Losing belly fat with a vegan diet-This easiest way

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Many people have difficulty in losing weight especially belly fat. The problem is that there are many diets and ways that promise to people they will instantly lose weight or belly fat however most tend to not work as it is a marketing scheme.

Most do not work because they tend to have animal products in some way or another. When I started eating a vegan diet I lost weight without even trying (you can check my story here). This is why losing belly fat with a vegan diet is the best and unique way.

This is due to the raw food that you consume which will help your efforts. Remember most people struggle just because of fat intake.

In this article I will be talking about how to lose your belly fat with this plant based diet.

I will also talk about the foods that you can focus on in the vegan diet to help lose the belly fat fast as well as other tips.

Why a vegan diet?

Before I go any further I would like to say losing belly fat with a vegan diet is the best way because of the choices of foods you eat in a vegan diet.

Normally on an omnivore diet or any belly fat lose diet you still have foods that contribute to fat whether you like it or not due to the food choices of that diet.

Don’t believe this?….Take a closer look at most diets that you use and you will see that they have some sort of animal product in it. You will be shocked that most do.

Surprisingly nearly 90% of all the foods that are considered good for belly fat cutting are vegan food as you will see just now.

This is the reason vegan food is by far the best way to lose belly fat fast.

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Focus balancing calories

losing weight on a vegan diet

Remember that if you are losing belly fat with a vegan diet it will be similar to the way you would do for any other diet which involves burning more calories than what you eat. This is simple maths.

Even though the vegan diet is filled with raw foods you still have to apply this concept since you will still be consuming some fats during your diet, whether natural or processed.

I cannot emphasize how important this is for losing belly fat or any other body fat since this is what people normally neglect.

Focus on upping protein

Losing belly fat on a vegan diet

One of the best ways for losing belly fat on a vegan diet is to focus on building muscles on the belly.

So how do you do this?

This can be done by eating protein-rich vegan foods which will help build muscles rather than fats in your belly.

Luckily for you there are many vegan foods high in protein that you can eat and you can check them here. I have found that the best way to do this is to include high vegan protein bars during the day as a snack.

You can also check my number recommended vegan protein powder here

This will help curb the over eating which leads to eating junk foods which are the main culprits when it comes to developing belly fat.

Remember also that no matter how much protein you may eat not all of it will be converted into muscles as some will be turned into fats.losing belly fat on a vegan diet

This is because protein needs enzymes in order to be converted into amino acids, which in turn will be used by the body to build muscles.

Muscles are what you need to be attaining in your belly so that fat will disappear. Remember that fat and muscles can not occupy the same space.

To help you convert more of this protein into amino acids and then eventually muscle mass I normally use supplement which works well for vegans. This supplement is the masszyme.

I did a review about the masszymes about what it has and how it helps increased my muscle mass. You can check out this review over >>here<<

Control your insulin

The other aspect is the controls belly fat is a hormone called Insulin. Insulin is the main driver when it comes to burning fats in your body so it can never be neglected.

Basically the more insulin you have in your body the more sugar your body will produce which then causes the sugar to convert to fat.

The less insulin you have in your body the more fat you will burn in your body. This is because when you have less insulin there will be less sugar that your body will feed on so this will cause you belly fat cells to start eating in your belly fat cells.

This will then help you lose the belly fat.

The way to do this is to focus on foods with low insulin index.

Focused exercise

OK I know how some people tend to despise exercise when it comes to losing weight and that is why I will take a different approach here.

The essence of losing belly fat on a vegan diet is that it needs some sort of exercise to go with it. However, contrary to the exercises you may have heard of about losing weight in any body part, the exercise you do does not need to be intense.

Most articles out there advocate intensive exercises, but more than they advocate that you need to exercise a lot, for example running or weight lighting.

I want to tell you that most of these exercises that are online will tell you to do these exercises because they are what get the blood moving and have been used by people over centuries.

The truth is that they partly work if not at all (most of them).

What works is focusing on exercising a body part that you need to lose fat on. This means if you are looking to lose fat on your legs than focus on doing only leg exercises which cut off leg fat.

So for losing belly fat you need to only focus on belly fat cutting exercises, simple.

Exercises are best done with the consumption of high amount of protein and consuming enzymes like masszymes which will help give the muscle you are exercising more fat loss.

Now let me give you the best exercise you can use for this:

  • Stomach compression

You can compress your stomach every 30 minutes while you are sitting at a desk at work. This will help build muscles on your belly which will replace fat as I said earlier. The more you do it the better

You can also put some sort of material compression such as a waist trimmer which is versatile belt for belly fat loss.


  • Focus on fiber rich foods.

