Morning fat melter review-Read before purchase

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Welcome to my morning fat melter review where I take you on a full unbiased review so that you will be able to make your own informed decision about the program.

Losing weight is on top of many people’s list however losing weight is not an easy feat and to many people they end up letting it happen.

This is why there is are high statistics when it comes to obesity which is growing yearly especially due to our lazy and not-so healthy lifestyle.

Many people use drugs to get rid of this issue however this always ends up being just a short term solution since the weight rebounds.

Many programs which come usually work for certain people because they may be able to follow the routine outlined for them.

However, the morning fat melter claims to help just about any person who is willing to do simple tricks to help them lose weight for the long term.

However, we will be looking if their claims are valid and if the program works or not.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Morning Fat Melter ReviewMorning Fat Melter Review

Program name: Morning Fat melter

Website: >>Click Here<<

Creator: Dawn Sterrit & Aline Pilane

Price: $37 rating: 3 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural program
  • Very affordable
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Many success stories currently
  • Exercise are simple and easy to follow


  • Co-Author does not exist
  • Program only available online

What is the morning fat melter?

The morning fat melter is a weight loss program that says it has the secrets on how to use nutrition and simple tactics to help you lose weight.

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The program promises to be unique and to give you only the best when it comes to shrinking your weight as you will not use any drugs.

Just like many other programs I have reviewed it is wise to look at the creator.

So who is the creator?

Knowing a creator will help us know if we are dealing with a real person or not and if you can have the trust for the program.

The creator for this program is Dawn Sterrit who says she is an ordinary woman just like you and was able to find the solution for her weight loss on a trip.

However, I found out that Dawn is actually not a real person and the pictures used on the program are not really hers.

This is because the pictures in the program are taken from another website called of a woman called Michelle Author.

The creator goes on to talk about her story of how she lost weight by saying that she lost weight after she discovered a secret method after going on a holiday trip with her daughter.

On her trip she says she met a lady called Aline who gave her the nutrition secret which is called the 4 herb nutrition and exercises.

After using this secret she says she lost about 4 dress sizes in 120 days after which her daughter also followed through with the program.

This story is similar to many I have heard and there is nothing wrong with it however I just do not like that the program uses fake pictures of someone else.

Now that we know that the creator is not real it is time to take a look at the rest of the program to actually see if it does have an element of being trusting and if it is real or not.

However, I also forgot to mention that Aline Pilani is a real person as she has her own blog where she helps people.

Morning Fat Melter Review

She even has a section where you can even ask her any questions when you are trying to lose weight. The only thing I didn’t like was that the dawn person is not real and is advertised as if she is real

How does the morning fat melter work?

This weight loss program works by helping you burn fat on many parts of the body like the hips, arms and legs by using nutrition and exercise which is simple and easy.

You will learn the following on the program:

  • Revving up your metabolism
  • Breathing correctly
  • Making the right meal plans
  • Best and simple weight loss exercises

Let’s talk about each section briefly ( I don’t want to spoil it for you):

  • Revving up your metabolism

You will learn techniques to make your body burn fat fast so that you will have long term weight loss. The methods will be required to be done even after the program so that you keep your body going.

  • Breathing correctly

You will also learn the importance of breathing which is said to help you with your overall health so that you do not have a problem with weight loss.

It will tell you why you need to be a high energy person so you can lose weight easily and this is why you need to get more oxygen into your body so you can lose weight.

  • Making the right meals

The reason most people fail to lose weight is due to the fact that they can’t make the right meals consistently which will help with weight loss.

The program will guide you with recipes to have and how to prepare all your meals throughput the day.

  • Best and simple weight loss exercises

You will also get the current best weight loss exercise for weight loss so that you will never have a problem with losing weight again.


What is in the morning fat melter

Before you purchase a program it is worthwhile to actually check what you will get on your purchase so that you can see if it is worth the buck or not.

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I have to commend the program on this part because you actually get loads of information with just a fraction of the price you would get if you go to a specialist of personal weight loss instructor.

So what do you get?

