Metabolic Stretching Review- Is this a scam?

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Welcome to my Metabolic Sretching Review where I will be giving you an unbiased review of this program so that you will be able to make your own decisions.

Weight loss has become more important for people these days especially due to the foods we eat. In fact according to Centers for Diseaese Control and Prevention it showed that the stats for obesity increase yearly and affects women more than men.

The good thing is that there are many solutions to help you lose weight and the bad news is that not all of them are as effective.

This is because they are either generic or have side effects. The new program called the Metabolic Stretching claims to be a different one and I can see it seems so as it is natural and uses unique principles for helping you lose weight.

However, before I can say for show it is good I decided to dig deeper and see what it actually is.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Metabolic Stretching Review

Program name: Metabolic Stretching

Website: >>Click Here<<

Creator: Brian Klepacki

Price:$19 rating: 4.5 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural program
  • unique program
  • Can be used by any person
  • Creator is real


  • Not a fast results program

What is the metabolic Stretching program?

The metabolic stretching is a natural program which focuses on increasing your metabolism through various exercises so you can lose weight.

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This is to help you lose weight in the long run because you are using what is said to be the best fat burning system (your metabolism.

Who is creator?

Having a creator is a good thing to know \as this will help us know if the program is a scam or not and if it should be trusted.

As you may know programs which have no creators are hard to trust as they are scams since the people are hiding behind just to get your money.

Luckily this program is one of those which has a real creator behind it who is not hiding and is transparent and his name is Brian Klepacki.

Metabolic Stretching Review

Brian has been a weight loss or fat loss coach for many years working for critical bench organization which is well-known for its good programs.

He also holds a Master’s Degree in exercise science and also certified movement coach and strength and conditioning specialist.

Being an expert for 17 years working with many athletes he has gained a lot of experience with which methods and which ones do not.

Now that we see that the creator is real it should give us one bit of satisfaction that we are dealing with something real.

However, it does not stop here. We still need to check more things in the program so that we know if the program is effective and how effective it really is.

How does the metabolic stretching work?

Let’s look at how this program really works so you know what you may be doing to burn fat.

The metabolic program works in the unique way that I have never seen because the program helps you enhance your strength, flexibility and movement so that your body can automatically lose weight.

The program works on the basis that dynamic and static movements to help improve muscular performance. This act will then help to burn calories even while you sleep.

Metabolic Stretching Review

This is because the program believes that if a person works in muscles it will help a lot with increasing the metabolism which is what the whole program is based on.

Once you have done these exercises consistently for a few months you will be able to make them a habit and your body will adjust and work for you forever.

The exercise which are put in here are new and unique and are used by some world top fitness models daily now they are released to the public.

Although they have been slightly adjusted so that the public can be able to do them easy even at the comfort of their home.

This is the reason that they will need a few months for you to actually see results.

What does the science say about the program?

Now, it is vital to just double check the claims of a program before we can take their claims any serious.

For this I have done research for you to dig and check what science and studies have said about some claims which the program uses and say will help you lose weight.

If they are true it means that the program will likely work and it is based on true and tested principles.

Let’s start:

Claim 1: “Dynamic stretching exercises for helping with belly fat and weight loss”

According to verywellfit it is said that flexibility exercises are not a major fat burn by themselves but they can help increase or encourage movement so that you can be able to lose weight.

In fact, they recommend these types of exercise for people who are busy to get a proper work out.

Claim 2:” Metabolism can help burn fat at rest”

According to HarvardHealth they do agree that for people with high metabolism they will burn more fat at rest and during an activity.

This means a good metabolism is key for this.

Claim 3: “Static exercise for fat burn is one of the best”

According to theactivetimes the static exercises which are done are considered one of the best for weight loss and this has been so for many years.

Final analysis

As we can see that all the science and research about the claims does check 100% which means that we are dealing with a legit program indeed.

What is in the metabolic stretching program?

The other vital important aspect to check is if the program has a lot for what you pay for.

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In this section we check this. This is what you get in the program:

  • Manual of the Metabolism stretching

This will be the main source from which you will be referring to when it comes to following the program.

I will look into some topics in the book for you so that you will know a bit of what is inside.

  • Follow along coaching videos

If you are a person who does not like reading a lot you will be happy to know that there is a video you can use to follow along with the exercises in the manual.

The program will also be in a step by step system so you can follow well.

