Lost book of remedies review- Don’t buy without reading this

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Many people are looking for natural ways to makes themselves better and they are trusting medicines less than before. What if there was a way to not use any medicine?

In my life I have done away with using medicine which nearly took my life in 2010 which made me turn to natural ways of body healing. This is the lost book of remedies review I will be revealing if this book is worth it for helping you with natural ways.

The book is basically based on ancient medicine which is  opposite to how modern medicine works.

This book has been out for years so it is easier to see if it has worked for people or not over these years.

I will talk about what the book has and who the book is for and if it is actually legit or not like I normally do.

Lost book of remedies reviewLost book of remedies review

Product: The lost book of remedies


Creator: Claude Davies

veganweight.com rating: 4.5 out of 5

What is the lost book of remedies?

The lost book of remedies is a book that teaches you how to heal yourself naturally with herbs of your own. This book helps you learn to make these herbs yourself.

The book is basically a self healing guiding for you and your family as you will also be learning how to grow your plants.

If you will remember that before doctors can with their medicine in the ancient times people only relied on natural herbs to help heal their conditions.

Even though they used trial and error most of the time all the herbs they used actually worked.

This concept has been lost over the years due to civilization and this book is giving the exact blue print to make this possible any person to heal themselves using the proper herbs.

The book also helps you in finding the proper herbs for your specific condition using tried and tested ways.

Who is the creator of the lost book of remedies?

As with all my reviews I always make sure to look at the author to see if he or she is a real person so this will give us more trust with the product.

The creator of this book is Claude Davies who has been in the medical field for many years focusing on natural healing.

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Pros and Cons


  • Helps you make herbal remedies of your own with good, tried and tested techniques.
  • The remedies in the book have been tested.
  • No side effects in using these herbs


  • You will be reading a lot in order to understand how to make herbs.
  • You will need a lot of time to plant the herbs
  • For people who really have time to prepare the plants
  • You will need to have a garden at home

How does the lost book of remedies work?


The lost book of remedies basically works by giving you practical ways you can be able to fend for yourself without needing modern grocery food.

You will be given a variety of plants that you can plant and which can last you for few months.

The plants in the book are very different to the ones you may know.

The good thing about this program is that all the plants will come with a guideline of which sicknesses they will cure or help to calm down.

You will be shown how to plant, harvest and grow it etc so that you will have a fully-fledge medicine for any sickness.

The program will also show you how to actually get rid of the toxins of any plant that you are looking to use for medicine.

The plants are for all types of illnesses from physical, mental etc so you will be covered with any illness that you will tend to get.

In order to benefit you will need to follow the steps in the book systematically so your medicine will work.

What is in the book?

Before getting any book a program is worth knowing what you will be getting and learning from the program.

Firstly I want to say that unlike other programs for health and weight loss where you get a manual and other things with this one you only get the book.

The book has a lot of aspects which could help you out with your health.

In this regards I would like to tell you about some things which you will actually learn in the book.

Let me tell you what you will actually get:

  • 300 pages of the book for heal
  • List of recipes and spices which you will need
  • Learning to knowing which plants to prepare for healing your body
  • Getting rid of the most common sicknesses like colds using herbs

Are there any bonuses?

Yes there are 3 bonuses for this book and here they are.

  1. Awesome 80 square fee SHTF medicinal Garden
  2. Everyday disaster guide

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Who is the book for?

The book is basically for any person who is wanting to get rid of any illness This is more for people who have been struggling when it comes to using medicine and getting side effects like me.

This is because when you have learned to use the herbs to heal your condition you will be wanting to use this book forever for everything you do.

I will not list people who need this book because this is basically everyone who hates medicine needs.

So do you fancy to get really healthy or want to cure any disease with no medication? then welcome to the lost book of remedies because it is for you.

Is the lost book of remedies a scam?

When it comes to this book the main thing to know is it is not a scam at all, it is one of the best books ever when it comes to healing your body naturally.

Here are the reasons which make this book be legit:

  • Uses methods that have been used in the past

As most of us know ancient methods have worked well since they were coming from nature.which is what has helped me heal my clogged heart artery condition.

  • The owner is real

Since the owner is real it is good because we know that we are dealing with a product where there is a real person behind it.

Will the lost book of remedies work for you?

The lost book of remedies is made in an easy to understand manner so that you will be able to reach your goals of making medicine.

According to how the book is laid out it should work and due to the demand this book has been getting it shows that many people are succeeding using this.

You can be the judge of this by checking the book as it will only need a few simple steps to follow.

Final thoughts

Having a chronic illness or any normal illness which has been nagging it is very frustrating to get rid of it if the doctors can not find i.

It is worse when they give you medicine which will cause side effects.

This is why having natural remedies usually works wonders and on top of that it generally reverses the illness that you have.

The lost book of remedies is exactly a book which uses natural remedies to help you heal your conditions.

The book is full of spice types you can also put in your food to help heal the body.

The book is basically for any person who is looking to get rid of medicine and use natural ways to heal their illness.

>>Check out the lost book of remedies book here<<

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

The lost book of remedies

Natural and no side effects

The book may require you have a lot of time to figure out how to make your own herbs which can heal you but it is purely natural and easy to follow

Reader Comments

  1. Jukka

    I’ve been a firm believer in science, including medical science my whole life. How ever in recent years I’ve come to question many things about how the world works and how we humans work and interact with our environment.

    In short I think there’s a lot more to our health than the component we can physically sense. The universe is much more complex and we (and everything else) exist in several different dimensions. The physical is the only one we can observe, however.

    Or more precisely we have alienated ourselves from nature so much that we have lost the ability to observe these additional planes of existence. Ever wondered why you feel better after spending time in a forest or by a lake instead of a crowded city? Your intuition, feelings, and health are actually your body’s way of sensing these dimensions.

    Modern science neglects all this. Our health is so much more than just correct hormone levels and lack of pain. That said modern science is still great for improving our survival when fighting pathologies, cancer and trauma and there’s a place for that.
    But many ancient remedies treat the human as a whole, as part of the environment I’ll definitely check the book out, thanks for the recommendation!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Wow this is some great insight from you Jukka

      You really made me think a lot when it comes to nature. Nature has a lot for us to learn and I have also been doing meditation a lot and this has made me improve in my dimensions of my life like physical and spiritual and financial.

      I hope you can check this book and you can learn from it and I am sure you will judging from what you are telling me.

  2. Justin Leitch

    Hi Jukka!
    Myself and my partner have been vegan for many years but have yet to seriously go into the benefits of natural healing. This book will be something we will seriously consider looking into though so thank you for doing this. Very informative and now I have something further to go and research

    All the best

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