Keto breads review-Will this really work for you?

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One of the most explosive diets recently has been the keto diet and that is because of its many benefits such as improving health and helping losing weight.

Due to this there has been a book which most people are talking about which helps with following the keto diet. So this is the Keto breads. In this post I will do a keto breads review for you.

The book is not just about the keto diet but mainly the making healthy bread types.

This will help you discover if it will really work for you or it is just another book where it has empty promises.

As you would know (if you have been following my website) that I go deep to make sure that you know where you are putting your money in.

Keto breads reviewKETO BREADS REVIEW

Product name: Keto breads book

Creator: Kelley Herring

Price: $17 rating: 4.5 out of 5

Recommendation: Yes

What is the keto Breads?

Keto breads is basically a digital health cook book which helps you with healthy bread recipes. The recipes that you will use eliminate the conventional recipes.

keto breads review

We all know that normal bread, no matter how healthy the package says it will do little to make you super healthy let alone lose weight.

The book focuses on wheat-free bread and focusing on ingredients which are keto-friendly.

We all know that bread has a lot of carbs and most people simply can never leave bread even though research have told us that bread is not healthy especially white bread.

Most people do not even know the dangers of bread and that is why there are high incidents of heart disease, diabetes etc.

According to Medical News Today even though white bread is considered unhealthy other breads does not mean they are healthy.

They say simply having a whole grain bread is not a healthy bread option, it is just the first step towards health.

They consider bread with sprouted grains is the best option such as Ezekiel bread.

Most people avoid gluten so as to have a healthy bread. But will a gluten-free bread make you more healthy?

Medical News Today further states that avoiding gluten can actually cause disease such as heart disease and diabetes which is contrary to what most people believe.

when it comes to the keto breads they do not avoid gluten as they know that it is one of the healthiest aspects to put in bread.

This bread recipe was created by a health nutritionist called Kelley?

Who is Kelley Herring?

Keto breads review

As you already know that I always make sure to check the founder when I am doing my reviews and in this review I will do just that.

It is important to know the author as that will help see if you are dealing with a legit program or just someone who is hiding behind the product or program.

Kelley is the founder of the Nutritionalist Biochemical.

She holds an M. S and an MBA which gives her a lot of knowledge about the subject.

Although she is into healthy living her true passion is culinary Arts.

Perhaps the most important aspect about her is that she has been perfecting the keto bread to ensure it is the healthiest to be ever made during her studies.

This makes the book to have a strong science and research backing.

The other aspect about Kelley is that she a tragic incident that happened to her when she was 18 made her turn and focus her career and life to being a nutrition expert.

Pros and Cons


  • The recipes do not contain any artificial ingredients
  • Created by an authority in the keto health filed
  • Does not require you to leave the foods you love.
  • 60 day money back gaurantee


  • Only available in digital form

What are the features?

This keto breads review would not be complete without talking about what you ill get when you decide to purchase this book.

This section is just for that. You will get keto friendly bread recipes and also for other types of bread.

Keto breads review

The following are the bread types you will get the recipes for:

  • Rolls
  • Buns
  • Loaf bread
  • Breakfast breads
  • Healthier alternative recipes

What is good is that you will not just get recipes you will also get step by step instructions on how to make these breads and rolls.

>>try the keto breads risk-free<<

This means absolutely anyone can make these if they follow the instructions (which are very easy).

For a person like me who has never made bread before I found the instruction okay to follow. I would say that if you are a baker it could be even more easier for you.

Here are a few other things that make this book very unique and simple to follow:’

Keto breads

Who is it for?

The keto breads is definetly for people who want to eat healthy without compromising on great taste which they are used to.

Not only that if you are looking to lose weight but have been told to leave a lot of carbs ( which you love) then this book is basically made for you too.

If you have the following disease then you are also catered for you here:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Skin problems like acne

Lastly if you just want to stay healthy and keep your body great you can absolutely try this cookbook out for you and your family risk-free.

Testimonials about Kelleys work

This section takes about testimonials about Kelley over her nutrition career where she produced books.

As you will see there are a lot of raving reviews about her work

This is the reason that she decided to give people her secret recipe so they will not suffer like her. I can definitely relate to this as you have read my story.


S, should you trust the keto bread program/book?

The answer is yes and this is because of many reason which I have been mentioning before and I will list them again.

  1. She is an expert in the nutrition food
  2. Cookbook is safely based on sound research as i depicted at the beginning.
  3. The author (Kelley) is a real person (not scammy).
  4. The recipes are easy to follow
  5. The program offers you 60 day money back guarantee.

>>Try the keto breads today risk-free<<

However when it comes to losing weight I wouldn’t recommend entirely focusing on this keto bread program or book as this focuses on just the food.

There are many alternatives out there like The 2 week diet or the red tea detox program and if you are a lady and looking to lose weight there is a program called The Cinderella Solution which has been working wonders for most women.

this is because it focuses on women body weight shredding.

Final thoughts

Almost everyone loves bread but the problem with normal bread is that it is unhealthy because of the ingredients in it.

This has led many people to limit eating it since it can give them many disease in the long run like diabetes.

