooms at home in the most convenient way possible.
  • How to appropriately harvest your mushrooms?
  • What’s agar, and how is sterilization done?
  • And other useful information relevant to mushroom growth.

How much does the Mushroom growing for you cost?

The total cost of this wonderful practical guide is only $37. However, sales and discounts are frequently being offered on the official website. You can try your luck!


Here I’ve explained a few significant benefits that you will get in this package –

  • The most desirable benefit of buying this guide is that it allows you to consume the healthiest quality mushrooms.
  • No pesticide exposure is encouraged throughout this guide, which means it is 100% free of toxic chemicals.
  • You will get mushrooms enriched with healthy nutrients and vitamins.
  • Affordable enough for an ordinary waged person to invest in.
  • Powerful illustrations to help you picture the whole mechanism from cultivation to harvesting. Making it super comprehendible for even a child.
  • Effective guidance bit by bit throughout the guide.
  • The author has adopted tremendously effective methods to elaborate the slightest detail in Mushroom growing 4 You.
  • Jake has six extra e-books that he provides as bonus material with Mushroom growing 4 You. These books are exclusively created for those who are interested in expanding their mushroom growing hobby to a commercial level.
  • Easy to access PDFs with beautiful illustrations and video tutorials to help you understand what the procedure actually looks like.
  • Many customers have reported over 25% growth in their mushroom yields. That’s enough social proof of what this miraculous guide has brought to its customers.
  • Once you’ve made an order, you will immediately receive the PDF in your email. You can access it anytime in your life.
  • The author offers free consultations for his customers on how to begin with his course and what pre-requisites are needed to start with. He cheerfully answers his customer’s queries regarding this guide.
  • It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can send the purchase back to Jake, and he will reimburse you.
  • The site keeps offering you discounts. So, if you’re lucky, you can even get a 50% discount on the official website.
  • No location barriers. You can purchase and access it from anywhere in the world.


There are a few cons to it, too.

  • You can only find it online in PDF form.
  • No hardcopy available
  • It’s only available on their official website.
  • If you’re out of the internet, you won’t be able to buy it.

What do the Customers have to say about Mushroom growing 4 You?

Alice Carla on Goodreads

“Jake’s Mushroom growing 4 You eBook is a very thorough guide on how to grow organic mushrooms in your house. Not only is it in the PDF, but also there are a series of instructional videos that give examples to follow and have better results. Mushrooms always require a proper environment to grow but, the difference between Mushroom growing 4 You and other guides I found, is that Mushroom growing 4 You doesn’t ask you to out of your way to create this environment. Making the project easier and enjoyable. So, basically, you can create a good environment for your mushrooms to grow better with things you have at home.” (4)

Yaritza Layla on Goodreads

“I have to say that the author of this system really knew what he was doing. This is because he has put together some really amazing tips here. The information in this program worked for me very well. It is an affordable product and the returns are really amazing.” (5)

Is Mushroom Growing for you a scam?

A lot of people may turn around and call it a scam without even giving it a try! Rude isn’t it? However, to provide my readers with facts and real deals, I’ve crawled through countless pages on the internet to gather the most genuine reviews.

I’ve found people are extremely satisfied with Mushroom growing 4 You and how it’s so comprehensive.

Customers believe that Mushroom growing 4 You is written in such an easy-to-comprehend manner that even a child can understand the whole procedure. (6)

Furthermore, the author’s 60 days’ money-back guarantee makes it even desirable to be bought. Although the cost is quite affordable for a mushroom lover to invest in, the author understands the value of credibility and trust. It’s the most commendable attribute of a seller to value their customers’ money and time.

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Final thoughts

For this product, my final thoughts are clear as crystal. It’s worth your money and time if you are looking to grow your own mushrooms and really want to ditch those toxic pesticide-filled ones available in the market.

Another astounding benefit of growing your own mushrooms is that you can easily make a business out of it.

Mushrooms Growing 4 You is a carefully designed guide by a certified organic farmer who specializes in the safe cultivation of mushrooms.

It comes with free bonus material for gardeners to help them in various tactful areas.

For me, it’s the way to go for a healthy and poison-free mushroom love!

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I hope you enjoyed the review and I hope it gave you the value you are looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below.

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