Is Tequila Vegan?-What You Should Know

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If you are like me you may have had the inkling of thinking about certain drinks before having them as a vegan and maybe you thought of tequila and may have asked yourself whether it is vegan or not.

Do not worry in this article I will be helping you answer the questions “is tequila vegan?” so you will have the confidence when you go out with your friends. Sounds cool?

As a person who has been vegan for more than a decade I spend hours on topics related to veganism as well as the diet associated with it especially with weight loss.

Wines are one of the most used drinks out there and they are there to serve a big purpose for many and that is “happiness” whatever it means to you.

Before we start you may be interested in checking my free guide to help you lose or maintain a good body so you can always stay health.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How tequila originated

Tequila is said to have originated from a tribe that lived in the city of Tequila which was known for loving to take drinks and use them for good occasions.

They also used the drinks for many things which is the reason the tequila became a name for wine which is something that is used for good occasions.

The main idea is that this name came from Mexican people who were known for their celebration even to this day.

There are also many other versions of how the name came about such as the name coming from an alcohol coming from word tequila.

So that is why people who try to dig deeper with this name usually find many answers but the main to know is that it comes from Mexican people from over the years.

How tequila is made

Now let us look at how tequila is generally made or how it has been made over the years. The first process is that it has to be harvest in the form of agape.

This will be done in a factory for a certain period of time so that it will be ready for liquid mixing.

The agave plant will undergo a further inspection to ensure there are no damages that will the whole process poisonous.

This means that they make sure that you will not have an issue when it comes to getting bad quality also like other cheap wine or alcohol and this is the other reason tequila has a big name in general.

The next step is that agape is cut and prepared for cooking which is also a process that is done in a very delicate way.

The cooking will ensure that there is fermentation when it comes to of the agape afterward the milling of the juice has been done well.

In the milling process this is where things get a bit different because different companies can put different ingredients such as sugars and more.

However generally the mixture is agave with water and some sugar but for economical purposes you will find many other animal products sometimes before the fermentation process.

In the last stage where fermentation happens that means that you will be getting other ingredients again and some companies use yeast for this.

Tequila brands

Just like with all brands there will be different brands in the market for this and this could mean a lot of things and would be vital for vegans too.

Most companies now are into taste and status so this means that they will be using ingredients like honey for better or unique taste.

If you compare the brands that existed in the past with the ones that are currently running you will see that the current ones are more extra with taste and thus you will generally not have the original taste that you could get the past.

Is tequila vegan?

As you saw above that tequila is generally vegan in its process and qualify as such however one has to be careful now because there are now many companies that do extra things.

So what I do suggest is to ensure you know the ingredients of the brand that you choose and that could just be checking the ingredients or asking their support about this before ordering it to avoid any issues.

Although the non-vegans ingredients may be too small to matter for most people but it is still very important especially if you are a strict vegan because at there and there are different types of vegans.

So choose your battles well according to your preferences ha-ha. know what I mean.

I have listed the tequila brands that are vegan to make your life a little easier:

  • Casamigos
  • 1800 tequila
  • Teremana
  • Sierra

Why is tequila expensive?

Tequila is basically expensive for many reasons and the first one is the fact that a plant called agape that makes the tequila.

You will have to wait for long for it to grown and mature and also to harvest which.

The other aspect is that the process of making tequila is hard and long which means it will require a lot of resources that can be costly to ensure high quality.

Remember above I said that the agape plant has to be inspected twice before it even can be milled and fermented.

Final thoughts

There are many people who love to drink wine but some of them worry if these are vegan or not and thus this can cause many issues.

This will mean that one has to do some deep checks before committing to any wine that they want to.

Tequila is a wine that is basically made in such a way that even vegans can be able to enjoy it to the fullest as it mainly uses non-vegan things.

However one has to know that since there are different brands this means that there can be many different ingredients that are made and this means that you have to be cautious.

Some companies use things like honey and other botanical plants to have a different and unique taste and this can cause issues for vegans especially the strict vegans who want something that is purely vegan.

So what is vital is to ensure you check the ingredients for your brands so that you do not get off guard at the and of the day.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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