Here are the things you will get when you purchase the program:

  • The morning fat melter manual
  • The video course
  • The meal plan
  • The workout videos and manual

Morning fat melter workout DVD

You will also be getting the DVD guide on your purchase which will go hand in hand with your manual.

This means that if you prefer to watch someone doing it live and follow along the DVD part will be great for you.

The program will have exercises you will have to practice on your own daily which will be good for your long term weight loss program.

The DVD can also be used if you want to double check what the manual was trying to say.

This will consist of 9 videos which have about an hour of watch time in total. This will be enough to last you for a few months.

What does the science say about the program?

Just like with all my reviews I make sure to look at the science behind a program that I decide to use so that I will be sure it works.

On this one I will be doing just the same too. I will look at all the claims individually to verify them:

  • Breathing for increasing energy” for weight loss

According to it confirms that the best way to boost your energy is to use deep breathing exercises throughout the day which will help.

This is exactly what the program advocates and teaches you (deep breathing exercises).

Is morning fat melter a scam?

After doing a lot of analysis we can see that the program is not a scam however it has some few elements which are questionable such as the co-owner’s identity.

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But all in all it is legit. Here are the reasons why I say this:

  • Aline is a real person

beside Dawn who is obviously a scam, Aline has credibility due to the fact that she helps people on a daily basis on her website.

  • You get more value for what you pay for

Not many programs give you so much with only $37. Here you get a manual and DVDs on top of that and other items such as meal plan.

This shows that the creator is at least prepared to see you achieve your dreams.

Does morning fat melter work?

When it comes to answering if the program works or not it is vital that we look at factors which answer to this such as testimonies or the science.

When it comes to the science we have already seen that the program’s claims are in fact validated without a doubt by many top health websites.

This alone validates that what the program is giving you should work and is not a scam of some sort.

The program also has a 60-day money back guarantee which shows that the creator is very confident about the fact that the program will actually help you lose weight by saying she will refund you if you do not get any help or different within the 60 days.

Most programs normally give you a 30-day money guarantee or no money back guarantee because they are not as confident that their program will help you.

This one is different and is easy to follow so you will be able to know withing a month if it is working for you or not.

If you are looking for other programs which I gave a higher rating due to having the real creators or creator here are my best pick:

Final thoughts

When it comes to weight loss it is vital that we look at ways which will work effectively and will be able to help our weight loss be permanent.

The morning fat melter promises this and also promises to take you step by step to achieve you weight loss.

Upon checking the program I could see that the program has many questionable facts such as the co-creator called Dawn who does not exist.

The other facts are just many things added which do not really show authenticity. I know this could be a sales strategy however the issue is that it shows lack of truth.

However, all the science shows that the program does have claims which are valid and backed by some top health websites.

However, the program gives you more value than what you actually bargain for and it a very low price.

The program also gives you a risk free 60 days to try it and if you see no results you can than get refunded.

>>Try the Morning Fat Melter Program risk free yourself here<<

This shows that the creator is at least very confident about the fact that the program will help you lose weight.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope it was useful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Glenn

    If there is ANYTHING deceptive about a product or service I just stay away. If they are deceptive in one area I’d be concerned they could be deceptive in others. For example, there are many online offerings that say, “Risk Free”. However, After the 60 days it is difficult, if not impossible to retrieve the money you purchased with if the product or service doesn’t meet it’s claims. So, my family and I will not be purchasing the Morning Fat Melter,

    Thank you for your research that enabled you to give an transparent and honest review

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Glenn

      Yes you are right and that is why It is vital that you make your own decison when it comes to such products indeed.
      I also did not like the deception factor they have.
      Good luck with your weight loss with your family.

  2. Alyse

    Thank you for this great info on the morning fat melter. It’s a very interesting program that I will recommend to my friend. It’s also great that it has a 60day money back guarantee. Have you used this program or any like it?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Alyne

      Thank you for your feedback. I am glad you enjoyed this review. Yeah the 60 day money day is great.
      I have not tried it myself but I have done in depth research to check if it will work or not.

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