Eating fiber rich foods will help you stop over eating which is a habit that causes belly fat to occur. Fiber makes the food you eat move slow in your digestive system making you feel fuller for longer.

The great thing is that all vegan foods like fruits and veggies have high fiber.

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Nuts are another great food with high fiber which

The Best vegan foods for cutting belly fat

Now remember that you are what you eat, so there are foods that are good in cutting the belly fat more than others in the vegan diet and in this section I will talk about them.

  • Berries

In order to build muscles and take out the fat in your body parts like belly fat it is vital to give your body great blood circulation.

Berries are a great source for helping with blood circulation to the muscles and the best thing is that their antioxidants are great even with keeping the heart healthy.

  • Banana

losing belly fat on a vegan diet

Banana is the best way to cut off belly fat due to its potassium content which is known to help with muscle relaxation and nourishing the muscles for growth.

  • Green tea

Green tea has always been well-known food when it comes to helping people lose belly fat and weight. This is because the compounds in the green tea are great for belly fat cutting.

This compound is caffeine. This compound has been found to be the main contributor to fat burn according to research.

Green tea also has epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is known to help boost metabolism.

Remember that the fat needs to be converted to fat cells in order to burn so the one compound that can do it is the EGCG from green tea.

  • Chia seeds

Chia seeds are a great option due to their low insulin index. They are also a great option since they can be used in variety of dishes.

  • Pecan nuts

Pecan are also similar to chia seeds in that they offer a low insulin index which is what is needed for losing belly fat.

Avoid sugar or sweetened drinks

Sugars have been found by research to cause belly fat since the sugar is turned to fructose which is the main culprit for belly fat accumulation.

Remember that many types of fruits are also included here since they also have high sugar levels, even though they are natural.

The point here is to lower the insulin in your body which is a hormone that causes belly fat. My advice would be to have fruits less often and rather focus on more vegetables.

The above fruits are better since they have fat burning compounds so they counteract their high sugar content. However Just eat these in small quantities.

Take home message

If you are looking to lose belly fat a vegan diet is by far the best way to do this due to many reasons.

Unlike most diets which tend to have animal products or meat, the vegan diet is the strictest diet since it is 100% plant based.

This aspect alone makes it easier for a person to lose weight. However, despite eating this diet some people still do not get the belly fat lose that they want,

This is why using a vegan diet along with protein foods and consuming enzymes is the best way. Also do not forget exercise for the belly.

I hope this article was helpful in pointing you to the right direction when it comes to losing weight on a vegan diet. If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to comment below, I will be happy to engage.

Reader Comments

  1. Ken

    I have been struggling with my weight ups and downs since it turned 50. A few people I work with have gone to a vegan diet. I honestly have to say I have learned more in the last 20 minute then in the last 20 years.
    The vegan diet may be on my horizon to give it a try. My biggest weakness is my sweet tooth and love for dairy products. Not sure if the vegan diet would be for me.

    It there any way to modify the diet so I don’t have to be totally vegan? If so, where can I make the changes?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Can I am happy to hear that you are trying to lose weight.
      Yes a vegan diet can be very restrictive however if you have know what you are doing it is not hard at all.
      I know I was like you when it came to his sweet took and dairy product especially. There are many vegan dairy alternatives you can try however I can leave it to you to see if you like the taste.
      There is a way of adjusting the vegan diet to bot be utterly vegan and that is what I did over the years where I I where I ate a vegan diet and also eat chicken, This was for health reasons when I started out.

  2. Ivan Brozincevic

    I’m a huge fan of green tea because it cleans the body from toxins and helps to burn fat among other benefits. I like the other recommendations as well and I’ll take some advice with me. Thanks, Thabo! 🙂

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Ivan

      Great hearing from you again. Green tea has always been my least favorite tea maybe because I hardly drink tea. Anyway there are always other food that can be substituted with.

  3. Todd P Matthews

    I ate a vegetarian-based diet (wasn’t totally vegan) during the summer of 2016 and while I have incorporated limited animal products back into my diet since, I will say that my results were phenomenal that summer. I was with a lot of people who laughed at the vegan or even a form of vegetarian-based nutrition and they were shocked that I was able to lose fat and maintain my muscle mass. The one dude who always cited bro-science was beside himself at the fact my results topped his that year.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Todd

      Great to hear that you can attest to the effect the vegan diet has on helping you lose fat will still having muscle mass.
      It’s funny that people would laugh without knowing the facts of the diet

  4. Juliana

    I don’t have belly fat and I guess it is from my gene. I don’t have belly muscles too since I don’t do exercise often. But I still learn a lot from this article. I will share it with my friends who need this kind of help.


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