Learn Adele’s weight loss diet- Is this really what works?

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It seems that some people have secrets when it comes to losing weight or is it really secrets or are we just being fed a lie? With many women facing obesity it is vital to find ways which can be helpful.

Without a doubt Adele has been on the media lately with her supposedly mysterious way of losing weight. The famous singer seems to have figured out her life. Today I show you Adele’s weight loss diet.

I will unpack what has made here what sh is today and also will say if I recommend it or not to you.

I hope you can be able to make a good informed decision from my article.

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Here is a highlight of Adele’s situation if you do not know yet:

What you should know first

Adele's weight loss diet

The first thing to understand is that to even begin the whole secret of Adele’s life I would like to tell you a few important things that are the core of her weight loss success.

These are what I normally speak about and also they are on my free weight loss diet guide which you can check out.

The first one is that she has a hired her own personal trainer to help her maintain weight gain for the long term. This is what I think the best thing she did for herself.

She also had a burning desire for doing it, which we can say is her why and that is that she is doing it for her son.

If you know Adele’s story you will know that she has not been really in the limelight for her music but rather her great achievement of weight loss.

Now let’s get into what she does specifically to lose weight.


Adele's weight loss diet

When her former trainer Camila (from Brazil) was asked what helped Adele to be able to lose weight and she revealed without hesitation that the diet was what contributed a lot according to thesun.

She says the diet is one of the major ones although there are still other aspects she did to help with this journey.

Adele has been super strict on her diet and has been able and followed it to the book and this diet included eating merely 1000 calories per day.

Adele’s diet focused on having green juices and having meals which does not exceed 1000 calories per day.

This is normally the first week of her diet.

The meals she eats are not just eliminating fat but incorporating the good and healthy type of fats which are less likely to cause weight gain.

These include the following fats:

  • AvocadosAdele's weight loss diet
  • Fatty fish
  • Nuts
  • Extra virgin olive oil

These are what she puts in her meals to ensure she still has fat. As you might know fat is essential for the proper function of most part of our body organs.

According to NHS fats are vital because our bodies can not make essential fatty acids by itself so it would need to be eaten.

Fats are also vital for helping the body absorb nutrients like Vitamin A and D.


Another thing you may be interested to know is that Adele uses exercise daily to help her lose weight however not in a normal way.

Adele is reported to be using videos and tutorials along with personal trainers to exercises well.

She does all of this at her home as she does not like working out in front of others at all.

One of her personal trainers is Dalton Wong who is a top rated fitness trainer. Basically she makes sure that Adele sticks to the right exercises and also to help her stay discipline.Adele's weight loss diet

Adele also attends Pilate classes with Ayda Field. This form of exercise is what has been popular with celebrators who lose weight.

Pilates are basically low impact body weight loss exercises which help the body be able to lose weight in the long run in and effective manner.Adele's weight loss diet

When you do Pilates you will naturally tone your body and build muscles while improving posture at the same time.

As I have said before in my article that the best way to lose weight is to basically build muscles because muscles ensure you lose the fat in the body.

This is the reason most celebrities follow this way to help lose weight. The real thing is that Pilates on their own may not be an effective tool as they may take years to produce results.

We can see that the former personal trainer of Adele was right by saying that the diet was the main thing which helped her lose weight.

Less stress

Adele's weight loss diet

If you know Adele you would know the several life disasters he has had particularly the one to do with her divorce.

Another stress which some celebrities face is the stress of the industry where they are constantly in stress.

Although some people can handle it most tend to break down due to the fact that they may not know how to handle it.

If we analyze the life of Adele in the industry and her love life put together we can see that stress could have taken a toll on her.

I mean she is young and already going over dirvoce while trying to build her career. With this we can see that this could have caused a contribution to weight gain for her.

We should also see that she lost weight after she wasn’t as active as before in her singing career which helped ease the stress for her.

You may be wondering how stress has to do with weight loss or gain but I want to tell you that it is a huge contributor to say the least.

According to medicinenet.com stress can cause the hormone called cortisol to be elevated and cause weight gain as a person feels like eating all the time.

Although this may have an opposite direction on some people but we can see that it did have an impact on Adele as we can see now she is feeling better in her life

My final verdict

If we analyze what I spoke about when it comes to Adele’s weight loss diet is that the main influencer is the fact that she has had personal trainers for both diet and exercise.

The great thing about a personal trainer is that she or he keeps you accountable at all times so that you can be able to achieve your goals.

I know most people end up saying they do not have money for personal trainers. I do understand this however you can not afford to not have one.

The best way to bridge this gap is by getting weight loss programs online.

These normally have personal trainers or experts guiding you to reach your goals if you follow through.

These programs have well structured step by step systems you can follow even if they do not have a personal trainer and these work well.

In fact, I did mention that Adele also follows online tutorials for this so you are left with no choice but to do this.

Here are the best natural weight loss programs that you can follow which are worth your investment that I recommend:

These are all legit and helping many people at home.

Final thoughts

Adeles weight loss diet is what has caused many people to wonder if it is magic or if it is real. I do want to say that it is 100% real and can be done by anyone.

The celebrity’s diet involves mainly eating no more than 1000 calories on top of the green juices she consumes.

She has also been doing a lot of exercises lately such as Pilates which will explain her sculpted and awesome body which is shocking everyone.

We can also so see that she is now stress-free meaning that she can be able to lose even more weight for herself.

All in all her diet is what makes the whole difference with her weight loss and she has decided to follow a strict diet.

We can say the thing which everyone can learn is that having a personal trainer and following a diet fully is the best tool for weight loss.

for those who may complain about lack of money for a personal trainer the best way to go over this is getting a natural weight loss program as these usually have a personal trainer or well detailed steps.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be happy to respond and engage.

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  1. Angee

    Good article but I believe everyone should find what works for them and follow that. There are so many good diets out there but they are definitely one fits all. But if she can do it anybody could. Thanks again.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Angee

      Yes ofcourse everyone should find what fits for them and that is why I recommend people to try out diffrent weight loss programs to see if they will work for them or not.

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