Lean body hacks review- The truth Behind this program

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Welcome to my lean body hacks review. Today I will be revealing what the lean body hacks program really is and if it is worth your purchase.

Most people are looking for optimal ways to lose weight and turning to diets and programs which work is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Most weight loss programs are structured very well to include every exercise and diet ,however most are just scams.

The lean body hacks program is mainly put to include diet but would this mean that you will benefit from it?

Well that is what you are about the find out. Without further delay let us get started.

Lean body hacks review

Product name: Lean body hacks

Creator: Mike Zhang and Randy Smith

website: www.leanbodyhacks.com

veganweight.com rating: 2 out of 5

Lean body hacks overview

The lean body hacks is basically a weight loss system which focuses on using a combination of herbs to help you lose weight mainly.

The program believes that if you combine herbs in a certain ratio in your meals you can unlock the weight loss secret in your body.

>>You can check out the program here yourself<<

I did an article which talks about the 5 best herbs for weight loss so I do believe that herbs have an impact on weight loss when eaten correctly (BTW this is the reason I was interested in checking the effectiveness of this program).

The program promises to give a secret to weight loss which has never been discovered.

Who is the creator of the program?

The program is said to be created by Mike Zhang who is actually a fake personality, by the way.

Like all these scammers who sell fake weight loss programs like the flat belly fat program and many more, there is always a fake story which goes with the program.

The story is all about how the creator found the solution to his or her weight issues (never believe the hype).

The avatar picture came be bought at  free websites.

Pros and Cons


  • Very affordable
  • 100 videos to help you in the program
  • Uses ancient methods of losing weight.


  • Creator is not real
  • Fake testimonies
  • The program is only available online

How the lean body hack works

lean body hacks review

To put this program plain and simple it works by increasing your metabolism so fats that your body will have no choice to make your lose fat.

The simple and short time exercise and herbs are what are mainly used to achieve this high metabolism. So the program is based about the known truth of higher metabolism and more weight loss.

Here are the main herbs that you will be using in this program to achieve this:

  • Fenugreek
  • Turmeric

You will also be told about which veggies are good and which ones are bad so you will help your body lose weight fast.

>>You can check the lean body hacks program here<<

The program is not really a diet focused diet as you will also learn about the importance of sleep for your weight loss. In fact there is a section which talks about this exclusively.

You will also get a day to day motivation and steps to guide you to your weight loss goals.

What does science say about herbs and weight loss?

Lean body hacks review

Herbs and weight loss plan claims

According to prevention.com herbs and species are indeed a great way to boost your metabolism. This is inline with the lean body hack program’s claims.

However, the prevention.com doesn’t advocate herbs as a standalone items to helping you lose weight but rather as something to be incorporated.

This explains why this program may not work for many people. This is also in line with what I wrote in my article called 5 best herbs for weight loss.

What are the features of this program

So what will you get by purchasing this program? (although I am not recommending you do).

This will help you know if this program is actually worth your money or not.

The program comes first of all with the manual which is the core of the program which you will be using to follow the program.Lean body hacks

Does the program have bonuses?

Yes this program has 4 bonuses that you get absolutely free when you purchase the program.

When I took a look at the bonuses I was actually not pleased because the bonuses are not entirely to help you lose weight.

For example most of them are for helping to keep you health like the smoothies recipes.

You may think that smoothies are good for belly fat however they are not however they cam be used to help you with the process of weight loss.

You can even check a smoothie weight loss program which I reviewed to check this on my article called The smoothie diet review.

Bonuses that you get:

  1. 21 day done for you flat belly fix
  2. The smoothie recipe
  3. Lean body hacks detox tea guide
  4. 60 second flat belly protocol

Who is this program for?

The section is simple. If you want to know if this program is for you then I will let you know if you can benefit.

This is basically for one type of people and they are the following:

  • People who want to incorporate this program along with another effective weight loss program

By this I mean that if you are already in a program you are following you can use components of this program to incorporate so you can lose weight.

particularly you can use herbs which are spoken about in this program to accelerate you lose weight.

“What if I am not in any legit program?”

Do not worry I have got you covered I review weight loss program which are legit or scams and you can check them on my review page.

You can basically choose one of the legit ones. Here are my #1 recommendation for weight loss:

The verdict

Lean body hack review

So the main question you may be asking is if this program is a scam or it is legit.

The simple answer is that the program is a scam and no real testimonials have been revealed other than those on the website.

Here are other reasons to not trust this program which we have spoken about:

  • Fake creator

Normally I do not look at the fakeness only to see if the program does not work or not I used many other facts such as scientific research and testimonials from real people.

So This program has not only a fake creator but also other factors are not backed like testimonials and science.

  • Science is not backed

The programs talks more about using herbs for weight lose however this is not adequate to help you lose weight of any sort as research (in my previous article) highlighted that herbs are just a component of weight loss.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials are also not there other than those in the program so there is no way to even check people who have actually benefited from the program.

Unfortunately this program is just like those normal scammers who hide behind a fake photo avatar to take people’s money.

Final thoughts

The lean body hacks program is a natural program which promises to help you lose weight as quick as possible using natural foods.

The natural products you will use are herbs which have been said to work well for weight loss in many people.

The main herbs you will be using are fenugreek and turmeric among others.

These herbs are basically going to be enabling your body to increase its metabolism so you can lose weight quickly.

Although this program may seem to be very effective but it is not really the solution.

This is because, according to science herbs can not be used solely to help you lose weight alone however they can be a helping tool for weight loss.

What also makes the program not an authentic one is the fact that the program has a fake author who stole a photo avatar to promote this program.

This I am not have too much problem if only the program worked effectively on many people.

To date there are no real testimonies of people who have been helped and this makes it hard for people to even trust because the results have not even been shown.

However, if you want to try it yourself to check what I am talking about you can check the program yourself here.

I hope this review was helpful in helping you find out about the effectiveness of this program.


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  1. olga

    I am interested in weight loss, this article helped me to determine if this product was something I would be interested in trying out. I will be interested in looking at products you highly recommend. Thank you for shedding some light about this weight loss product.

  2. Denton

    Thanks for such a thorough review! Im glad there are those like yourself who are digging up the facts for us. I have been looking into fat loss techniques for my grandma.
    The internet isn’t really her strong suit haha. Can u possibly point me to one that you firmly believe is effective and legit? Thank you for your help!

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