Midas Manifestation Reviews-Is this legit?

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Welcome to Midas Manifestation review where I tell you the whole truth about this program for you put in your investment.

We would all love to be able to attract all the abundance of life like our goals’ no matter what they are from weight loss to financial abundance. In this Midas meditation review I will be reviewing this new program to see if it is legit or not,

Yes the program is a meditation based one and has many people on the hype when it comes to achieving results.

This is because it is something that has never been released for the public to know and use to get the life they deserve.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Midas Manifestation ReviewMidas Manifestation Reviews

Program name: Midas Manifestation

website: >>Click here<<

Creator: Vincent (pen name)

Price: $37

Veganweight.com rating: 4 out of 5

Pro and Cons


  • Natural program
  • Easy to use
  • Promises fast results
  • Creator is real and credible
  • Affordable
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Super unique strategy


  • Only available online
  • You need to dedicate some time for meditation for real results

What is the Midas Manifestation?Midas Manifestation Reviews


The Midas manifestation is a system that aims to help any person be able to use their mind to build the life they want naturally.

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The program focuses on helping create any type of riches that a person may be looking to get at any particular time whether it is weight loss goals’, Financial goals’, educational goals’ relationship goals’ etc.

Before you start thinking that this is some law of attraction kind of stuff it is clearly not.

While the law of attraction emphasis on the same thing of using the mind to create success this program is a bit different although a bit similar.

The program differs in that it emphasizes on helping a person not just sit their and believe but to first use their mind through releasing their emotions and then specifically targeting their goals’ daily by increasing their action focused on that specific goal they want with the use of meditation.

The results you are promised are instant once you do the six and fast meditation techniques outlined.

This is the basic idea of the program and it is totally natural their is nothing you need to consume of be focused to buy when you have the program.

Who is the creator of the program?

It is vital to know who the creator of the program is so that you will know the gist of the program and if it is worth trusting or not.

Granted, some programs with no creator (faceless personality) do work but it is still good to know the person or company behind it as this builds things like trust.

Luckily the program is made by a person called Vincent (although pen name due to safety reasons for releasing this forbidden information to the public) who is a linguist and came across a book full of ancient and hidden secrets of creating abundance.


He says he was lucky to find this book because he had never seen such in his entire life and wondered why people did not learn about these manifestation techniques as they were powerful.

After reading, it and manifesting wealth in his life he decided to make it into a comprehensive program which could help any ordinary person who wants to achieve wealth and abundance in their lives.

He used these techniques not on his friends but to other well-known celebrities recently as they wanted and edge in their career.

That is where I will stop as far as talking about the creator. At least we know that we are dealing with a legit person who has used it and who is real.

Now, let’s go into the program itself and analyze it to see why there is such a huge hype about it.

How does the Midas Manifestation work?

Now that we know a bit about how the program works now it is time that we take a look at how the program actually works.

The program works by the usage of certain chakras and unique (rare) meditation principles to help any person achieve anything they want.

The program is made to help you cut all the nonsense and see results now which is pretty bold according to me and shows the creator is quite confident about this program… Well after all he used it.

The program helps you understand how tow you are connected to the universe and how to create abundance just by that simple concept.

You will use your vibration energy to communicate with the universe’s store of wealth and get whatever you want.

The only thing is that you need to be real sure you want that thing because you will get it as soon as you apply these techniques in the program.

Some techniques in the book are incarnations, akarshic records which help you speed up your message to receive your desires of life.

You will also learn that there are in fact 12 chackras in your body not 7 as people may know.

You will be taught how to use all of these to be able to attract and achieve or get whatever you are looking to get in life which will be fast as these 12 chackras are the most fast and convenient way to get to what you want in life.

What is inside the Midas Manifestation?

Now, let us look at what is inside the program so that you will have an idea of what it is that you will be getting.

The main things you will get from the program are the following:

  • 118 manual of the Midas manifestation
  • 5 audio tracks
  • Quickstart manual


The 118 manual will contain all information Vincent learnt and found out from the ancient book he got that helped him.

Audio tracks

The program is filled with 5 audio tracks which are specifically designed to help tune in and make all your chakras give you everything you really need.

each audio focuses on certain chackras so that your whole body will become a huge channel to the universe to get whatever wealthy you wanting your life instantly whether it is healthy, financial or relationship.

here are the list of audios and what they focus on:

  • Manifest Destiney

This is the first track and its main function is to help your brain go back to how it was when you were conscious as a child and were able to connect to God or consciousness before the world took that away.

This is powerful because the mind is the first connection to the universe and God.

  • Divine willingness

The second track is called divine wiliness and its man function is to help you be able to receive information you asked for from the universe well.

  • Anahat Bliss

This is the third part of the program where it will have you get rid of negative thinking as it is connected to your heart chackra.

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  • Manapura consciousness

This connects all your chakras together every time you listen to it.

  • Midas unleashed

This is the last track and its focus is to help you connect with your wealth and health or any prosperity

You will also get a quick start manual of the program which will guide you on the practicalities of following the program like when to use it and how often and what are the ideal times to listen to it.

Science behind the program

Normally I would do a scientific check around this but really there is no way science has gone in depth to understand this concept as it has been a secret from the ancient history.