Let’s look at what is inside the program:

  • Exercise to help boost the upper muscles in a very short time so you can lose belly fat of any kind fast.
  • Dynamic stretching to help you exponentially burn your fat faster than ever before
  • Fascia stretching: In these exercises you will be stretching the tissues that are located above the muscles fibers which are usually neglected but are just as important when it comes to weight loss and metabolism rate increasing.
  • Yoga exercises: One thing I liked about the program is that it includes yoga exercises which is one of the most effective aspects of weight loss and fat burn.
  • Breathing techniques: You will also learn about the best ways you can be able to use breathing to help your body be able to lose weight in naturally. Most people do not know this and the lack of the right breathing causes many problems. One such is when people are stressed.

If you ask me this is more than n worth its value. Where do you get such information and guidance at such a low price.

Who is the metabolic Stretching for?

It is also very important to know who a program is for so you do not waste time with something that is not yours.

The program is for the following people:’

  • People who are looking for long term results
  • People who are generally busy to do any gym workouts
  • People who do not prefer strenuous weight lifting exercises
  • People who want to exercise a few minutes a day.
  • Men and women

If you are a person who wants fats results then this program is really not for you as you will have to work for a few months to see long-lasting results.

Metabolic testimonies

It is also a good thing to look at testimonies before we can be able to trust the program even more. This helps us see if real people have succeeding with the program.

Since the program is quite new we can see that there are not enough of these to be able to make a conclusion of the program.

Thus, this means we can only rely on the science (whether it validates the claims of the program).

The testimonies can and must only be checked after a few months when the data is enough.

Is the metabolic stretching a scam?

Here is the part you may have been anticipating for a long time: Whether the program is actually legit or if it is a scam.

The simple answer to this is the program is not a scam at all and I have shown reasons for this throughout the review.

However, to give a summary here are the reasons again:

  • The creator is real

Having a real creator makes the program legit and as we have seen that this program does have a real creator and his name is Brian Klepacki.

Brian is not only real but has a lot of experience in the filed and is currently one of the major players of the game.

  • The program’s claims are backed by science

The program is well backed by science as we have seen and this goes to show that we are dealing with something which is well-known to work in the weight loss industry.

The science also validates that the program will not do any harm to us at all.

  • The program has more value for what you pay

With just a one time payment of $19 you get so much then what you could get if you go to hire a fitness coach.

This shows that you will not be wasting your investment.

  • Money back guarantee

As if the $19 was not good enough Brain even gives you a money back guarantee which means that if you feel the program was not helpful to you, you can get refunded. (this is crazy for such a small amount).

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This also shows that Brian is actually very confident about his program that it will work.

All in all the program is great. If you are however want a program which will not focus on stretching but include diet and other exercise there is a program I recommend which is called carboFix which is just as effective.

Does the metabolic Stretching program work?

The other real question one should ask is if the program really works or not so they will know if they even need to invest into it.

There are two factors which helps us know if the program really works or not and they are:

  1. Science backing
  2. Testimonies

Let us check each of these so we will know the truth.

  • Science backing

As you have seen from my research that I did that the program backed well by science. This factor means that the program is likely to work for any person willing to use it.

So we are not dealing with a hit and miss or trial and error program but one which is backed by facts.

  • Testimonies

Testimonies give us further proof of people who have been helped using this supplement.

As I said before that the supplement does not have a lot of testimonies as yet, however I will update once I have a large data to work with.

Will the Metabolic Stretching work for you?

here is another important question you may have: Will you even benefit from this personally.

To answer this question we will have to answer a few questions and they all include analysis of your traits and habits.

The program is likely to work for any person who can have these traits:

  • Very discipline
  • Living a healthy lifestyle

If you find that you fit to these traits it simply means you will likely benefit and the progarm will work for you.

Final thoughts

Losing weight is one of the most talked about subjects because of the fact that it is hard to get rid of accumulated fat.

The other issue is that the conventional methods tend to only focus on the surface of the program which is getting rid of symptoms whereas they should focus on the root cause.

There are programs which have been developed which are like that however a few have been as unique as this one which is called the metabolic stretching.

This is because this one focuses on increasing or making the metabolism fast so that you will be able to help your body burn fat automatically.

The program is natural and is developed by a person who is experienced in this field called Brian Klepacki.

He has over 10 years of experience helping athletes and regular people lose weight and get fit under an organization called critical bench.

He then created a program for regular people to be able to apply these principles in order to lose weight themselves following what top fitness experts use.

Thus, the program is not a quick fix but a long term solution for any person.

>>Try the metabolic Stretching program risk free yourself here<<

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope it gave you value. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you like normal.

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