Mindbody Matrix Pain Cream Review 2020- Is this a scam?

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Welcome to my Mindbody matrix pain cream review where I analyze this cream in great details looking at the information.

With almost everyone experiencing pain in one form or another in their life there are many products we all use to help with our pains.

Most people end up having to think of surgery when they find that their pain has become worse. However, this doesn’t need to be the case.

This is because the there are many ways to help cure any pain using natural products or programs, you just need to search.

The mindbody matrix pain cream seems to be one of those products and that is the reason I decided to do a detailed review to uncover this fact,

Without wasting time let’s get started.

Mindbody matrix pain cream reviewMindbody Matrix Pain Cream Review

Product name: Mindbody matrix pain cream


Creator: DR TK Huynk

Price: $59.97

Veganweight.com rating: 4.8 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural product
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Treats aches and pain for arthritis
  • Overcoming sleep issues


  • May not be for any type of pain 100%
  • Only available online

Mindbody matrix pain overview

Mindbody Matrix Pain Cream Review

The mindbody matrix is a product which is designed to alleviate you from any type of pain in your body whether it is back pain or leg pain.


This is a cream which comes natural and has all the needed ingredients to help the body heal.

This is not a regular cream that you buy at your pharmacy and that is why it has little to no side effects at all.

Who is the creator of mindbody matrix pain?

As with all my reviews I make sure to look into the creator of the product so that we will be sure we are dealing with a product done by a real person.

This helps us to have be able to look and see if the person behind it is even qualified or not in the subject at hand.

Luckily with the mindbody matrix pain cream there is a creator and he is Doctor TK Huynk who has been studying pain for decades with the Harvard university.

He did his undergraduate degree in Boston Massachusetts and his doctorate in Massachusetts college of Pharmacy.

This shows the credibility behind this cream as most products tend to have a faceless person.

How does mindbody matrix pain work?

Mindbody Matrix Pain Cream Review

It is simple this works by interacting with your body energy cells so that they change their frequency to a natural state.

Most of the pain in your body is due to cells having a difference energy or frequency to the body and that is why you can tell why you are having pain.

Dr TK Huynk has developed this cream in such a way that your body cells are altered to their natural state just within 3 minutes.

This was through many studies he has done for body pain elimination where he discovered how bioenergetic printing technology worked to help cure any body pain.

This bio-energetic technology was used initially by NASA to help grow plants in space. After that they discovered that this technology was even more powerful in helping the human body heal.

What are the features of this product?

It is great to look at what you will get when you get a product so you will see the value.

The product is made with some of the most natural and powerful products and these are all well-known ingredients when it comes to being effective on the body.

Here are the ingredients that you will find in this product:

  • GABA: This is an ingredient which works to alter neurons and brain cells.
  • L-THEANINE- This is an ingredient found in green tea which helps the body with anxiety


Here are other ingredients you will find in this product:

  • Tea tree
  • Lavender
  • Aloe Vera
  • Arnica
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint oil
  • Lemon balm

As you see this are all the ingredients that will be in the cream that you will use and as you can see that this cream is as natural as they come.

Science backing of the product

I usually do a deep research about the science of a product to actually see if the claims made are actually true. So although this product shows you evidence of research I just did the research anyways for my confirmation.

  • “GABA as powerful neutron altered”

According to webmd GABA is a neurotransmitter which blocks impulses between nerve cells to the brain and thus it is said that if you have low levels of GABA you will inevitable have stress and chronic pain.

Research has shown that more and more people get cured by using GABA as for many different things like anxiety and sleeping disorders.

  • Aleo Vera

According to HealthLine Aleo Vera is an ingredient which is widely known to cure many illnesses such as chronic pain and accelerates healing of burns.

These are only a few of the ingredients and as we can see that they are all confirming that this substance does work indeed to heal.

So I am happy about my research on the product as it checks well.

Who is the Mindbody matrix pain cream for?

It is vital to check who the cream or product is for just to make sure one will be able to benefit from it.

The cream is obviously made to help people who want to get rid of the following conditions:

  • Sleep insomnia
  • Bone problems
  • stress problems
  • Treating body pains of all sorts

However as much as it is good for people who have all these issues the main thing is that the people who use it must be committed to apply the cream daily.

The reason I say this is that if you are committed to using this for your condition daily that is where the best results come for you.

How much does the Mindbody Matrix Pain cream cost?

The mindbody matrix pain cream is a one time payment of $59.97 where you will be able to get instant access and use the bottle.

If you compare this with going to message therapist or someone similar who works to help you get rid of body pain you will be paying on going fees but the progress being slow.

With using a cream it is good because it is something you can do daily and wait for the cream to do the work.

More than this not only will the cream help you in just one issue you are having in your body but it willl help organise and synchronize your body to be in harmony and work well.

Is the Mindbody matrix pain cream safe?

The mindbody matrix pain cream is definitely safe as it is just like any ordinary cream with the exception that it is more powerful than other creams.

If we analyze the ingredients we can see that they are all very healthy and pose no risk on your body at all.

This means this cream can be used by any person who is looking to improve their health in any sort of way.

The verdict

As we come to the verdict of this product we should all already see that the cream is definitely legit and safe to use and on top of this it works.

Here are the reasons that the program actually does work and is legit:

  • The creator is real and has the right qualifications

Perhaps this is one of the most important aspect of the cream that it is made by someone who is actually a Dr but not just any doctor but the one who is focused on creating medicinal creams called a pharmacy.

  • The product is scientifically backed.

The product check well with all the information that is out there from top health experts. As you saw Healthline and WebMd did agree with this.

  • The product has natural ingredients only (no side effects).

Final thoughts

Using a product which is made with natural ingredients to help heal your body is what we should all be looking for in this day and age.

This is because such products are natural and work to help you not need any surgery at all which could be detrimental to your body in the long term,

The mindbody matrix pain cream is one of the best products out there when it comes to this aspect.

This is because it is based on a fundamental level of helping your body get cured easily and fat without endangering it.

Most creams can leave your skin felling flaky but this cream is totally natural and on top of this it is well researched with all facts behind it.

The only thing I can say is that one needs to use it continuously for a long time so that they will reap the benefits as it is not a magic pill that will solve everything just by consuming it once.

The other great news is that you can try the product for 180 days risk-free to see if you will be able to be benefit.

This money back guarantee is unheard of and this shows how much confident Dr TK Huynk is about this cream.


I hope you enjoyed this mindbody matrix pain cream review and if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Mindbody matrix pain cream review

Done by a Dr pharmacist who does a lot of research

This product is done by a pharmacists who  did a lot of research about the ingredients in this product and gives you 180 days of risk free.

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  1. Jordan J.M.

    Well, I certainly am very interested in this cream as well now, I was almost sold on the name haha.
    Great work you got here bruvva, I certainly plan on coming back That was a truly respectable and well rounded review!!

  2. Kim Stern

    I noticed that every investigative review did not mention the red light. That is really what all the hype is really about. The Nasa project that this cream is based on. Does 30 mins in red light really do anything to the cream?
    I also dont want to put cream on my body daily. I have all over artharitis so thats alot of cream.If anything im interested in is the red light. So they cant sell that because its so expensive. They should try to make red light machine of some sort. This may already be out there.

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