The only reference we can look at is from people like Nikolai Tesla who talked about the power of sound for the healing of the body and also for manifestation of what we want.

This is the reason his researched was held back from the public and has been hidden ever since he passed on.

So Vincent in this program is giving you all the information that is said to be hidden,


As the program has just been released there has not been any testimonies yet which can be enough for us to draw a conclusion.

And also since the number of people to be reached is limited we may end up having only a few people who have used it.

This will make it harder to put all facts there.

How much does the Midas manifestation cost?

Knowing how much you will invest in a program of product like this is vital and this section we will look at how much it cost and their price structure.

Now, the Midas Manifestation basically costs a one time payment of $37. Unlike other programs which may have different price structures to help you with your affordability with this program there is just one price.

This is because this is a small cost to allow any person to be able to afford it.

Now, I have purchased many programs similar to this like The Amazing You and I can say that when they have one price structure like this than you know that it is mainly to help people of all walks.

Also if you compare it with many programs like the one I mentioned (The Amazing You) then you will see that this is one of the most affordable one of all time.

I think the reason behind this is because the author was saying that he wanted to get the information out there as quickly as possible and this is exactly what he is doing and also he did say that the program might be taken down once it has reached its full capacity.

This is because the information is very sensitive.

How does Medias compare with other programs that are similar?

I like to also look at some comparison of such a program with others that are similar. This will give us an indication of how the program really is.

Now my experience will be merely based on the programs I have tried before so I can keep it authentic as possible.

As I said that I have tried The Amazing You program which proved to be very advantageous for my goals. It focused more on audio and habits which is something that has helped me organize my life well to achieve any results I want.

However the Midas Manifestation takes a whole different approach since it focuses on ensuring that that you use your mind to get anything you want. So it is not about planning like The Amazing You program.

This means if you are a person who does not like setting goals daily then Midas Manifestation is great for you as you will be mostly doing meditation practices.

Who is Midas manifestation for?

It is vital to know is who the program is targeted for so that you will not waste time with exploring this program if it is not for you.

Basically the program is for any person, however in terms of who it will be effective for here are the traits of people:

  • People who want something more practical then the secret
  • People who never got any results from “The Secret”
  • People who are looking to improve their health.
  • People who are looking to improve their financial situation.
  • People who are looking to improve their personal lives like relationships
  • People who are able to follow instructions
  • People who will put in the work to ensure results.

If you fit at least two of these categories then the program is right for you and you could benefit.

Is the Medias Manifestation a scam?

The Midas Manifestation is definitely not a scam and is out there to help any person who want to help of how the successful ancients were able to get help.

here is a summary of why I say this:

  • The creator is real and has used the method himself

Having a program where the creator has used it is great because it shows that he is talking about something he knows very well.

  • Money back guarantee

The creator shows confidence that you can get a refund if it does not help you, This shows that he knows it will work for you just like it worked for this friends.

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Final thought

Achieving abundance in everything in our lives is what we all strive for but it seems very hard to do it daily, well this is because we do not understand how the universe works.

The Midas manifestation is a program which focuses on helping any person get from the universe absolutely anything they so desire.

The main thing that it focuses on are ancient techniques from the past which have been hidden for the public.

After Vincent discovered these and released it to his friends they and himself were able to achieve anything they wanted to achieve in life at will.

The program is also very comprehensive at such and affordable price.

To make it worse the program has a 60-day money guarantee which means that if you are not happy you can always get a refund for your cash.

>>Try the Midas Manifestation risk free yourself here<<

This shows that how confident Vincent is about the program which helped him.

I hope this Midas Manifestation was good and helpful. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below, I would love to engage with you.

Midas Manifestation

Natural and easy to follow but needs discipline

The program is great although it is still new and few have tried it currently. The methods are all sound and natural according to research.

Reader Comments

  1. Jamie L.

    Thanks for such a great and thorough article. I have practiced Law of Attraction for about 15 years now. I do manifest many things I desire but I’m still not where I want to be financially. I’ve done enough research to figure out that my chakra’s need some work but I’ve not done enough research to understand what a chakra is and how to clear it. I think I finally found the system that has the missing piece to fulfill all of my desires!
    Thanks for putting this out there…. I guess my law of attraction practice brought this solution to me. I’ll let you know how it goes!
    Thanks again!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jamie

      Great to hear that you have been using the law of attraction. This program is basically the extension of the law of attraction as it needs even more channeling and has been hiding from many people.
      I believe this could possible be a missing piece in the law of attraction. Please do let me know how it goes , Thank you. I will also be trying it soon.

  2. Ionut

    Hi, Thabo,

    This sounds like a good product worth trying, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    The ability to manifest everything you want in life is paramount for everybody.

    Do you know if there are some special conditions needed when going through this meditation program? Like a quiet room, or something like that.

    I appreciate your feedback on this!


    • Thabo Khoza

      It is a pleasure that the you were able to know about this product through this review. I try my best to help people get a aware of the latest and vest products.
      Yes you do need a quiet room since you need to channel your energy to the universe easily and clearly and you also need to set a time aside to do this daily so you can achieve more results.

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