Lowering Cholesterol With a Plant-Based Diet-What saved my life

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Welcome to my blog post where I tell you about lowering cholesterol with a plant based diet so that you can get healthy or stay healthy.

We all know that most people have a problem with high cholesterol and in fact cholesterol is said to be one of the most dangerous health conditions in the world according to the World Health Organization where it is said 26 million people die due to this in the world.

Today I will give you methods which were able to help me get rid of this condition just using a plant based diet which anyone can do.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this article.

Why a plant based diet is vital

I want to first inform you why I refer to a plant based diet for helping you lower your cholesterol and even blood pressure.

The reason is first of all because I have used this on myself and secondly is that the plant based diet can be one of the best healers in life.

This is because the plant based diet is mainly made of fiber which help cleanse your body quickly.

Most of what causes high cholesterol (bad cholesterol) is because we eat food which is not nutritious and also filled with fat as fat food is just like that.

The cholesterol is also mostly in food which are not in plant based diets generally so by following this diet you will increase your chances of improving your cholesterol.

So today I will work you through how to actually do this with practical steps I took to help my life.

I want to know that this will also include other strategies which will increase your chances of this.

1.Focus on green fruits and vegetables

The focus on vegetables is one of the best things you can do for yourself and it can be able to elevate your whole body to the max when it comes to reducing cholesterol.

Green vegetables in particular have been shown to help vastly with lowering and combating the cholesterol (LDL) according to a study and research.

When you are eating a plant based diet than the good thing is that you will be naturally be able to eat this easily since plant based diets are filled with more dark green vegetables.

The mistake some people end up focusing on the junk part of the plant based diet like the Junk vegan diet which is similar to eating a normal omnivore diet.

2. Focus on Protein-rich food

A plant based diet (normal a vegan diet) is said to lack when it comes to protein however protein is something which is like fiber as it gives your body to be able to be full.

According to research it is shown that protein-rich food are great for helping control hunger and thus cholesterol levels as a result.

The vegetarian diet is normally easy to get protein like cheese and milk however if you are in a vegan diet than it is better to focus on food like tofu and other vegan rich food.

The good thing is that you can get as many protein-rich food as you can as the plant based diet is very various and diverse.

Add omega 3 fatty acids food.

Lowering Cholesterol With a Plant-

One aspect of what helped me was adding omega 3 fatty acids. Well this happened accidently because when I was a vegan I had to add protein since I felt that I needed more protein and also help unclog my arteries.

This is when I found out that fish can be very helpful in unclogging the heart arteries and that was what I wanted since my arteries were clogged badly.

The main thing with omega 3 fatty acids is that it is versatile since it not only help with lowering cholesterol but also helps in giving you good and healthy skin and hair.

If you find that you do not know any omega 3 foods you can check a list of omega 3 fatty acids for vegans or plant based people.

Add smoothies.

Smoothies are also another way to be able to add things like protein and even fiber in your diet effortlessly.

The good thing with smoothies is that they can be made totally by you to fit what you require. For me I normally add nuts and green vegetables to help with balancing the acidity.

If you feel that you can not make smoothies yourself you can check out the smoothies diet which gives you all you need.

Smoothies can also be added and eating consumed during the day so you can be able to achieve all you need.

Add more water throughout the day


I don’t mean to sound cliché however drinking more water throughout the day will not only help with hydration but it also helps with preventing overeating.

You do not have to drink plain water but you can just have water with lemon or something similar and that will be instrumental in your health.

You can stick to the 6-8 glasses and this can be helpful for you so that it will be easier to not overeat.

Final thoughts

When it comes to lowering cholesterol with a plant based diet is the best since it is the best way to be able to not only lower cholesterol but also help increase fiber and general health.

The best way to be able to use a plant based diet to lower cholesterol is the way I did it and here are the way to do it:

  • Focus on Fiber-rich food
  • Focus on protein-rich food
  • Focus on omega 3 fatty acid food
  • Drink more water

The plant based diet is only good to use if you know how to consume it so you do not miss out on the vital nutrients which are needed.

You can check out the beginners vegan diet so that you will be able to follow it if you are new to the vegan diet yourself.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you may have been looking for.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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