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Welcome to my Metabolic Cooking Review where I walk you through this program so that you will know whether it is worth it or not.

Got a table full of bland and unappetizing foods? Forced to eat such insipid food in order to lose weight? Completely relatable!

The first thing that I picture in my mind while it comes to weight loss is tasteless and flavorless foods. I’m sure this hits the mind of most people.

But, today I will tell you that this idea isn’t true at all.

Yes, you heard me right! Today, I will introduce you to an e-book named ‘Metabolic cooking’ which contains several luscious and palatable recipes which will certainly amaze you.

Dieting is no more dull and tedious!

Enough of rambling around, let’s see what this amazing e-book has in store for us!


Metabolic cooking review

Name of the program: Metabolic cooking reviewMetabolic Cooking Review

Author: Karine Losier and Dave Ruel

Official website: Click here


Cost: $10

This book comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee rating: 3 out of 5


  • The item utilizes straightforward language with no expert dialect. Such a basic style makes it simple to follow and compose. The fixings utilized are additionally promptly accessible, making this an efficacious diet plan.


  • The assortment of meals with more than 250 recipes guarantees there is no danger of tedious meals that can undoubtedly prompt weariness. The taste is likewise amazing. Hence, there are no dull suppers for the sake of smart dieting that you need to eat in spite of your preferences.


  • The additional bits of data along every recipe are helpful for keeping calories under count and also useful for the individuals who need to realize the nutritional value of their meal in order to have a legitimate understanding of how it coordinates their objectives.


  • Metabolic cooking is intended to be favorable to veggie lovers as well. There are a lot of veggie lover recipes included, which will support them and any individual who needs more vegan-based dinners or is approaching towards that change.


  • The supper plans are pliable, and you can coordinate them with a lot of choices and utilize various blends. They are likewise family-accommodating, so on the off chance that you have a family, you don’t need to stress over cooking separate meals for you and your family.


  • It covers every parts of preparing from financial estimate to food preparation and incorporates a wide range of nourishments, from meats to titbits and extra dishes.


  • The item at last accompanies a 60-day cash-back Guarantee in the improbable occasion that you are not satisfied or thought that it was pointless. Sixty days is a pretty protracted period, and you will have time to inspect all aspects of the book and even had the opportunity to check whether it can bring about long haul change. Along these lines, it is a demonstration of the certainty the creators have in their item.


Nothing in this world is without flaw. Hence, there are a few issues which may not please you:

  • The measure of data is a ton, and even with the arrangement and with no obvious essential book, you may battle where to begin. With, in excess of ten e-Books to manage, the data can likewise be scary as much as it is exhaustive.


  • There are additionally no exercise plans for supporting individuals who need to coordinate their workouts with their food plans.


  • A few meals does not have the picture of the final dish, which generally helps you on what’s in store after the feast is done to decide whether you made it accurately.


  • You might be compelled to utilize an eBook reader in consideration to the content amount that you need to print out for getting hard copies.


  • Not suitable for those who remain very busy throughout the day.

About the author

David Ruel is a bodybuilder, a nutritionist, has expertise as a fitness mentor, and the writer of one other book known as the ‘Anabolic Cookbook’.

He achieved various certificates and degrees in nutrition as well as training.

Moreover, in Heavyweights Classic competition 2007, he achieved the Heavyweight body class.

Karine Losier, otherwise called “The Lean Kitchen Queen”.  This name comes from her adoration for food. However she has a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

As Losier cited on her site, her psychology degree assisted her in realizing individuals’ fat loss issues, which is the reason she desired to make some up-to-date recipes that would assist individuals with being more joyful with the yield.

While voicing her musings to Dave, he concurred and they chose to begin formulating recipes and nourishment plans that just required easy steps to be followed to guarantee maximal fat ignition with insignificant exertion.

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What is metabolic cooking?

Metabolic Cooking Review

The Metabolic Program incorporates many eBooks with data to assist you with accomplishing your optimal weight, quick and simple.

It acts as your guide through each progression of preparing the meal. It empowers you to make scrumptious dishes that are wholesome and weight reduction advancing.

In addition, the Metabolic Program is a snappy manual for assisting you with remaining persuaded.

Since the program is made out of right around twelve individual eBooks, there is no order for perusing. You can just peruse an eBook and go for the following one without missing any critical detail.

