Leptitox review- Read before buying this.

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Many people are looking lose weight due to weight problems becoming even more prevalent than ever. According to ScienceDaily’s researcher weight gain can lead to many things like heart problems.

There are many ways that the public tries to give help, however most of this doesn’t work. There is a new supplement which promises to help with this, the Leptitox. Thus, on this leptitox review I will see if it is worth it or not.

leptitox review

So Leptitox has been developed not only to help you lose weight but help you shred it for good, by focusing on the root problem as per their claims.

Having suffered from heart related condition myself in 2010 (You can check my story here) I am passionate about researching and checking health products and programs myself to see if they are legit and work or not.

Leptitox OverviewThe leptitox review

  • Name: Leptitox
  • Website: www.leptitox.com
  • Owner: Morgan Hurst & Sony Rhodes
  • Warranty: 60 days money back guarantee
  • veganweight rating: 8 out of 10

Leptitox Review

On this leptitox review I will start with describing what this program is all about.


If you have been missing the mark with gyms and many supplements you are not alone because many of these slimming or weight loss and health products and programs are there to generate income more than helping.

I know this because I had the same problem when I was trying to unclog my clogged heart arteries in 2010 of which I ended up doing, for the most part, naturally myself.

And trust me doing it on myself naturally was very hard, however the results were and are still good. Over the years I have been using natural products which are legit to help me sustain my health even more.

So what is leptitox?

Leptitox is basically a very new and natural supplement which works naturally to program the body to lose excess weight that is not needed by the body.

The Leptitox has 20-22 natural ingredients which all are mainly herbs which work to not only eliminate the fat in the body but to help the body use the excess fat rightfully.

The leptitox also increases your metabolism which keeps your body’s fat well regulated.

Who  is the Leptitox the Creator?

the leptitox review

As with all my reviews, I always research and do a background check for all the owners so you know who you are dealing with.

The more you know the owner the more you will know that you are dealing with a legit product and on top of that you can contact that person if you face problems with the product.

The Owners of leptitox is Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes and the main owner and founder is Morgan Hurst.

Morgan is health practitioner who has helped his wife Grace with losing and keeping weight off  for the long term. Although he says this was not easy but he says it was worth it to help his wife.

Now his passion is to use the same formula to help other people with obesity.

let’s start by looking at the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons


  • Natural supplement (no side effects)
  • Focuses on root of the problem.
  • It is a long term solution for weight loss
  • Enhances energy from the body
  • Scientifically researched.
  • Also suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


  • Available online only
  • Not a quick fix (must be take regularly for results to show).

How does it work?

The leptitox review

Now it is important to know what the substance you are putting in your body does and this is what I will be telling you about here.

As I said previously that leptitox basically works to help program the chemicals in your body (naturally) so that your body loses weight and this is done through the hypothalamic.

So what is hypothalamus?

A hypothalamus is a small part of the brain which controls and regulates weight loss or gain for any person and it is the main driver of why most people fail to lose weight no matter their diet.

So the Leptitox works by controlling the leptin in the body, which is a hormone which regulates the hypothalamus from controlling weight.

The fat cells in the body will produce leptin, which is a hormone that controls the hypothalamus, which will tell the brain to use the fat in the body.

However, if there is a lower level of leptin in the body then there will be the accumulation of fat accumulation in areas which are not needed.

Here is a video explaining what I mean

So if you consume this supplement over a long period of time this will help the body get rid of fat permanently.

If you are looking for an actual program to work well with this product you can check out the Cinderela Solution if you are a woman and for men The underground fat loss for men.

What are the ingredients of leptitox?

Now let’s look at the ingredients as I said they were all natural. You will notice this.

The ingredients have been used for many centuries by ancient people to maintain their bodies in a natural way and to give them energy also.

  • Grape seed
  • Jujube
  • Barberry
  • Methionine
  • Chicory root
  • Burdock root
  • brassicas
  • Taraxacum leaves
  • Alfalfa

What is the Leptitox price?

Leptitox review

It is also good to check the price of the program or product that we are looking to invest in as this will help us know the packages so we can choose what fits us.

The leptitox has the 3 packages that are available for your needs and your budget and here they are:

  • Package 1 : The basic supplements which will last you a month: $59

Package 1 is one of the cheapest and ensures that you get the benefits you need. However you may find improvement only for one month and end up gaining since you will not be consistent.

Package 2: $49 for 3 bottles

This package which is the most famous and well known because you get 3 bottles that are $49 per bottle.

This package is famous because of the money back guarantee part which is 60 days. This means that you can return the package if you feel no benefits whatsoever within 60 days.

This ends up leaving you with no risk should anything happen that you do not get any benefit.

Package 3: $39 per bottle for bottles

This package will help you have a long stock of bottles which will last you for more than 6 months.

Who is the leptitox for?

The leptitox supplement is definitely not for everyone and not certainly for people who are looking quick weight loss fixes as I said before.

