Is Falafel Vegan?-What you should know

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I remember going to Russian and all I saw on the streets was that plant based eaters love falafel which made me focus on the whole time I was there.

It was only later that became curious to see whether this is whether this is a vegan or not. I will be asking this question: “is falafel vegan?”.

I will be able to help you know if this is the fact or not and the reason is also that I need to know this for sure since I travel a lot.

Ever since I became vegan I have been able to do loads of research to help me a long the way to see what can help me in terms of eating.

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Falafel ingredients

The base ingredients of the falef are plant based which means that you should not have any issues when it comes to not eating.

Generally if you want to know if something is vegan you should always check the ingredients that it is made of.

Generally a falafel is made with plant based ingredients so there is usually no need to worry about anything else.

Below are the ingredients that you usually get.

  • Can chickpeas
  • Vegetable oils
  • salt
  • Parsley

You can of course add more of your own ingredients depending on the flavor that you are looking for or if you go to a restaurant then you will generally get one that is made with these basic ingredients.

Most restaurants that I have gone to abroad have been vegan and that helps because if you are traveling and are looking for a vegan food you are good with this.

When you should worry?

I would only say you should worry if the restaurant that you go to is strictly meat based as this means that it will be hard for them to not put something that is plant based like vegan food.

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An example is if you go to a steakhouse or a diary related shop as this will make it hard for you to even get a vegan falafel of any kind.

This is because usually they would put yogurt to make the falafel which can be bad for people who are vegan.

This is because they usually cater for vegetarians and do not know that vegans do not eat dairy products.

If you are looking to make your own falafel then you will not be out of luck as there are far too many options for this and I will give you some good resources below.

Is falafel healthy?

Falafel is very healthy especially if you are looking to to ensure that you get good amount of protein as it is filled with chickpeas which is high in protein.

It is even better if you make your own since you will be able to add your own veggies and also the fact that you will also be able to use the healthy oil like virgin oil.

How do you store falafel?

There are many ways to store them. You can use an airtight container or you can even freeze them if you wanted to.

My recommendation is to always use a baking sheet when you store them especially before storage.

Whatever option you choose to ensure that you are able to quickly eat them once you have any cravings for falafels. My favorite is to store them in the fridge and eat them later once I have microwaved it for a few minutes.

This is because I love to suck that freshness out of it after heating it up and cooling it too.

Falafel Recipes

In this section I will leave the best sources for recipes so that you will be able to easily do your own falafel.

  • Falafel with Lisa Bryan

If you are looking for a Falafel that is full of goodness and some great taste then falafel with Lisa Bryan would be your best bet.

Lisa has her own blog where she does recipes and falafels are one of her big favorite meals.

You can check out here website on where you will see her recipe and be able to follow.

  • Spicy falafel

Spicy falafel is another big option that you can opt for and for this you can check out which will give you the exact ingredients to do this.

So if you are into spicy stuff then look no further then this.

These two recipe blogs are my favorite because they are very clear and to the point when it comes to making these falafels and work quite well.

Final thoughts

When it comes to falafels the best way to have them is to cook them yourself from your own home so that there will be no other issues.

This means that you will also be needing to to ensure that you keep all ingredients correct and that is why it is better to follow some recipe ( I have laid these for you above).

If you are going to a normal restaurant it is vital to know that you are not really going to always get a vegan falafel since it is mostly made with ensuring vegetarians are catered for and not vegans.

This is because they would use yogurt instead of sushini sauce which is for vegans.

When it comes to making sure that you get a vegan one it is better to go to a vegan place or a place that is not diary focused or meat based.

This will help you a lot when it comes to making things work for you.

There are also many ways to stay your falafel like freezing it or just putting it in an airtight container.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

Reader Comments

  1. Stephanie Cannella

    This is good to know as I didn’t realize many places catered more for vegetarians, this makes sense though. It is always healthier to eat at home as we never really know all the ingredients. But I agree to eat vegan you gotta really go to a vegan place . I. Never had falafels before but I’d love to try it

  2. Matt

    Falafel is yummy, and your article makes my mouth watering while reading it. I love that you also provide recipes, which makes this post more valuable. I think I will try spicy falafel very soon, and I can’t wait to share it with my family. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thabo Khoza

      hey Matt

      Yes it is vital for people to learn how to do it as it can be super helpful for their journey and that is the aim and I am glad you will be trying it with your family.
      Let me know how it goes.

  3. Virendra

    Ooooh god, this article has made me quite hungry! I never even thought of the question if Falafel is even vegan! I always just assumed it was having so many vegan people eating it. It´s good though that you mentioned the sauce, as very often you´ll get a yoghurt sauce with it or in general a sauce can be made with a lot of animal products. Thank you for making me aware of that.

    Just a question, is Falafel really that healthy though? Very often it is deep-fried and they always told me that deep-frying and a weight loss don´t go hand in hand… If so, are there any other ways of making falafel?

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