Luckily Kelley Herring came up (after a decade or trial and error) came up with a great cookbook to help give the healthiest bread recipes.

These recipes are not only healthy but are good for helping you lose weight.

The program is basically risk-free which means you can try it for 60 days and if you do not see the results or don’t like it you can send it back and get your money no questions asked,

>>Try the Keto breads program risk-free<<

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful and fruitful. If you have any question or comments you are welcome to leave them below.

keto breads review

Good for boosting overall health

This book is a healthy recipe bread book which helps you learn how to make healthy bread which will also help you lose weight.

Reader Comments

  1. Strahinja

    I am on a keto diet plan, however I am still not using keto bread in my everday meals. Not because it is bad, but because I try to loose weight as well and my nutritionist recommend me that.

    I think this book can definitely help anyone on keto diet plan. Looks legit and you rank it good as well.

    Thank you for this article.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey man

      The keto breads also help with weight loss if you are looking for that. However if you are looking for faster results I wouldn’t recommend you use this keto breads book.
      Yes it is legit and it is safe to use.

  2. Rodney

    My Fiancé and I love sandwiches for a treat. Unfortunately, she has celiac, so we have to buy gluten free breads that are often a little higher in sugar and lower in fibre. They also aren’t made with the healthiest of oils. We tried a Keto bread we found online, but it tasted like crumbled cardboard. This looks like a nice option from a credible source, and comes with a money back guarantee, which shows confidence in the recipes. I see from one of the testimonials there is a classic sandwich bread. I am definitely intrigued!

    Thanks for this info Thabo, I will be looking into this book.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Rodney

      Great to hear that you treat a keto bread before but if you check this book you can find ingredients whcih you like to make your own bread. The program is not only for making bread but also rolls and buns.

  3. Chuck

    From what I’ve read the Keto diet is a repackaged Atkins diet. Low carb high fat. If that is true then I would not recommend this book because our bodies need whole grains to fight cardiovascular disease.

  4. Jukka

    I’m eating vegan or at least plant based currently and I have tried keto before. What’s your take on plant based keto? It seems to me almost impossible to plan with natural ingredients because you will always get some carbs with plant sources. If you want to get enough protein, you are going to have to eat relatively lot of carbs after all.

    I ask just out of interest, I don’t plan on trying myself. I o strength training and eat plant based mainly for ethical and ecological reasons. Keto was just a test during the low carb craze. I don’t think anyone who does strenuous exercise should actually avoid carbs. The data simply doesn’t support it.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jukka

      I was talking to someone about a vegan based keto diet and we were saying that it will make you restrict even more food whcih is what you do not want as you will end up starving.
      I also agree with the carb being needed for lifting weight and this is exactly what you need. I would always recommend that you do your research if you want to eat a vegan keto diet as it may be dangerous for your body

    • E. D.

      Wanted to give you my take on a vegan diet/plant based diet. When my health started to plummet, labwork & tests revealed I had digestive problems, hiatal hernia, difficulty swallowing, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, heart problems, Sjogren’s Syndrome autoimmune disease, MM cancer ratio cells detected, and so many other health issues. So I went on a strict plant based diet based on all the hype — I followed it to a T because I desperately wanted my health to improve. After 4 years, tested 2xs a year, my labwork results were getting worse not better. I decided this way of eating was also killing me too. So reasearching other diets found Keto & Paleo had good points but still missing a key element to health — eliminate mycotoxins and high Omega 6 to 3 ratio foods. Now combining high omega 3 foods and eliminating foods high in mycotoxins with a Keto/Paleo diet was the key to my health improving. I ELIMINATED ALL grains, artificial sweetners & sugars except rarely a drop or 2 raw honey if needed, nuts, beans, dairy except grass fed butter, high glycemic fruits, and all starchy vegetables. I replaced my protein with abt. 4oz of grass fed/finished high Omega 3 meats and ocean caught fish. I also added lots of non-starchy vegetables, low glycemic fruit such as berries, lots of greens, watching the omega 3’s being higher than 6’s in all food choices. A good free on line book, The Real Diet of Man, explains mycotoxins and Omega 3’s to 6. I have lost 65 lbs especially belly fat (I can cross my legs and touch my ankles — Legs being slim instead of cankles/stove pipes), I no longer feel I only have a few years left to live, my labwork high results are now almost normal and I can get out of bed with out a struggle of being so weak. For me, eating this way has made the quality of life worth enjoying again. I can now think of the future where before wasn’t an option.

      • Thabo Khoza

        That was such a mouthful Jukka, thank you for your story.
        This is why I say in all my articles on on this websites a diet or food depends whether your body likes it or not or if it will welcome it or not. There is no one size fits all. For me a vegan diet works well and it revered my clogged arteries.

  5. AnitaSmith60

    Hi, This is a very thorough and interesting post on Keto Bread. Thank You for a very in depth passing on of your knowledge and research.
    Will definitely look into The Cinderella Solution.
    Thank you.

  6. origin-AL

    That’s some interesting info and I may incorporate some of it into my diet. The key is to test things out and see how they affect you and your body. Health is everyting, thanks for posting!

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