The entire book consists of more than 250+ recipes with additional data about each kind of food.

In addition to the fact that it contains several flavorsome recipes, however the book likewise incorporates heaps of data about slimming down, unhealthy propensities that comes in the path of your weight reduction, and smart dieting inspirational tips.

Above anything, the Metabolic Cooking is tied in with taking the responsibility for your wellbeing by successfully dealing with your dietary regimen and the wellspring of fuel you allow into your body.

By following the bit by bit guideline and the nutritious meal plans, your body will begin liquefying fat all year long.

The program deals with the idea of perceiving your body as a machine. This machine has a bunch of directions that can be initiated to support weight reduction.

It clarifies the cycle of how eating explicit nourishments makes a synergist reaction for your body to stimulate metabolic responses.

What’s inside the Metabolic Cooking program?

You will find heaps of amazing e-books in this Metabolic cooking package. Let’s take a glance:

  • 9 totally extraordinary cookbooks where every one of them is intended to assist you with shedding pounds quicker than you suspected conceivable.Metabolic Cooking Review
  • The “Fat Loss Optimizer” – a snappy guide that will escort you through the standards and establishments of the program while simultaneously giving you efficient and cash sparing tips.


  • The “Supplements Optimizer” – a fast guide which will enlighten you with the idea about genuine and safe enhancements – that will accelerate your weight reduction venture (just as enhancements you’ll need to evade no matter what)


  • The “Thermo-Charged Seasoning” – a guide that gives you exclusive data about spices, flavors, and other clandestine little combos that can transform ordinary dinners into amazing treasure troves – while sloping up your metabolism at precisely the same time


  • The “Metabolicous Calorie Free Dressings” – your definitive asset for making sauces and dressings from the very beginning which will not over-burden you with calories


  • The “Metabolic Salad Builder” – this program will assist you with building scrumptious servings of salads that are overwhelmed with superfoods to assist you with getting thinner and construct muscle simultaneously


  • Furthermore, the “Quick Sheets“, cheat sheets for the entirety of different assets contained inside this bundle.

In the entire program you will get recipes for eating throughout the day. Here’s the type of recipes you will get with some examples:

  • Breakfast

– Spinach egg wraps (Carbs + fat + protein)

– Weekend Frittatta (Veggies + fat + carbs + protein)

– Chocolate french toast (Carbs + protein)

  • Chicken and poultry

– Chicken Buritos, Tuscan chicken (Carbs+ fat + protein)

– Metabolic turkey muffins (Protein)

– Cashew crusted chicken (Protein + fat)

  • Fish and seafood

– Noodleless Shrimp pad thai (Protein + carbs + fat + veggies)

– Tuna Chowder, Pizza Tilapia (Carbs + fat + protein)

– Cajun Catfish (Protein)

– Thai basil stir fry (Veggies + fat + carb + protein)

  • Vegetarian

– Egg salad sandwitch, Peanut butter nut fudge ( Carb + fat + protein)

– Vegetarian chilli (protein + carb)

– Quina Burritos (Protein + fat + carbs+ vitamins)

– Salmon patties (Protein + fat)

– Pepper quiche (Protein)

  • Pork

– Pork Tandoori, Chilli lime pork strips (Protein)

– Greek pork Tenderlion, Spicy pork chops ( Fat + Protein)

– Mint pork stir fry (Veggies + fat + protein)

– Mu shu pork wraps (Veggies + carbs +fat + protein)

  • Red meat

– Stuffed peppers (Veggies + fat + protein + carbs)

– Beef Chihuahua (Carb + fat + protein)

– Smothered burgers, Argentine-Style steak (Protein + fat)

– Beef Roast with Apples, Shredded beef (Protein)

  • Snacks

– Salsa, Cottage cheese, Onion eggs, Tuna (Fat + Protein)

– Vanilla peach snack bars, strawberry parfait, Apple no-crisps (Carb + Protein)

  • Smoothies

-Extreme chocolate smoothie, Pina colada Smoothie (only protein)

– Blue Bomber smoothie, Atomic Smoothie (Carb + protein)

– Tirami-smooth, Choco-Nuttie Smoothie (Fat + Protein)

  • Sides

– Broccoli Dijon, Steamed Asian mix, Curried Eggplant (Veggies)

– Cajun-style sweet potatoes, Cuban black beans, Inferno rice (Carbs)

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How does this work?