Leptitox supplement VS the Resurge supplement

The reason I say this is that the supplement will take time for it to regular your whole body hormones for weight loss especially the hypothalamus.

To some people this may take more time for the body to regulate the leptin hormone of the body so  that is why I wouldn’t get a period set on stone just like they do on their claims.

Research backing?

leptitox review

I have already talked about the fact that product focuses on helping control the brain chemicals called the hypothalamus which is indeed known for weight control.

The herbs that are in the product are all known scientifically to kill off fat. According to timesofindia.com the jujube and grape seeds are known for blood circulation will help your body go all over the body and also help with reducing weight.

These are just a few of the herbs that are the ingredients of the leptitox.

Barberry is also said to be an ingredient with a lots of benefits and fat burning is one of them as it helps regulate the weight loss hormones.

Here is a video talking about this.

Let’s check more ingredients with regard to this:

  • Grapeseed

If you are new to the weight loss industry you will be glad to know that grape seed is a well known ingredient when it comes to weight loss due to the fact that it has fat burning compounds which are very effective compared to other ingredients:

In fact according top nutraingredient grape seed helps in delaying the absorption of food which makes you feel less hungry overall.

This obviously causes you to eat less food.

Chicory root:

According to healthline, a 12 week long study showed that people who incorporated this food in their diet were able to lose more weight than those who did not given all the parameters were the same.

  • Burdock

Burdock according to eMedical was counted as one of the best ingredients to help reduce weight since it helps you to have less cravings throughout the day.

Final analysis

As we can see from all the research that I have done that the science does confirm that this supplement has ingredients which have been proven to work when it comes to weight loss.

So by all of these ingredients being put together it means that you are sure to be able to benefit even more and mostly likely increase your chances of weight loss drastically.


Does the Leptitox really work?

So do I recommend this product for people to use as a weight loss goal?

Yes I do recommend this product for losing weight as this is how I got to take care of my health problem too, in a natural way.

I also recommend this product because this it takes time to show results and it will need your long term commitment to make it happen.

Here are the reasons I say the product does work:

  • Science shows that it works

As we have seen that science does back up all the ingredients in the supplements which means you are dealing with something which should work well.

The other aspect which helps us know if the supplement will work or not is if people have been helped or not.

Since the supplement is still new in the market this aspect will need to be verified a few months later.


If you are also looking for a similar product there are is also the following which are as equally effective:

Leptitox Complaints

Leptitox review

I wanted to also address any complaints there are with the leptitox as this will help in making the decision easier also.

Fortunately there are no leptitox available to validate that the product is not working.

This shows how the product is actually working for different people all over the world. The reason I see for this is because the product is pretty much natural and easy to use by any person.

The worst products are those which will give you side effects and end up not even helping you just like over the counter pills.

Is the Leptitox safe?

Here is another aspect one must check when using any supplement or product (does is it safe?)

The supplement in its general form is quiet safe since it has no chemicals at all and it is backed well by science too as we have seen.

this means that if you think you may be affected then it would be a matter of you being allergic top certain ingredients in the supplement really.

So my advice would be to just double check if you are allergic to any of these or not and if you are than maybe it is not a good idea to consume.

The good thing is that there are many alternatives you can try if you feel you may have any allergies to this and these are the ones I mentioned above and like Resurge and Leptoconnect.

Final thoughts

Leptitox is a product that is used to help people lose weight for the long term as this is normally what people generally struggle with.

The reason this happens is because people use products or programs which focus on the surface or symptoms of the program

The leptitox is different because it works on an entirely different approach which focuses on the brain.

The program is scientifically proven and uses only herbs which eliminate any side effects that many of the weight loss pills may have.

The leptitox is not for everyone as this needs to used by people who are serious about losing weighty and know that this will take a long time to do it.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope it was beneficial in giving you the help you needed. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Leptitox review

Safety of use

Product has no side effects and works on the root of the problem.

Reader Comments

  1. C.N.

    Good afternoon, good Sir. Brilliant article. My family struggles with obesity, and I want to help encourage them to eat better, take proper weight loss supplements, exercise, and take their health a lot more seriously. You did an excellent job of breaking down Leptitox, describing its pros and cons, and presenting the information in a clear and objective manner. I will definitely share this information with my family. God bless you!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey C.N

      I appreciate you for logging in and taking the time to actually read the information. I do hope that your father will be able to get his body weight back and hopefully he will learn from this article.

  2. Lemuel Sacop

    Hello and thank you for this article! You had constructed this review well and I find it concise and well detailed. I was quiet fascinated how Leptitox reprograms the chemicals in our body naturally to make our body loose weight. And I really like that you provided some background about the owner and your own personal experience with the product, you listed the ingredients and nutritional data. And I love the 60 day money back guarantee and is certainly an appealing option.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Lemuel

      I am happy to see you past by and that you are finding value on my articles and experiences in this weight loss and health journey that I am in.
      Yes it is good having first hand experience with a product before using it as this will certainly help knowing a bit more about the product.

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