How to lose weight without counting calories-7 Tips you need

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Welcome to my article where I will be talking about how to lose weight without counting calories as most people seem to struggle in this manner.

Most of the times even the people who are counting calories really find it hard to be able to lose weight effectively and consistently.

This is because we live in a busy world and have very demanding lives so not many people can have the discipline to track everything they eat.

Thus getting the right ideas for weight loss will be very critical for any person willing to go through this journey.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this article.

1. Focus on the nutrients more than calories

How to lose weight without counting calories

This is perhaps one of the most important tip you can get when it comes to this aspect.

The other aspects which you can be able to draw from this is that not only will you help with weight loss but this will help with achieving natural health benefits.

Nutrients in the body are one of the best aspects which you can draw from and which can help give you a holistic health approach.

The nutrients you want to pay extra attention to are the following:

  • Carbs
  • Protein
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Fiber

This is vital nutrients for your body for helping your body perform well. However, they are also vital for helping your body fight off obesity.

Protein and fiber is well know for helping reduce your hunger so that you will not over eat. It is also vital for helping with increasing muscle building so that you will be able to replace fat with muscles.

Fiber is also similar with fiber in that it helps with the reduction of hunger.

Omega 3 fatty acids is good for helping with the reduction of inflammation in the body which happens for people who are obese and end up having detrimental issues.

2. Deep quality sleep

Having the right amount of sleep which is quality will be very helpful in ensuring that your body can work better in helping reduce fat.

According to a study deep quality sleep is one of the most vital elements in humans as it was found to have a deep influence.

It was found that proper who had less sleep had more chances of developing obesity in the long run.

More than that the lack of deep quality sleep will cause you to overeat since you will be hungry most of the time.

3. Do not eat with distractions

Eating with distractions is more than enough to help curb weight gain. This is because this is similar to not getting be mindlessly not focusing on your weight loss.

It is vital that you know what you eat and how much eat and this is just about it when it comes to “tracking”.

This will mean no TV, no eating on the parks.

This one is what most couples tend to struggle with since they may be eating during celebration and may end up getting very overwhelmed.

4. Focus on carbs

How to lose weight without counting calories

Earlier on I did talk about the carbs although I did not cover it in great detail.

The idea is because you will b helping your delay of food absorption and this is why carbs with help you with weight loss since it operates in this regard.

Carbs can also be eating throughout the day and help with fueling your body to the maximum.

Carbs can also be very useful when it comes to people who want to use strength training to build muscles which will in turn help with fat burn as muscles will replace the fat.

5. Use smaller plates

You want to rule your mind for weight loss?

Well then you better listen!!

You must start focusing on using smaller plates, and I know this sound crazy but it works.

This means that having all your meals in small plates will trick your brain into thinking that you are full and eating bigger meals.

This one is powerful because the subconscious is what causes all the problems when comes to achieving a certain feat like weight loss.

6. Natural products

You can also add supplements in this regard which will help aid with suppressing the appetite in a drastic way.

There are various supplements you can use which are effective and have been proven to work like the following:

7. Bonus-Strength training

For even better results you will be able to help your body more when it comes to helping with fat burn.

This will work hand in hand with eating nuts and also to carbs as the stimulation and breaking down of the muscles during gym will help maximize the muscle repairing process which is needed for muscle growth.

Again this is option whether you decide to do strength training or not. You can also opt for home workouts like push ups to help in this regard if you do not want to go to the actual gym.


Final thoughts

When it comes to weight loss, losing weight counting calories has been found to be super effective in the long run.

However not everyone can be able to do this calorie counting due to the nature of our lives and thus would rather use other aspects which does not include counting calories.

Weight loss by not counting calories is easy if you have the right information which has been proven and in this case I did lay it out.

Here are the tips you can use for this:

  • Focus more on nutrients
  • Enjot deep sleep
  • Use smaller plates
  • Do not eat with distractions.
  • Strength training

Even if you applied a bit of each of these tips they would be enough to help you get the results you want for weight loss.

I do advise using all of them as this will help with increasing weight loss. This is because, since they are all effective, when in combination they will work to give you the best results.

I hope you where able to get the value and information that you where looking for/that would help you.

If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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