The Metabolic Cooking formula program proffers a great deal of pliability dependent on the possibility that distinctive body types require diverse food structure, thus unique food proportions, since they react contrastingly to similar nourishments.

The three main body types include ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs.

There are a boundless number of mixes and hybrids between these 3 primary body types as the vast majority show highlights from 2 principle types together, yet the significant aspect from a nutritional outlook is that these various body types respond diversely to a similar food, burning or putting away fat in an unexpected way.

Considering this, ‘Metabolic Cooking’ gives varieties to every recipe to suit the distinctive food proportions as needed by your body type.

Moreover this program follows three strategies to keep to fit and healthy:

  1. Get enlightened with the knowledge of the nutritional profile of your food

You have to know which nourishments are helpful for your digestion throughout the day. The correct food blends are very important in the general viability of your metabolic process.

The guide gives this data through its profile framework and recipes, which let you know; this removes the mystery from the condition, and you are sheltered from un-metabolic nourishments all along the day.

2. Defeat ‘The Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon (MAP)’

As referenced before, most dietary plans fall flat in light of the fact that, in a brief time, the body adjusts to the better approach for eating. One essential driver of this is the absence of critical variety in the suppers.

For instance, being restricted to a dietary regimen of egg whites, protein powder, and chicken in the end prompts a metabolic decline. Metabolic cooking conquers this by presenting new nourishments in the dietary routine and keeping everything new and viable over the long haul.


  1. Utilization of ‘Thermo-Charged’ Ingredients

By utilizing thermogenic fixings in the preparation of a meal, this formula makes food effective for you. The nourishments’ activity enhances your effort twice by causing your body to burn greater amount of calories as it disintegrates the food you had.

Science behind

Metabolic cooking is definitely backed by the scientific researches. Take a glance at their scientific claims:

Claim:1 – Use of thermo-charged ingredients helps to burn calories

Metabolic Thermo-Charge is an extravagant name for a physiological impact which is known for quite a while as Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) that substantially affects helping burn calories since it simply happens normally each time we consume food.

Fundamentally it is the calories that are burned by your body in order to process your food each time you eat. At the end of the day, your body requires to use up energy to disintegrate all the supplements extricated from your food.

Thus these digestion and absorption aids in burning calories, despite the fact that this is clearly an optional factor to the general calorie consumption of your dietary regimen.

That implies that only by eating we influence our body in burning somewhat additional calories and support it to wipe out fat, giving that we don’t eat an excessive number of calories to begin with, obviously.

Here is the admonition, for not all sorts of nourishments are the equivalent, fats, carbohydrates and proteins require various degrees of breakdown energy, while proteins are the most difficult ones to disintegrate and so protein digestion burns more calories.

.Alright, this is for the Metabolic Thermo-Charge thought. It isn’t astonishing that the Metabolic Cooking plans are centered around an prominence on proteins in every single imaginable variety and blends, since this sort of food supports calorie burning by assimilation alone while giving you the structure blocks for fit muscle, particularly on the off chance that you exercise.

Obviously, carbohydrates and fats likewise also acts as an integral factor, it is only that proteins get essential consideration in this cookbook, minimum 15 grams in any formula.

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Claim: 2 – Defeating metabolic adaption supports weight loss

While we start diet, we start eating same type of low calorie foods which can lead increment of hormones supporting hunger and catabolism while decreasing the hormones that aids anabolism and energy expenditure.

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Real customer reviews

Here we are! The most awaited part of the review – the real customer reviews.

  • A real customer named Tess Grise had an amazing transformation following the metabolic cooking cookbook. Watch the full story of her healthy change in YouTube.

Does the metabolic Cooking really work?      

This e-book is definitely not a scam.

The authors of this book are real and they have expertise in these subjects. Also, the claims they are proven by science. Moreover, there are many positive reviews of real user who have been benefitted by following this.

So, I trust this program. Will you?


Losing weight is definitely a battle I would say. But nothing is impossible. Having a fit body is very important to remain hale and hearty and free from diseases.

Metabolic cooking gives you the opportunity to eat delicious meals while simultaneously losing weight. This is a win-win situation.

You literally don’t have to leave your favorite foods behind to keep yourself healthy. I’m sure you will never want to such a great opportunity to lose weight. This is something that is definitely worth your money!

So, tell me if this great book with amazing recipes has started working for you.

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